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  1. I could, I just prefer it on the Switch for ease of switching from telly to portable.
  2. is this coming to switchconsole? seen a lot of people bigging it up lately and that trailer looks interesting.
  3. he's just nasty, he's not clever about any of his plausible deniability stuff and I dunno if he was always like this or its recent but it doesn't matter to me, can do without him.
  4. he's a right wing piece of shit who keeps alluding to homophobia, transphobia and belittled his disabled son with his previous partner. he doesn't need defending, fuck him.
  5. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Team March for BOTW2, lets go
  6. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Wow can't believe we found out you put @kyletheroboton ignore this way.
  7. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers, I'll take a look on my computer tomorrow. Might have a headache from my bank.
  8. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    White men been stealing for centuries.
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