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  1. Surely you just dress up in standard Northener attire No? It's a bit demeaning to say an entire area of the population wear 'fancy dress'.
  2. My god, How insecure is Synchronated? He can barely type a sentence without trying to shoehorn 'PES' in there as some kind of Fifa defence. Perhaps the people who aren't impressed with FIFA are saying so because they are being perfectly honest and can't be bothered throwing another £30 at a game which still doesn't feel like it gets the basic fundamentals right. Its just not a satisfying event when you score. And no I did not buy PES2008 last year both it and FIFA08 were massively turgid hateful experiences.
  3. The player likeness in Fifa 09 is phenominal. They did a really great Job! 1.Someone from a Guy Richie movie? 2.I think Chelsea have signed Riijkard? 3.? 4.EA are the one company that finally got it right! Iker Casillas is black! 5.Actually looks like Pepe 6.Congratulations to Ruud Gullit and Michael Ballack on the birth of their baby boy! And the ball physics are still rubbish. Awesome.
  4. If only Fifa/Euro 08 was the Mario64 of footy games, Frankly it couldn't be further from the truth. Its more like Hotel Mario for the CDI. The PS2 versions of WE are still infinately more enjoyable.
  5. "Our players on the subs bench are all substandard crap bring back John Barnes and the Anfield rap"
  6. How many of those assists went to players who weren't Ronaldo, Tevez or Rooney?
  7. Well you would say that since Rex and Elmo are both muppets.
  8. How exactly did that woman get in a situation where all of her male friends make derogatory comments about how her vagine looked? Was she classy enough to text them a picture or was it just a gang bang? Filthy slut out of 10.
  9. It would have gone in the bin 18 years ago when MS immediately dropped any kind of support for it.
  10. Whats up with Zangiefs head?
  11. Mario Galaxy is a game full of charm and intelligent design, So not something that sums up this current gen which is lazy, monotone and lacking in thought. If theres a game which sums up this generation its probably something like Gears of War. Cinematic experience, Clunky controls, Multiplayer/online focused, Drab.
  12. Its no wonder this generation is a bag of old shite if games going multiformat are considered as a megaton. People must be very easily pleased.
  13. Is it the worst E3 ever or simply the worst generation ever?
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