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  1. I'm already subbed but Forza Horizon is the one franchise I buy the ultimate edition physically day one. I've gotten so much out of each entry, the value is ridiculous and I still go back to the old ones as well. It's so much fun to just bomb around a different map, though I really wish the others got 60fps patches too.
  2. So just to be clear, there's no ultimate edition steel book physical release this time round? Just the standard retail and everything else is digital?
  3. I hope so, I downloaded it on Steam out of desperation
  4. New NSO and Xenoblade 3, let's go
  5. I'll buy it if the single player is offline.
  6. Someone release this now please.
  7. Oh I remember the P5 stuff. I'm never watching a live stream again.
  8. I was interested in the Saturn emulation but I went and bought a Satiator instead and I think I'll wait for whatever generation of pi or FPGA solution catches up with 32bit consoles.
  9. Forza Horizon 4 until 5 comes out.
  10. Unless I've got it wrong, the idea of the sprint race was supposed to add action that was missing in the grand prix - overtakes, pushing harder, that sort of stuff. It's been the opposite cos they're essentially doing first stints and managing based on that. The chequered flag just acts like a red flag and all it does is make practice pointless and qualifying a farce. Either they do something different with it to force a jumbled grid or they fix the regs in which case the sprint race isn't needed.
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