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  1. if you have decent earphones that only pick up you talking as audio, you can do what i do and join your party from your laptop. just press windows key + g and then you can join or create a party like you would on xbox. just check your speakers aren't too loud cos then your mic will pick it up regardless.
  2. do you still have your hair at least?
  3. Nintendo have already announced the physical version for Switch though.
  4. you're probably the youngest regular, when I first signed up here most people were in their late 20s/early 30s already
  5. I think I'm one of the youngest on here
  6. how the fuck am i the first person to say 'myspace'
  7. Couldn't get that to embed so have a Youtube link. I'll leave the direct link below. https://videos-rockstargames-com.akamaized.net/v3/GTATrilogy-gtatrilogydefinitivetrailer-en_us-1080p60.mp4
  8. jfc wahlberg looks absolute shit, he's no victor goddamn sullivan
  9. Nope, just hints from people who follow the BC programme. Apparently some stuff has been turning up in databases they follow, testing or something?
  10. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    One of the rumours for the increased cost is that Nintendo are paying to license these games from the third parties and it hasn't come cheap.
  11. Merc switching from Petronas to Aramco
  12. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    I think the AC DLC is more pragmatism than anything - of all the first party games, that's the one most likely to have multiple accounts and Switches per household, they probably figured upping the family membership will get more uptake than asking people to shell out for multiple copies of the DLC.
  13. Not entirely sure what the deal is but after teasing today's date for a reveal, Analogue have revealed it's a new OS: https://www.analogue.co/os I'm hoping that the Pocket gets a proper restock and open orders in the new year but if you've already got your preorder locked in, you have something to look forward to.
  14. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    hoping retrobit or 8bitdo do one, wouldn't be that unrealistic they're just USB C and bluetooth. I think they just sync regularly? I haven't tried it cos I have an 8bitdo SNES pad but when the N64 one comes I'll give it a go.
  15. He writes books, I don't think cerium has had an employer for years.
  16. The sales community and Nintendo community both left because a mod banned a long term member for basically nothing (they were being snarky to someone but really wasn't worth a one day ban) and when the sales community complained that the mods had ignored them raising issues with persistent trolling, a shitload more got banned for 'metacommentary' and 'modwhining', with a few perms for people highlighting that some mods had been guilty of some unsavory behaviour themselves. Apparently that straw broke a lot of camels backs, as the guy who was banned was a major figure in the sales community and decided not to return, people setup two new forums and they've already seen some people like Emily Rogers and NateDrake sign up. PC Era as far as I'm aware has transitioned almost completely to discord, whoever's left are basically stragglers but most of the regulars quit a while back. XboxEra set up their own forum ages ago and I think they have a podcast now? The modding stuff has been tense since the Democratic primaries (the Tara Reade threads were particularly disgusting) plus one of the mods posted that ridiculous UK vote suggestor that heavily leaned towards the Lib Dems. TransEra and AsianEra both clashed with the mods over the persistent abuse their communities face, MuslimEra all but quit and a few other minority groups have been angry with the lack of support and action from the mods. Basically 4.5m is a fucking gift because I don't think Era will grow with all the people leaving and the reputation the site has for posting culture and modding. They were actually pretty active but yeah the bias just got too much and people felt like there wasn't any point in putting up with it.
  17. Two sizeable communities quit in one day and set up their own forums. The PC gaming community and Xbox community also left. Sell high, leave everyone else to deal with the fallout.
  18. They don't acknowledge them any more, which is frustrating cos GTA2 and Chinatown Wars are amazing.
  19. Incredible scenes. https://news.cision.com/m-o-b-a-network-ab/r/m-o-b-a--network-acquires-resetera-com---one-of-the-world-s-largest-gaming-forums,c3432579 Not gonna link to the Era thread but cerium was making 700k a year in ads and subscriptions and is riding off into the sunset leaving the admins and mods to fend for themselves. Rllmuk committee needs to up those KPIs...
  20. How else do you want to improve the aero?
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