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  1. Right, feedback for lordcookie 1. Nice start, very very ambient. Eno? 2. Also ambient but picking up a bit, more futuristic sounding, could quite easily be from Blade Runner. 3. The blues. The very epitome of them, in fact. Not my usual sort of thing but pretty good to listen to. 4. Flowing nicely into a more soulful track with female vocals, really like this one. 5. It's gone all eighties. Sort of Pet Shop Boys vibe but I know it's not them. 6. A bassoon solo. 7. Going more rocky and angsty now, less keen on this kind of stuff. Live recording though - obviously someone likes it 8. Quiet and maudlin again. This CD is flowing together quite nicely but it is all a bit random! 9. Short and quiet. Didn't think much of that one I'm afraid. 10. Familiar sounding voice - is it the Portishead woman? 11. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game. Mrs lfj was in the room the first time I listened through this and she wondered why I was listening to one of her mum's CDs. But yeah, anyway, it's kind of impossible to hate this song no matter how much one might want to. 12. Quite poppy, jazzy hip hop track. Sounds like a UK MC - Yungun? This one got a rewind, anyway. 13. Back to the ambient, more moody and stringsy this time. 14. Some operatic carnage to finish off So, possibly one of the most eclectic mix CDs I've received but it all seemed to fit together quite well and there was some good stuff on there. Thanks!
  2. I had no idea that Exidor was a real thing, until now.
  3. Received my CD today. It has a slightly... seditionary... postmark. Listening now!
  4. All March PMs should be sent now. Please let me know asap if you are expecting to take part but didn't get one.
  5. Using forensic SCIENCE I have reconstructed February's sending order: Exidor Talvalin Wiper Mr Do Hardwired ME Art Vandelay moosegrinder NapoleOn Kelthink Boozy the Clown bph Stranger MW_Jimmy David Heath imp goldbricker harbey acidbearboy moodymann Guitar Heroine Roboplegic Wrongcock strawdonkey holly Vimster Cosmic_Guru ZOK Farley anewman noob
  6. Cheers for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately the actual tracklist has been lost in the fires of computer damnation so I'm going to have to wing it with reference to my iPod... 1. Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah (Jay Dee Bounce remix) - I love this as well, probably for the same reasons as you. 3. Talib Kweli ft MF Doom - Fly That Knot 6. Timbaland ft Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado - Give It To Me 9. Beasties vs Kraftwerk - Intergalactic Robots (I think by DJ BC) 13. Herbie Hancock - Rockit 14. Gary Numan - Cars That's a bit weak. Sorry. Send the disc back or upload it and I'll try and ID the rest
  7. We keep getting fennel as well. I've got a recipe from a friend for fennel risotto which I really really must get around to trying. I always imagine salsify should be spelled with a mandatory exclamation mark. Salsify! A bit like Westward Ho! in Devon.
  8. There's actually hardly any gay fucking in Brokeback Mountain. It is fucking boring though.
  9. Jas Mann from Babylon Zoo Goldie
  10. Oversight! Actually one of Ned's worked for my mate's dad for a while.
  11. Noddy Holder Pop Will Eat Itself The Wonder Stuff (more or less)
  12. I can't help but feel I am destroying a beautiful thing Still, I have backed myself up with Google Spreadsheets this time so IT CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
  13. Laptop data issues are unlikely to be sorted by Sunday at this rate. Please can anyone who wants to take part this month, and who hasn't already, PM me their address asap. Thanks and sorry!
  14. Norbit looks like a real piece of work. I can't believe that Eddie Murphy is now so shit that the only person he can get to co-star is himself. On the northbound Victoria line platform at Victoria there's a Norbit poster where someone has written in "Eddie Murphy thinks it's okay to make fun of fat people" and someone else has added underneath "That's because it is". And that's the only laugh I am ever going to get out of that film.
  15. I like the Sopranos. I have no real preconception of the Godfather, I just know it's never going to happen. Also, legal dramas. Never.
  16. Well that's the bar set pretty high this month. Good luck everyone!
  17. I will definitely never watch that. Also: The Godfather(s) It's a Wonderful Life Citizen Kane Any comedy with Robert DeNiro in
  18. I also agree. And - Ride the Train, Quad City DJs. Jumpin!
  19. This month's word is spring. I'm not going to insult alla y'all intelligences by showing pictures of things that are this word. Also because there are several meanings and I don't want to prejudice any of them. 1. One thousand and one words or less, twelve words or greater. Any entries of 904 words will be void. 2. Submission by Saturday 31st March or no staying up late to watch the film. 3. Votes in by 11.58PM on April 5th, or they're voided. 4. Don't tell people they're rubbish, just give a positive comparison. "Certainly, compared with the Night's Dawn Trilogy your piece appears to have been written by a human." 5. Break a leg.
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