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  1. These days you find devs standing on podiums clutching awards and they havent even shipped their first game yet. Thats not a dig aimed at up-and-coming talent, more about how offset recognition/exposure can be. Jeff is possibily the best source material for a game dev documentary you can find: The early days of computer games through to present across multiple formats and marketing models. Commericial success/failure. Gaming press debacles. Bad decision making. Meltdowns and just plain old bad luck.
  2. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/sprite-castle
  3. obviously holding out as not to interfere with pewds/t series fight for total supremacy.
  4. Nice to see STW is getting some extra challenges!
  5. Boobs and blow! When youre older, you will understand.
  6. They are still on the lobby screen. They seem to have reset to nothing selected with the recent UI/skills update. @robdood stopped playing?
  7. Farming for mats for traps. Building traps. If you fail, you have to restart etc. Also missions like encampments, survivors, and item collecting that is team based are much quicker mp.
  8. You can solo almost everything in the game but its a lot slower going as you have to rely on traps. Ive noticed more and more in mp games hardly anyone trap builds at all, just a build over the objective. This is ok but m having to craft a new weapon every 4-5 missions. I prefer trap building to save on weapon use but thankfully i seem to find enough mats for new weapons as I play.
  9. Same. Although the llamas seems to be dropping complete trash lately.
  10. Got the gifts but pretty low xp and gold rewards compared to other people who have a similar level to me. The llama gave me some good legendaries but glitched out with a "not found" error. Logged back in and the llama was still available/reset and this time gave me some even better legendaries. Anyone noticed any freeze lags since the last update?
  11. I didnt get to play this weekend. Thats no excuse though Thats a handy stats site!
  12. Yeah having max 4x4x4 custom building schematics would be great for often used trap tunnels/defense structures etc.
  13. Thats a nice idea but even medium sized structures can eat into the 2k mat limit. They could make it so the structure is ghosted like those mission objectives and all you have to do is activate each panel to auto build (and again if a trap is tacked on etc).
  14. Ill be able to help around 10pm
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