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  1. Do you wanna tell us which ones?
  2. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    No items, Final Destination
  3. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    @Omizzay do you know if anywhere is selling the Japanese version of Okami in Dubai?
  4. The Melee players won't leave Melee, sure, just like there are players who'll never leave SF2, 3, 4 and all the variants. But right now the community is still kinda split and at least this is comprehensive enough and on a successful enough platform so that Melee isn't the reference any more.
  5. I think the plan is that the Switch going forward will be a continually upgraded platform so whatever the next machines are will maintain BC. So in general, games that use adaptive or dynamic resolutions will benefit straight away without needing patching. The other side effect is they can effectively maintain Smash for a good number of years without having to release a new version. Keep it fresh with tournaments, new content, whatever but fundamentally they just chuck everything in now and they're sorted for the next decade or so. If the community finally leaves Melee
  6. It's good for competition if it didn't fucking mean exclusivity. The platform needs to be separate from the content provider and matches have to be shown on more than one channel.
  7. You telling me he has influence over the President but not Marvel Studios?
  8. Apparently that's not true.
  9. I thought you were referring to Mclaren for a second and it still made sense.
  10. those are a lot of changes in a short space of time
  11. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah man, 20 years ago it wasn't even IGN. I remember when they had the first big leak on the GBA, remember the hype over it. They were pretty on the money too. Less so with the Gamecube but still better than the competition. Its sad how they've turned out.
  12. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    Plagiarised to fuck. Check the Dead Cells thread. Also why are you on IGN?
  13. Speaking of IGN https://www.resetera.com/threads/ign-removes-their-dead-cells-review-investigating-plagiarism.60441/
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