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  1. Nice new feature on the companion app now allows you to pickup bounties (even when you’re offline)
  2. Vanguard strikes are now at a recommended light level of 1100. I thought the main purpose of sunsetting was to stop overpowered pinnacle weapons in competitive matches. I realise its primarily a PvP weapon and I’m a truly woeful PvP player so never came close to earning The Recluse but I bought it from the tower kiosk. However, I’m finding I can’t really use it in any PvE activity other than patrol zones.
  3. Guess we can take comfort in the fact us Argos customers are (mostly) in the same boat.
  4. Still nothing from Argos, tried to online chat to support but was a 20 minute queue.
  5. I’ve had nothing either. I’ve been charged for my S though.
  6. Looks like a couple of DC skins are available next season but doesn't look like a 100% DC themed season according to Forbes guy, available November 17th apparently.
  7. New ViDoc due this afternoon (2pm UK time).
  8. @tnman I’ve put in a request too. Been playing for two years (since Forsaken), on a bit of a break atm but will be back on for Beyond Light.
  9. I think the drop rate is bugged at the minute. They’re supposed to drop at the same rate as Umbral Engrams but after 5 hours of play yesterday, I didn’t get one. Forbes guy recommends running the Toland patrols on the Moon as that seems to be a good place to grind them. I like FotL, the Tower, the cosmetics, even the Haunted Forest is fun but ultimately, grinding hard for old 450 rpm auto rifles with bad role availability isn’t great.
  10. I ran the Cold War Event this afternoon too, didn’t realise it was available but just loaded up Warzone and jumped in. Quite surprised as it was really enjoyable for what was essentially a interactive trailer for the new game.
  11. Fair bit of info in TWAB about the content being removed this November.
  12. Sorry if this has been answered previously, is this the only fighter pass for Smash Bros at the moment - the one with Banjo & Geese Howard?
  13. Watched the stream earlier, they’ve not yet announced a new light level for Season of Dawn which seems a strange omission this close to launch.
  14. Looks like a reason to visit Mercury, I just hope they avoid the Infinite Forest.
  15. Oh, I see all the FotL masks have lost their power too.
  16. And I am wrong.... turns out there's a whole Escalation Protocol like event on the Moon, with new weapons too.
  17. FotL seems like less of a grind than last years event, I remember spending ages getting all of the Masks/Triumphs in 2018. This looks to be doable in a couple of sittings....I could be wrong though.
  18. Just unlocked the pinnacle weapon, Oxygen SR3. A nice surprise as I wasn’t grinding for it, it does seem a bit useless though.
  19. I find that with most of the catalyst and pinnacle weapon grinds, with the exception of Breakneck. To be fair, at the end of the Wendigo grind I was a crack shot with Fighting Lion.
  20. I think Werner (in the tower) and Calus bounties are different. I agree, when I think ‘I’ll just have one quick Strike/Crucible/Gambit match”, it’s always a pain to swing by the tower first. It’s a shame you can’t collect bounties via the companion app.
  21. So....sorry....currently I’ve got a 750 Hunter on PS4, if I wanted to start a Warlock on PC (but with Cross Save enabled) could I just play New Light on PC and share my paid for loot through the vault from things like Forges/Drifter/Opulence? I guess it’s a no, assume I’d need to buy Forsaken/Y2 pass on Steam?
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