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  1. How old is she? I keep toying with the idea of showing it to my ten year old but haven't got around to it (or Flight of the Navigator, Daryl, Big, Short Circuit or The Goonies. I'm a dreadful father). My last movie was Deadwood: The Movie - 5/5. It's more Deadwood, so how could it get any other score?
  2. I've always heard it as a bit. Never been able to understand why it bothers people - as far as I can tell she's well aware she's a 'nerd' and I've never thought she's using it as a pejorative. In other news, new Vinnyvania! Best show on the site at the moment!
  3. Yeah, definitely. I couldn't take this week's bombcast, but while I was listening to it I wasn't wishing that Ben would shut up as much as I was thinking that Brad should have been running things better, and steering the conversation the way a decent host does. He and Jason just seemed to check out as soon as the younger members of the cast started talking.
  4. This week was too much even for me. Ben and the two Gamespot idiots talking anime made me want to die.
  5. Is the GB app any good? I use the appalling Edge browser, and now I'm wondering if I'm actually an imbecile. Also: I'm fine with Ben. Controversially, I don't quite get the love for Jan. He's fine, but that's all he is, in my opinion.
  6. No-one here. But he seems very popular with the community at large.
  7. Not really, in Playground's case. They'll probably outsource the Xbox one version of whatever Horizon they do next, and concentrate on the Scarlett version themselves. But the outsourcing on FH4 was in the tens of people, not the hundreds. Though Turn 10 did help a bit. I take your point though.
  8. I agree with almost everything you said there. It's basically what I said in my first post - games can't retail for over £60 (we'll ignore all the dreadful special editions and so on for this argument, though there's a discussion to be had around them). Given that it's difficult for most AAA games to recoup their costs at £60, you end up with loot boxes. Or (and this would be my preference, but doesn't seem to happen) the games are smaller and cheaper to make.
  9. Mainly because 4k art is way more expensive to make, and despite the relative ease of coding for the consoles, and their increased power, it's still difficult to get them running smoothly. That said, I'm sure there's a lot of dead weight in the huge AAA studios that could be trimmed to save costs. Does Ubisoft need to have thousands of people working on Ass Creed? I genuinely don't know - I've never worked at behemoth studios like that. Playground are the biggest studio I ever worked for, and compared to the teams working on stuff like Far Cry, they're tiny. I did once work at a studio who were hired to help out on a game - not a huge one, but pretty big - and I was working as a mission 'implementer' or something under a mission designer, and the designs I got him him were things like "The mayor has been kidnapped. The player must rescue him. Four waves." I'm still amazed that his whole job in that project was to give one line descriptions. The studio we were helping out closed shortly thereafter though, so I guess the waste did catch up to them. And maybe marketing spends don't need to be as huge as they are (but then if you go down that road you get into the argument that without the spend, you don't get the sales). Marketing budgets can be nearly as much as development budgets on huge games, I'm told. That seems mental to me, but I work in design so I don't have any first-hand knowledge of marketing stuff.
  10. I know they seem expensive (and they are) but they are also incredibly expensive to make. In real terms, games are cheaper to buy than they used to be, but way more expensive to make. And because the marketplace is so crowded, games have to make the majority of their money very shortly after launch because the long tail isn't really there any more. £60 isn't actually enough for most big AAA titles to make a profit. If you want games to be cheaper, either they'd have to be smaller, or look worse, or there would have to be fewer of them. Or they'd have to make money in other ways. Like loot boxes. I know it's shitty, and I wish games were £30 like I remember from years ago, but it's the reality I see from working in the industry. Take my current project - there are nine of us working on it. That basically costs £50k a month simply to have us employed. Then add in all the other costs of actually running a studio and you can double that. That's £1.2m a year for a really small team. For big games, there are hundreds of people working for multiple years, and that's before you even start thinking about things like marketing, external QA, licensing costs, manufacturing, distributing, the platform holder's cut, the store's cut......
  11. I think he's the producer. I tend not to mind the podcast when Austin is on there, to be honest. But Cado just laughs, loudly and obnoxiously at anything anyone says, or talks about Kingdom Hearts or Pokemon. Ugh.
  12. I do understand what you're all saying about Ben, but he really doesn't bother me as much as he clearly bothers you lot. However, I've been listening to some Waypoint podcasts, and I think if I hear five more seconds of Cado, I'll go insane.
  13. I don't use my real name for the rude books, but I do for everything else. I use Scrivener for all my writing, as I like the way it helps with formatting and organising. But as Mikes said, it doesn't help you write, just organise. It's not essential, and you can just as easily do the actual writing on Word or any other program you like.
  14. Yeah, I agree. At least, the forty five minutes I managed were spectacularly dull. I turned it off after that.
  15. He's certainly too good for Waypoint. I've just had to turn their Endgame spoiler cast off because I'm finding it so infuriating. I definitely find that I'm not enjoying any of their podcasts that Austin isn't on. I'll probably unsubscribe from Waypoint Radio and only listen even more occasionally than I already do. Enjoyed GB East doing GTA online last night!
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