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  1. 2 hours ago, bcofn said:

    Feels a lot like the whole sunsetting thing is totally overblown. If you were reading the likes of reddit you'd think all those weapons were useless when they can still be used in the vast majority of the game where the minimum recommended power is 1050. The only weird standout for me is that Nightmare Hunts require a power level vastly higher than Shadowkeep I presume because there are triumphs tied to them but you can use the lecturn weapons in Pit of Heresy or the raid totally fine. They've just moved the levelling part of the game to purely the new part and make everything else a flat playground. It's actually what i've wanted them to do with WoW for a long time.

    Vanguard strikes are now at a recommended light level of 1100.


    I thought the main purpose of sunsetting was to stop overpowered pinnacle weapons in competitive matches.


    I realise its primarily a PvP weapon and I’m a truly woeful PvP player so never came close to earning The Recluse but I bought it from the tower kiosk.  However, I’m finding I can’t really use it in any PvE activity other than patrol zones.

  2. I think the drop rate is bugged at the minute.  They’re supposed to drop at the same rate as Umbral Engrams but after 5 hours of play yesterday, I didn’t get one.


    Forbes guy recommends running the Toland patrols on the Moon as that seems to be a good place to grind them.


    I like FotL, the Tower, the cosmetics, even the Haunted Forest is fun but ultimately, grinding hard for old 450 rpm auto rifles with bad role availability isn’t great.

  3. I ran the Cold War Event this afternoon too, didn’t realise it was available but just loaded up Warzone and jumped in.  Quite surprised as it was really enjoyable for what was essentially a interactive trailer for the new game.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Jigsaw Monkey said:


    FotL seems like less of a grind than last years event, I remember spending ages getting all of the Masks/Triumphs in 2018.  This looks to be doable in a couple of sittings....I could be wrong though.


    And I am wrong.... turns out there's a whole Escalation Protocol like event on the Moon, with new weapons too.

  5. 4 hours ago, K said:

    Worked fine for me last night. It's nice to have the Haunted Forest back. The game seems to have a lot of these matchmade PvE activities now but this feels like one of the better ones - there's plenty of variety in enemies, the changing map keeps it interesting, and the difficulty ramps up at about the right speed. The event grind seems nicely achievable as well, which is encouraging in sharp contrast to the Ariana's Vow catalyst which I kind of want because I can see how it would be useful, but man, i really can't be arsed doing 100 Strikes or Crucible matches with it, or fifty Gambit Prime matches.




    FotL seems like less of a grind than last years event, I remember spending ages getting all of the Masks/Triumphs in 2018.  This looks to be doable in a couple of sittings....I could be wrong though.

  6. 41 minutes ago, Nobuo's Organ said:

    TIL that by the time you see this you never want to look at a grenade launcher again



    I find that with most of the catalyst and pinnacle weapon grinds, with the exception of Breakneck. 

    To be fair, at the end of the Wendigo grind I was a crack shot with Fighting Lion.

  7. I think Werner (in the tower) and Calus bounties are different.


    1 hour ago, K said:

    My main bugbear at the moment is the faff of picking up bounties. I really wish that they were just active when you start an activity, rather than having to drop into the Tower / the Tangled Shore / Calus' Sex Barge / etc to pick them up. I think I'd prefer it if you had to go to the Tower to hand them in, rather than to pick them up, as that ties in with the Tower as the place to go at the end of a session, to cash in engrams and to sort through mods & gear, and to generally relax after some intense shooting.

    I agree, when I think ‘I’ll just have one quick Strike/Crucible/Gambit match”, it’s always a pain to swing by the tower first.  It’s a shame you can’t collect bounties via the companion app.

  8. So....sorry....currently I’ve got a 750 Hunter on PS4,  if I wanted to start a Warlock on PC (but with Cross Save enabled) could I just play New Light on PC and share my paid for loot through the vault from things like Forges/Drifter/Opulence?  I guess it’s a no, assume I’d need to buy Forsaken/Y2 pass on Steam? 

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