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  1. All festive PMs should now be sent. Please let me know if you were expecting one but didn't get it!
  2. Tell you what, everyone just catch a train from London Bridge to Deptford and take a random photo out of the window, then post it here. That ought to capture the SeanR photography style perfectly.
  3. I'd become a disadvantaged youth and start working in the kitchen of Jamie Oliver's 15. Then stab him in the throat when he least expects it.
  4. Hello kids, The Christmas Mix Club starts here. Participants have until the end of December to do their thing, and then the all-new 2008 Mix Club will get underway, run by larrydavidsanger (assuming he's still up for it). As with last Christmas, if there's a particular special someone you'd like to send a disc to, please PM me and I'll see what I can do. Deadline for entries is the almost-festive Wednesday 28th November. If you haven't taken part before, or have moved house, please send me your address. Oh, and if you don't want me to pass your address on for next year please say so. Go!
  5. October(ish) sending order: acidbearboy lordcookie David Heath larrydavidsanger Mr Do bph noob moodymann Murdock ASM Roboplegic Wrongcock Kelthink idespair goldbricker
  6. For anyone on Flickr who lives near Hastings (or indeed anyone not on Flickr who lives near Hastings), there's a small exhibition and get together being planned for Thursday 13th December. People are going to be producing postcards of their favourite shots from around town (maybe through moo.com, as it's nice and easy) and they'll be on display at the Creative Media Centre from that date for a week. Possibly you'll be able to buy the cards for charity. Anyway, if anyone would like to take part or come along, that would be great. http://www.flickr.com/groups/channelhastin...57602740148402/ It's made me realise that I've hardly taken any pictures of the place I live so I'll be putting that to rights over the next few weeks.
  7. Oh bums, I took it from the wrong column. New PM on way!
  8. All PMs have now been sent - please let me know if you were expecting one but didn't get it. Due to the farcically late sending this month, "October" will be considered to run until mid-November, and then I'll start up the Xmas Mix Club - ON TIME.
  9. I have failed completely to get the PMs out so far due to being snowed under with work and having a baby to look after - massive apologies to all. I will aim to get them out this week, and then this mix club will run until mid-November. The November/December installment will start then. At present it looks like larrydavidsanger is going to be your host for 2008. Cheers, the very tired anti-lfj
  10. I don't have a problem with people doing this if the post is karked, but please PM your recipient beforehand to check they are able to receive your mix this way.
  11. Hello mix clubbers. Sorry the topic is a bit late this month. I am incredibly busy and can't really carry on running the mix club after the end of the year. I can do this month and then the November/Xmas one and then that's gotta be it. If you'd like to take over for 2008 please let me know, it's actually pretty easy to do and just requires a bit of organisation. And time. Closing date for being "in" is Tuesday 10th October. Anyone joining in for the first time, please PM me your postal address. Thanks for taking part everyone!
  12. September sending order: Art Vandelay bph anewman ZOK Mr Do idespair moodymann Roboplegic Wrongcock ASM noob larrydavidsanger acidbearboy goldbricker David Heath Vimster October thread tonight, hopefully!
  13. It's not on the list there but I heard Jack "I need to be murdered" Penate doing Prince's Kiss yesterday. I will give all of my money to first person who invents a device to punch someone through a car radio.
  14. The Mario and Kart still exist because I don't fancy eating that much fondant icing in one go.... so I'll take some more photos. No he doesn't make crazy cakes for a living but he does enjoy it.
  15. My dad made this for my 30th yesterday
  16. All PMs should now have been sent, apologies for the slight delay. I am, to be honest, struggling to find the spare time to run the Mix Club at the moment so I would like to end my tenure at the end of the year if possible. If you're interested in picking up sorting it out please PM me.
  17. The only problem is you might end up sending it to the same person again. Er, unless you PM me and tell me who it was.
  18. Still not able to take part myself due to baby-induced lack of time. Y'all know the drill though. Closing date for being "in" is Saturday 8th September Anyone joining in for the first time, please PM me your postal address. Thanks! David Heath anewman Mr Do moodymann noob acidbearboy bph Vimster Goldbricker larrydavidsanger ASM Roboplegic Wrongcock idespair ZOK Art Vandelay
  19. August sending order is this: Wiper Rowan Morrison bph acidbearboy larrydavidsanger Vimster Mr Do noob Shoes David Heath moodymann Kelthink MW_Jimmy ASM strawdonkey Roboplegic Wrongcock goldbricker idespair
  20. All PMs should be sent now. Please let me know if you were expecting one but didn't get it. Apologies for the delay - it's "baby is due immediately" month chez lfj and things are getting a bit all over the place.
  21. Suffering from massive amounts of work this week. PMs out tonight hopefully.
  22. Very very busy. Will update thread properly later. Y'all know the drill though. Closing date for being "in" is Wednesday 8th August. Anyone joining in for the first time, please PM me your postal address. Thanks! Participants Wiper Rowan bph abb larrydavidsanger Vimster noob Mr Do Shoes David Heath moodymann Jimmy Kelthink ASM strawdonkey Roboplegic Wrongcock goldbricker idespair noob
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