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  1. Scribblor

    The Haunting of Hill House

    Madness. It's far and away the best horror TV show ever made, and the best horror in any medium since The VVitch.
  2. Scribblor

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Yeah, I've just finished watching it. It's not bad, just not great. Lucy Boynton was wasted, Dan Stevens was odd and Michael Sheen was great (as he almost always is). The story was good, but no better than that. It was too long, as well. I enjoyed it a lot more than Hold The Dark though.
  3. Scribblor

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Drivatars have a 'D' on them on the map and minimap. Real people are just dots on the map and unless you're in a convoy/race with them you'll pass through them rather than crashing into them. 'Civilian' cars have nothing on the map and no name in game. When you first start playing, all the drivatars will be from your friends list. After the tutorial, it'll start to also bring 'random' players in as drivatars, based on people you've played with before, even if they're not on your friends list.
  4. Scribblor

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    After seeing the trailer a few months back, I read Hold The Dark. I wasn't hugely impressed - it was a nasty, nihilistic novel without anything interesting to say about anything. Having just finished the film, I think it is a pretty good adaptation of the book. The problem is, that makes for a nasty, nihilistic film without anything interesting to say. The film ends slightly differently to the book, but not in any way that matters. It was well acted and directed, but I didn't like it at all.
  5. I'm waiting until it's finished so I can watch the last twenty minutes.
  6. Scribblor

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    It's the same model as all the previous games. If you didn't mind it in those, you won't mind it in this one.
  7. Scribblor

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    I'm predicting an 8-8 season for the Cowboys, more people saying they need a new head coach and Jerry Jones taking a more controlling role in the personnel side of things, Dak Prescott revealing himself as merely average and Zeke getting in some sort of trouble with the law. I really hope I'm wrong though.
  8. Scribblor

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Did I say two steps back? I meant about a dozen.
  9. Scribblor

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Christ. The Cowboys are just determined to take one step forward and two back, aren't they?
  10. Scribblor

    Android Games

    Good Lord, is it really over a year since anyone's posted in here? I've got a hankering for a turn based, squad based strategy game that isn't XCOM (which I've played several times). Can anyone recommend one? I've been playing Hunters: Episode One on my ancient iPad, and that's pretty much exactly the game I want. But I can't play that outside the house, as the battery is so fucked that I have to leave it charging constantly. I want a game like that on my android phone, but I'm struggling because it's not available on Android.
  11. Scribblor

    Your creative process of writing.

    In my limited experience, it depends entirely on what I'm writing and why. A few years ago, I began writing naughty books to sell on Amazon's Kindle store. I was doing it purely to sell copies and make money - I have no passion for that sort of writing. It worked, too. At the height of me doing it, I was making about £500 a month, and I had a plan to build that up to thousands. I never did, though. Instead I went back to work full time and haven't written any in a couple of years. It still makes me beer money every month though. The way I did that writing was purely by formula. I trawled through the Kindle store's bestseller lists to identify books that seemed to be selling well but was a bit niche (figuring that the more mainstream stuff would be an overcrowded genre). Then I bought the twenty top books in that niche and analysed them. I broke the books (they're stories really, not novels) down into average word count, average scene count, average length of a sex scene, average numbers of sex scenes in the books, which perspective was most common, and so on. Then I came up with a formula to follow based on that, and wrote my stories to that formula, making sure I kept to it precisely. I wrote those using the formula, basically writing a character profile for each character, a story outline, then a scene outline (complete with wordcount) which detailed everything that would happen. Then I took my laptop to the local library and wrote there, listening to instrumental music and using the Pomodoro method. Because I didn't really have to be all that creative and I didn't worry much about redrafting or anything, I could knock out an 8,000 word story in about 8 hours. It's still incredibly satisfying, looking on Amazon and seeing the money you've made from sales, and knowing that people are buying and enjoying something you've read, but it was never very fulfilling. Profitable, especially since it's had such a long tail of income, but not fulfilling. Contrast that to the few short stories in other genres I've written and self-published. I am vastly more proud of them than of any of the dirty stories I've written, and think they're objectively much better. Yet they've sold a handful of copies each. If I was to judge them on the income I've made from them, they're huge flops. I wrote those (and the novel I'm a chapter away from finishing which I'm writing for my daughter) with a much looser idea of what would happen. Mainly a vague shape of the story in my head, with the main lynchpin incidents fairly clear, but allowing the story to go wherever it wanted for the most part. I normally write in two-hour chunks, in which I'm able to get down anything from 500 words to 3000 (which will need thoroughly editing and redrafting). I write mostly on weekends, as I'm usually too tired to think when I get home from work. Sometimes I manage to get an hour or so of writing done in the evenings, but usually it's weekends. I get up, see my children for an hour or two and then disappear for a couple of hours before lunch. Then I do the same before dinner, from about 4pm to about 6pm. It's tough, and I wouldn't say it's particularly fun when I'm writing. But when I'm doing it, it does feel like something I was meant to do, rather than a hobby such as gaming, which feels like something I enjoy doing.
  12. Scribblor

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Thanks. So, if I buy him the battle pass, will his character stop being randomly generated each time he plays? And if I bought the full game, would I get the battle pass with it, or would I still need to buy that separately? Final question: is it possible to earn enough bucks from the battle pass to pay for the next season's pass, or is it something you have to buy each time? 2 passes each season will start to get expensive!
  13. Scribblor

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    My son has started to get into Fortnite, and since he makes me play with him, I've accidentally got into it too. I didn't think I'd like it, as shooters aren't my thing really, and I really don't like PUBG. Yet here we are. My boy is really annoyed that he can't make his own avatar and never gets skins or anything. I haven't spent any money on the game, so he has no V-bucks or anything, and he isn't allowed to play enough to grind for anything on the free version. Is it worth me buying anything using my gamer tag? We both play on console, one of us on a switch and the other on Xbox. My guess is that purchases are tired to your Epic account? So anything I bought he'd be unable to use, and we'd have to buy again on his account? And is there any point in buying the 'full game', or should I just get season battle passes?
  14. Scribblor


    Yes, I think I've read that somewhere. I'm not too bothered about that, as we had plenty of the spy stuff, and I've really enjoyed the other settings.
  15. Scribblor


    I've watched about half the series, and although I actually really like the setting and how they've changed the characters, I just don't find it very funny. I enjoyed all the other seasons, even Vice and Dreamland, but this season isn't doing it for me in the comedy stakes. I'm still going to watch the other episodes and enjoy them as a fake swashbuckling adventure serial, but I do think that changing the setting every season is hurting the comedy.

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