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  1. SMD

    Formula One 2021

    Give it another decade and am sure it'll settle into a strong identity.
  2. SMD

    Formula One 2021

    Am actually surprised at the negativity towards FE in here, I decided to give it a go and thought it was pretty interesting. Actually watching cars race each other was refreshing after the last few years of F1. Yeah it's not at the same level but considering where it started a few years ago, it's impressive how far they've come. I dunno if I'll follow the whole season but considering it's far easier to watch than F1 and there's more going on, it doesn't feel like a massive time investment. A lot of the stuff you're suggesting is down to the scope and cost of FE. It
  3. The thing is Nintendo don't think of it like this at all. They see you spending 25 hours on Mario 64 and 25 hours on Mario Odyssey as competition for each other and would rather sell you Mario Odyssey until they figure out how to market Mario 64 to you for a similar price. Virtual Console was a failure for them because most sales were only for the big hitters and licensing meant it wasn't worth their while or third parties' to keep it going - hence the collections and piece meal releases. Your best bet now is for Nintendo to stick with the Switch platform so when they r
  4. I wouldn't worry so much, you'll unlock a lot of mystery points without trying. You can also unlock multipliers to make it easier for you later on in the battle modes, eventually you unlock all the mystery points you need and they get converted to credits.
  5. he uses slurs when streaming (and has been banned for it before) and he stans jontron
  6. I finished Skyward Sword a year after release and the controls were not that great. They'll have aged poorly over the last decade considering how much the game relies on different types of attacks and inputs.
  7. Americans have terrible taste though.
  8. I don't mind 30fps if I can't switch to 60 as long as its smooth. I went from playing Yakuza 0/Kiwami to Yakuza Kiwami 2 and the drop from the 60fps target to the 30fps threw me off. Can't even get a PS5 to play it at a locked 30fps so just ended up dropping it because I couldn't get on with the dropped frames during battles. I've played worse performing games fine becuse the consistency in frame rate at least means i can get into a rhythm. I'd rather 60fps for everything on console though, no matter the trade off..
  9. It really did the models and animation no favours in the trailer. I would've rather they did some kind of filter a la Okami or Street Fighter 4 so you could set it how you prefer.
  10. I enjoyed it when it came out but what I was prepared to forgive in 2011-12 is a far cry from what we should expect in 2021. This was a great opportunity to fulfil the potential by actually adding content to the overworld, making the transition between the land and sky seamless and adjusting some of the really bad stuff like the handholding, tadtones and forced stealth. Just adding right stick controls and increasing the resolution isn't worth full price. And I'm not usually that picky about graphics but my God going from a CRT to that is criminal. They should've tried to mimic the
  11. Am guessing from the lack of a Skyward Sword HD thread that everyone else was totally deflated by how barebones that looked. What a missed opportunity to fix a very flawed game.
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