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  1. Which one... Try Sabimaru.
  2. Epic Name Bro has posted Part 1 of his walkthrough and it's excellent. I highly recommend it to you all.
  3. I'm pretty sure the PS4 Pro is native 1080p running with an unlocked frame rate starting at 30fps up to 60fps.
  4. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    Current Research Task - 'Use 5 Razz berries to help catch Pokémon' gives a Cubone. Although this may change tonight at 9.00pm when the Hoenn event kicks in.
  5. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    I think KarminiX is @LyonJacques
  6. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    @The Grand Pursuivant Is KarminiX your account? I can go to best with that one too if that's OK with you? My trainer name is Charizonze.
  7. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    @graf @Soi @Marvellous Chester @Flams Has asked me to go to best friends with him at 7.00pm tonight. Can any of you guys pop eggs then so I can open up your gifts?
  8. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    Sorry @Flams I've not logged onto here for a few days so I missed your message. I've got a few others from here that are due to go to best friends soon. Once I get Christmas out of the way I'll try and co-ordinate opening gifts. Have a great Christmas guys.
  9. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    I have weird luck with shiny Aron. Seen 590 - 8 Shiny. I try to avoid catching Aron now.
  10. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    I read that as Munchlax.
  11. From that picture I can't even work out how that T piece can get to that hole. So when the piece hits the ghost at the bottom you rotate it round to the anti clockwise 3 times?
  12. @Smoothy When MagicalDrop and I bought it it was €29.80 with postage on top of that. It looks like they've hiked up the price.
  13. My physical copy has just arrived from Amazon.Fr. I am now ready to ' Entrez Dans La "Zone" '
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