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  1. Same here, haven’t come across this quest even after 228 hours of play. I really want to do another run through at some point. I’ve still got quite a few points of interest marked in Skellige but didn’t follow them all up post ending as they all appeared to be sunken treasure.
  2. Desperately trying to get the IKELOS Shotgun this week but it’s not going well. I’ve completed the EP a couple times before and got different loot but I’m never quite sure of the requirements. Previously I’ve joined EP at level 3 and managed to get loot from the final boss whereas a run I did earlier today (starting at lvl1) got me a shader. Do I need to do something with encrypted/decrypting keys as I go through it?
  3. I read that too, seems a steal for £9.
  4. Can anyone confirm if this is essentially Dark Souls II GOTY edition? (i.e. includes all the dlc?) https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0700-CUSA01589_00-DARKSOULS2000003
  5. Quest dropped for me this evening too! Only seen it once before but didn’t win the round at the time.
  6. Had a couple of dodgy games of Gambit yesterday. Things like motes not being collected properly and a couple of disconnects which is very unusual for me. I put it down to the pending update release next week.
  7. Looks great, so has the power level been raised as of now or from Dec 4th?
  8. Interesting news about Forsaken not meeting sale targets, it's good to hear Activision being open about the need to pull the experienced players back in. For me, Forsaken has been my first experience with any Destiny game and I've been hugely impressed. Since it's release I'm 114 hours in so far and I've loved every minute. I don't know the full history as I've only known the game in its current form, Bungie seem to be promising more regular content, so I'd be interested to know what more experienced players would like to see to make it more appealing? I'm guessing cost is probably one of the main barriers - if I include my PSN subscription, Forsaken + Annual Pass I'm probably about £115 in, not cheap at all but I haven't sunk this much time into a game since the Witcher 3.
  9. Ok thanks, should be enough content so probably a safe place to start.
  10. Can anyone hazard a guess as to whether this will include the Destiny annual pass? I’ve never played Destiny before and fancy giving it a go, just wondering if this will include the content drops until next Summer?
  11. I did that one last night too, I skipped those challenges initally and now I've gone back to them (at level 8) I found I was a bit too overpowered for it, plus all the loot isn't that good compared to Niflheim's.
  12. Weird. It must be a setting somewhere, I’ll continue searching.
  13. Not sure if it’s following the latest client update or I’ve accidentally changed an option but I can no longer “Turn off System” from Big Picture Mode? I only get the option to Turn off Controller?
  14. Shame. I’ve still got the resident evil remaster and Revelations to play too. Never played RE6 either despite owning it for years.
  15. I blasted through this again (Steam) in January, completed a couple of rounds. Probably takes my total playthroughs across all formats to 8 or 9. One of the greatest games of all time. Never played RE5 as it was meant to be very disappointing in comparison, should probably give it a go at some point.
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