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  1. I think I'll start a new game when the new survival mode is out. Maybe as an institute siding female sniper.
  2. I've got a serious addiction to this game - 164 hours in and I'm still exploring. I found the quest checklist someone posted on reddit and there's still a few side quests I've not found.
  3. Has anyone else had issues with the Steam overlay on Windows 10? I've recently upgraded and my 360 pad works fine for games but pressing the Xbox button doesn't display the overlay and I can't take screenshots anymore (which is usually Xbox button and right trigger). I've read about turning off Xbox game recording via the app but this hasn't made any difference.
  4. Finished this recently clocking in 140 hours, lvl 55. I'm still itching to get out and explore, I'm sure there's loads left to see. Never made it to the Combat Zone or Vault 81 so will go and explore them tonight. I've done all the endings and kept my base game save so I'm just trying to decide which faction I'll have the most fun with post-game.
  5. Bethesda have recently tweeted about upcoming changes to Survival Mode as well as an imminent announcement for the DLC.
  6. Superb. What kind of armour is that? (not the power armour.)
  7. Right, I've been back to Abernathy Farm, climbed to the highest point (with the help of temporary staircases) and setup 10 heavy turrets. The place is basically a fortress. Lets see how that goes....
  8. This. I've stopped exploring now on the basis that I'll be sent everywhere for the quest lines.
  9. I've had the request from Abernathy Farm about 4 times now, which always makes me clear out the same nearby raider camp. I've just done the robot racetrack too, think I reloaded about 3 times trying to find a peaceful resolution but no.
  10. Yeah I'm about 107 hours in and haven't been to the Glowing Sea yet. Think I made the "mistake" of just exploring the wasteland and clearing out locations early on only be sent back there for a mission later. I'm really enjoying it but it definitely has a limited quest structure. I understand the focus on combat for the mass market etc but the quests in New Vegas were much better.
  11. Is there a way of finding out where you have power armour stored? I know there's a map icon that is displayed when you enter a new suit but I've got one stored in Sanctuary and my best one at Red Rocket, however I completely forgot about that one after a 2 week break. Also, is it work collecting multiple power suits or just scrap the worst and put the resources into one?
  12. I'd like to know this too, I've done the first BoS quest and agreed to join but will this cut off other quest lines? I haven't been to Diamond City yet.
  13. I'm roughly the same level and find two explosive shotgun blasts will put them down, I've also got an Exterminator pistol that does +200% damaged to Mirelurks and bugs.
  14. Fallout 4 has a cover system?! http://www.gamesradar.com/9-hidden-mechanics-fallout-4-never-tells-you-about/
  15. Is there a way to use the skill/comic books? Is having them in your inventory enough to activate them? Reading them doesn't seem to make them disappear?
  16. Yes I've turned off V-Sync in the Nvidia control panel but still get the silly 500fps on the loading screens which make all the text appear and disappear after about three seconds. I get about 128fps in game but the lockpicking is all over the place.Maybe its my screen res, I'm running 1920x1080. Edit: It was my fucking monitor refresh rate - set it to 60hertz and I'm in dreamland!
  17. Nothing else, looks to be a common issue on the Steam forums too.
  18. My default seems to be 30fps, when I edit the iPresentInterval=0 it's too high and unstable. How can I cap it to 60fps?
  19. Just about to jump in blind....can't wait. Got as far as auto detect system settings.....Ultra on all options (except Godrays?? set to Medium).
  20. Origins story is actually pretty good, but yeah it's certainly the weakest.
  21. I'm a massive Batman fan and this has been one of my favourite game series ever. I've finished Asylum, City & Origins on NG+ with 100% Riddles and I just need to NG+ Arkham Knight. However if the series is to go on it does need a shake up, and with Rocksteady declaring this is their last Batman game, my fear is Warner will be happy to grind this into the ground like Ubisoft have done with Assassins Creed. It's commendable what Rocksteady have achieved and with the inclusion of the (mostly) successful Batmobile I believe I've seen everything this series can offer, I hope Warner let this
  22. Are you guys getting emails from CD keys or following the link in the original email?? I've had nothing yet..
  23. Brilliant - had no issues before the patch, I've just sat down to play the dlc and all the movies are stuttering and skipping - even the opening logos. I've tried to verify the game cache but this had made no difference. What a shitty end to a great trilogy.
  24. The base game is currently £10 on cdkeys, premium edition is £15 for the Steam key. I know the PC version has got issues but they'll hopefully be fixed by end of the month. I was one of the lucky ones and has no issues with it.
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