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  1. A bit of a faff but if you're playing on Xbox One then you can use the Xbox Accessories app to override the in game button mappings.
  2. Onze

    Rick and Morty

    Thank goodness Season 4 is coming to Netflix on the 19th of June.
  3. I recently signed up to the Cinema Paradiso service and I'm currently impressed. My subscription is unlimited discs per month having 2 discs at home at a time. This costs just less than £13.00 per month. The current turn around for discs has been pretty good. I generally only watch films on the weekend so I imagine I'll get through on average about 8 films a month. Most titles are available in 4k so I'd say it's pretty decent value. Here's a link for 30 days on the service for free. https://www.cinemaparadiso.co.uk/friends/rp/3ulCEaubCCg1 Enjoy.
  4. Onze

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Shovel Knight Amiibo
  5. If anybody ends up with a spare code for the PS4 I'd love one thanks. I've pre-ordered from Amazon and registered the code from Amazon on the Call of Duty site but I've received nothing from that. My friend did the same and he got his code. Sorted a code out now. If my other code turns up I'll dish it out here.
  6. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    Do you swap accounts on the same phone? I'm pretty sure it turns off when you log out of an account then log back in.
  7. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    This search string will filter out the crap < 82% IV Mudkip and evos. +mudkip&!4*&!3*&!shiny Such a useful addition. Shame the Android back button quick catch has been removed though.
  8. Which one... Try Sabimaru.
  9. Epic Name Bro has posted Part 1 of his walkthrough and it's excellent. I highly recommend it to you all.
  10. I'm pretty sure the PS4 Pro is native 1080p running with an unlocked frame rate starting at 30fps up to 60fps.
  11. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    Current Research Task - 'Use 5 Razz berries to help catch Pokémon' gives a Cubone. Although this may change tonight at 9.00pm when the Hoenn event kicks in.
  12. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    I think KarminiX is @LyonJacques
  13. Onze

    Pokemon Go

    @The Grand Pursuivant Is KarminiX your account? I can go to best with that one too if that's OK with you? My trainer name is Charizonze.
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