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  1. Sorry if this has been answered previously, is this the only fighter pass for Smash Bros at the moment - the one with Banjo & Geese Howard?
  2. Watched the stream earlier, they’ve not yet announced a new light level for Season of Dawn which seems a strange omission this close to launch.
  3. Looks like a reason to visit Mercury, I just hope they avoid the Infinite Forest.
  4. Oh, I see all the FotL masks have lost their power too.
  5. And I am wrong.... turns out there's a whole Escalation Protocol like event on the Moon, with new weapons too.
  6. FotL seems like less of a grind than last years event, I remember spending ages getting all of the Masks/Triumphs in 2018. This looks to be doable in a couple of sittings....I could be wrong though.
  7. Just unlocked the pinnacle weapon, Oxygen SR3. A nice surprise as I wasn’t grinding for it, it does seem a bit useless though.
  8. I find that with most of the catalyst and pinnacle weapon grinds, with the exception of Breakneck. To be fair, at the end of the Wendigo grind I was a crack shot with Fighting Lion.
  9. I think Werner (in the tower) and Calus bounties are different. I agree, when I think ‘I’ll just have one quick Strike/Crucible/Gambit match”, it’s always a pain to swing by the tower first. It’s a shame you can’t collect bounties via the companion app.
  10. So....sorry....currently I’ve got a 750 Hunter on PS4, if I wanted to start a Warlock on PC (but with Cross Save enabled) could I just play New Light on PC and share my paid for loot through the vault from things like Forges/Drifter/Opulence? I guess it’s a no, assume I’d need to buy Forsaken/Y2 pass on Steam?
  11. So all players old and new can play together, Bungie are raising the light level to 750 for everyone. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/amp/destiny-2-shadowkeep-will-bump-all-players-to-power-level-750/
  12. Can anyone who’s completed the Majestic Solstice Armour confirm what determines the element it drops at? I’ve read a lot about people saying it’s dependant on class but others say it’s random or determined by the element of the day?
  13. Definitely stacks of content there for £3.99. Worth mentioning that Forza 6 is free in September’s Games with Gold, available tomorrow.
  14. I'm still on Blue armour and need to do a lot in the EAZ to progress, can see me getting the Majestic but not the Masterwork requirements. @Qazimod What level does the majestic gear drop at? And how is the armour element determined - looks to be Hunter/Solar , Titan/Void, Warlock/Arc?
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