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  1. Yeah it would be better if he cleared up a bit.
  2. July: No mix club (but hopeful anniversary compilation ) August: Mix club For recent joiners, the mix club also goes on holiday in December.
  3. People send in the track they liked the most and/or meant the most to them out of the mix clubs they received during the year and then the person compiling it all sorts out a tracklist and makes the whole lot available for download.
  4. Oh yeah, it's the end of the month isn't it? Sending order was: noob goldbricker larrydavidsanger Guitar Heroine ME! Kelthink bph strawdonkey anewman Boozy the Clown elmo Rowan Morrison idespair David Heath Bleep ZOK moodymann StephenM Roboplegic Wrongcock Mr Do Wiper acidbearboy Vimster Kelthink, your CD is going to be delayed due to a hard disc malfunction - sorry!
  5. I have Couk art on my window sill
  6. Definitely all of Batman and Robin. I like Ocean's 12
  7. This sounds like roughly how mrs lfj does meatballs, and she does them very very well. And for "pork" usually it's sausagemeat or broken up actual sausages.
  8. Do something based around your avatar, surely.
  9. Tim and Mike smashing up the burnt out car, and then later on a cut of Tim and Sophie doing the exact same thing when Tim denies he doesn't have time to hang around with Mike any more. Also: Mike: "If you hurt him, I'll kill you." (runs off) Sophie: "Will he really kill me?" Tim: (beat) "Yes."
  10. All PMs should now be sent. Let me know if you were expecting to receive one but haven't. anewman: Don't fret, he's eclectic
  11. It always goes quiet in the summer. PMs are delayed because I had to take mrs lfj to hospital tonight to check our baby wasn't about to be born 10 weeks early. They're both okay and the PM send will be tomorrow!
  12. Saw this last night. Great film, although my Lovefilm DVD was skipping to fuck. Will have to buy it. Although as a Bexhill resident I didn't recognise a single shot from the place.
  13. Hello, Current non-senders from May are Mitchell and bruised_blood. All of you guys risk suspension for June if you don't get a CD out by this month's deadline Deadline for this month is the morning of Friday 8th June with PM's hopefully being sent out that evening. If you're joining in for the first time, please PM me your details when you sign up. July will again a month off for the mix club and marks the 3 year anniversary of the whole deal. Again much like last year it would be great if somebody could organise an anniversary CD (for previous years see 2005 curated by Acidbearboy and 2006 curated by Mr Do) I'll leave it amongst you lot to decide. The usual rules still apply with a couple of tweaks: - only send one CD for feedback. "Bonus" discs are not banned but please label them clearly as such - you must give a minimum level of feedback (acknowledge receipt and say if you liked the music or not) Let's go! Participants ME! strawdonkey acidbearboy Boozy the Clown Rowan Morrison David Heath noob Guitar Heroine larrydavidsanger ZOK StephenM Vimster goldbricker Mr Do Wiper Roboplegic Wrongcock moodymann idespair elmo Bleep Kelthink anewman bph Full Info Thread
  14. Just realised I haven't done this yet: May's sending order acidbearboy idespair Mitchell Rowan Morrison Bleep imp noob MW_Jimmy goldbricker Kelthink StephenM Wiper MechE Mr Do ZOK Guitar Heroine orooth Boozy the Clown bruised_blood strawdonkey larrydavidsanger moodymann bph David Heath Farley elmo June thread imminently.
  15. That's like saying "Chavs drive cars, so I won't have one". Listening to anything on shit mobile phone speakers ruins it for everyone. I'm with Vimster, though - old school hardcore, acid house, the first Prodigy album, a Guy Called Gerald, jumpers for goalposts, mmm, isn't it? (old)
  16. I'm really sorry, I've been too busy to sit down and listen to it again properly. But there was stuff on there I liked. Massive apologies to orooth also - I will get a belated CD out to you when I can.
  17. Ideally, yeah, but emergencies generally require dinner to be served in under ten minutes.
  18. These all sound great, and I'll be trying them out. However our "emergency" pasta sauce is to just heat a tin of chopped tomatoes with a few mixed herbs thrown in. It feels a bit dirty and low-rent, but passes muster when you simply can't be fucked to do anything else.
  19. Just scraped in under the wire PMs are now all sent, let me know if you were expecting one but didn't get it.
  20. Well done Rev A personal best for me too in the voting, thanks all!
  21. There's a guy on the train I get to work in the morning who is working on some kind of 2D game - possibly a mobile one. Anyway, he designs the maps in Microsoft Excel.
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