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  1. Wondering if the SNES mini pads will work on the Wii now...
  2. Just received this and for £15 I'm actually pretty disappointed that the majority of entries are a copy and paste from the 2015 edition. Guess I'll know for next time...
  3. Shiiiiiiiiit. I've just needed to update my credit card details as just realised my card had expired.
  4. Does anyone know if this supports Big Screen mode on Steam? My current setup means that it needs to launch and run 100% through pad input.
  5. aaaaaand done - 227 hours, both DLCs complete, all side quests completed (at least what I'd found), never fast travelled during my game as I find it best to explore. Really can't add much to what has already been written in this thread but whole games was simply fantastic. Also got a nice suprise visit to Corvo Bianco from If anyone is interested, I went overboard on the screenshots to document my playthrough - you can see them here (beware of spoilers!)
  6. You're actualy rewarded for going off the beaten paths and exploring, the main quests is 'good' but there are far better side quests out there to find. 223 hours in and I feel like I'm nearing the end of Blood and Wine. One of the best games I've ever played.
  7. Ursine armour looks the best I think, though I'm rocking Venom at the moment. Work on Blood and Wine continues, upgrading Corvo Bianco at present whilst trying to settle Vineyard disputes and furiously hunting down those question marks.
  8. Finished Hearts of Stone last night. Brilliant expansion, well written and excellent performances from Master of Mirrors and Von Everec too. Onto Blood and Wine next, will be gutted when it's all finished.
  9. Another one here for Team Yen. Yes...and Madame Sasha....and Jutta A Wolf's gotta eat.
  10. 98 hours in an just arrived in Skellige, this game just keeps on giving. My only remaining quests in Velen/Novigrad are two high level Witcher contracts, the horse races and the High Stakes Gwent tournament. I haven't fast travelled at all and rinsed every side quest and loved every minute of it. Was a bit concerned that I might be a bit fatigued starting a new area but after five minutes Skellige delivers!!
  11. This game is just fantastic, 83 hours in and I'm still just in Novigrad. I really can't decide what I like most about it; the quests, structure, story the characters - I'm just hooked. I knew I'd like it but this must be the best thing I've played in years.
  12. Cheers for this. I'd been having the same probem on one of my PCs, and this sorted it out. Sorry guys, which option do I need to edit other than the obvious on/off?
  13. I've reinstalled Windows 10 on my SSD and can't get the Steam overlay working via the Xbox button on the 360 pad. I've had this on a previous install and disabling the Game DVR on the Xbox app fixed it but it isn't working for me this time. I've installed the Xbox 360 controller drivers and shift + tab on the keyboard brings up the overlay so I know if works in-game but just not via the pad. Anyone had this before? This is all so I can take screenshots of the achingly beautiful Witcher 3.
  14. I got this from Steam Secret Santa and really enjoying it so far, about 9 hours in and just left White Orchard. Not played Witcher 1 or 2 (I know!) but I've heard you don't have to; then I had to sit and answer questions about random guys I've never heard of, guess that's the equivalent of Mass Effect Genesis? Feel like I've got a lot of catching up with the factions to do. The nilfgaardian's seem to come across like the evil empire but I've not really met with anyone else yet. Took a while to get used to the combat, when I see a group of Drowners I still j
  15. Some good looking games there, just had a quick Google and looked a few up on the Steam store and added about 20 to my wish list.
  16. Ran out of rep points for the day but brilliant thread.
  17. Wowzers!! Witcher 3, Firewatch & Day of the Tentacle. Thanks you so much secret santa and JPR, can't wait to get these started. Merry Christmas all!
  18. I'm in - thanks for taking the time....again!
  19. Did you ever fix the issue Lothar? I may have the same problem on my 970 - stuttering is really bad, it can occur at anytime really but usually during gun play. Whole thing will grind to a halt then suddenly catch up with itself, I've turned V-sync off and set all advanced gfx options to low but it's still just as bad. Shame really as I'm only on chapter 3 and really enjoying it but I'm spending more time in the options menu than anything else.
  20. Only vague dates , I think they are aiming for a March, April, May release though I may be wrong. First is the robot building one - which I hope will allow you to build your own companion / bodyguard. Second is the animal one which should allow capturing Deathclaws and letting them loose on settlements, I've been thinking of a way to off Knight Rhys at Cambridge Police Station. I hope this happens. Third is a more story orientated dlc featuring a new island etc. This is all pure speculation but I can dream - Bethes
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