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  1. I really want them to announce a version in the GBA form factor
  2. I mean there was a Skywalker who fought for the Empire and slaughtered loads of innocent people in the desert but it wasn't Luke...
  3. isn't nintendo's headcount really small? like don't they have more people working on one assassin's creed game than nintendo have employees? and yes i know they have a lot of partnerships with other developers
  4. But Nayson, I'm sure that striker lead them to new heights and unparalleled success that they're still reaping, right?
  5. Thought I'd go ahead and make this thread before some cunt posts the headline "Nintendo Direct tonight" and bury this in the body
  6. How can you cheat this much and still be this shit
  7. people have been predicted new hardware every year since 2019, it's just attempts at manifesting a more powerful machine than anything based on evidence or trends
  8. that's really nice, what shelves behind the telly are they?
  9. In sha'a Allah John Henry resigns from life
  10. Lots of shouts earlier in the thread that got fulfilled, still too many waiting that loving touch.
  11. Game Freak laughing at everyone mocking the bugs from behind mountains of cash
  12. i bought the same combo of ssd and heatsink on sean's recommendation and my ps5 caught fire and burned my house down
  13. do one of each type of horizon festival to unlock the different types of races as soon as possible, pick a handful of cars that you really like and tune them then just enjoy. you don't need to buy every car, the game will throw freebies at you as you play and you want to spend your money initially on buying houses to unlock perks.
  14. what I'd say is if you plan on playing both games, it's harder to go back to Spiderman after MM because they refined the formula a lot and trimmed the fat. MM is over a lot quicker but it distills it in a way that you don't feel short changed.
  15. do you have xbox live gold? they were given away at some point i think
  16. it was the first Forza game to be released on game pass, that might have something to do with it
  17. oh ffs i was going to get round to that eventually but i wanted to play the older ones first
  18. not this time but i've used them before and sometimes it takes a few hours, they're legit and no complaints from me. they're probably getting hammered for orders.
  19. https://gonintendo.com/contents/12607-advance-wars-inspired-warside-planned-for-fall-2023-release-on-switch https://playwarside.com/ Not Advance Wars.
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