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  1. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    I've had one since launch, if it wasn't for the d pad and no analogue triggers I'd tell you it's the perfect pad. Its great though and the battery is pretty robust.
  2. I also want Outrun 3 but baby steps...
  3. How will this work on console and is that physical release coming to the UK?
  4. I can't stress enough how much I want Outrun 2 on the Switch.
  5. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    the new Switch rumours have thrown the expectations into disarray. everyone kinda thought BOTW2 would be next year but if it's true we're getting a new Switch this year, new Zelda is expected to launch with it. so yeah, who knows. apparently WWHD and TPHD for the Switch do exist in some form but no one knows anything for sure. Best wait to see what happens next week re: new Switch announcements.
  6. there are a few drivers who used to be in F1 but there's also quite a bit of talent now and the FE Monaco race was class, easily one of the best circuit races I've seen in a long time. Hazel is right though, the F1 cars aren't made for street circuits any more and FE cars are, they've come a long way since the first season and even though there are still a few weird aspects to it and it's not quite there in terms of having elite drivers, it's certainly different enough to F1 to watch and enjoy.
  7. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    It's so much fun, unlocking the captain america shield made it for me.
  8. SMD

    Nintendo Switch

    And then you try to use the Playstation website.
  9. That's what I mean though, if Verstappen had pitted when the softs came into play he would've at least had a better shot towards the end of the race considering how fucked those tires were. Not having Perez in the mix didn't help but Bottas was nowhere anyway so it's not like he would've done anything. I just think Red Bull were caught completely napping and let Merc school them hard.
  10. I'm still thinking about this. They had pace, they could've pit once their soft tires came into play and pressured Hamilton at the end but instead they let Verstappen hang himself out to dry in the hope of either a safety car or traffic?
  11. I want an old Cap and old Peggy film set in the 70s. Hayley Atwell deserved more screen time in the MCU.
  12. I thought the sprint races would be exciting until I realised that it's not reverse grid, it's still qualifying for the main race and you only get 3 points if you win. It's like they picked the worst implemention possible.
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