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  1. I think you should call it Falling. And you should write it as a book. And you should do this a few years ago, and spend a while getting an agent having 41 rejections before a Hollywood agent agrees to take you on, then sell the book for seven figures, and have it published on June 10th by Simon and Schuster. That's what I think.
  2. Is it possible to earn 12000 points a month without spending money? Last month I discovered I had enough points (built up halfheartedly over months/years) to get a month of Game Pass Ultimate. So I did that, and I've been maybe bitten by the rewards bug. I'm happy doing daily quests every day, and the daily set. The weekly and monthly quests don't seem too onerous either. But as far as I can see, that will only give me a few thousand points, nowhere near enough for a month of GPU. I'm not going to be buying games or films or microtransactions or any of the other things that get tho
  3. I would pay a lot for those six to work together and stream themselves playing games.
  4. Scribblor


    Thanks for all the help guys. I don't feel like I'm ready to give up on the Clever because a) it was a present and b) two days' worth of trying and five cups total (I think) doesn't feel like I've really tried with it. This morning I did another experiment. I couldn't grind any more coffee because my wife was in an important zoom meeting and our place is open plan enough that it would disturb her. So I used the Morrisons pre ground coffee again. Used 15g coffee for 350ml water. Followed Hoffman's method, but instead of leaving it for 2 minutes I left it for 5. And that
  5. Scribblor


    Thanks for that Gaz It's not that I really want a very strong and bitter cup though. I'm happy to have more fruity and delicate coffees. I've had those in coffee shops and at restaurants aplenty and really enjoy them. My favourite ever cup was a New Guinea Peaberry which was beautifully citrusy and light. If I'd got anything like the bright flavours from that using my Clever dripper I'd have been ecstatic (even though I was expecting the flavours to be different). My main issue was that it just didn't really taste of anything. It was like there was a vague hint of cof
  6. Scribblor


    I love coffee, but have never bothered 'getting into' it. I normally make a litre cafetiere first thing in the morning, have a mug and then by the time I'm able to have a second, after looking after the dog, doing the school run and then work getting hectic, the rest has gone cold and I have to microwave it. I've also just been using Morrisons own brand 6 strength ground coffee for about ten years (and Douwe Egberts instant before that). So I'm not exactly a connoisseur. But it was my birthday this weekend and since I'm working from home now and saving loads of cash, and because I
  7. Got a series X, and have zero regrets, but I suspect that's mostly down to the fact that I was going to be replacing my increasingly flaky original model Xbox One very soon anyway. If I'd had a One X and bought a Series X just for the "New Console!" hype, I think I would have regretted it. All the improvements are nice, definitely, but I can't say I hugely notice them. Quick Resume isn't a draw for me - I was never too bothered about going through menus to load a game. SSD same: load times didn't especially bother me before. The pad is better bu
  8. Hopefully there's some actual love in this one, and not just nudity.
  9. I loved - LOVED - the pulp horror of the story. And the world. And the characters. And the episodic structure. And the music. But I hated - HATED - the sluggish, unresponsive controls which were like trying to steer a drunkard through knee high treacle. Hopefully AW2 is happening, but they've learned from Control's controls.
  10. Wow, that's a dreadful looking console. It's less attractive than the PS5, which seems like it should be impossible. And yet they've managed it.
  11. I like Vinny more than I like most of my family, and would feel worse if something happened to him than if something happened to them. I think he needs to be cloned, just in case we ever need a backup.
  12. I must give them another try. I've never been able to get through the third book. I think my favourite King book is Lisey's Story or maybe Duma Key, which I don't think are generally considered his best work, so maybe I'm just not in sync with general SK opinions.
  13. I've stopped listening to their podcasts at all for the past couple of months (not through choice, but my job right now involves writing documents constantly and if I listen to any podcast while doing it I just end up transcribing whatever I hear), so all I've been left with is their video output. And frankly, I think it's gone to shit since Ben left. Not because Ben left - although I've been part of the Ben defense force on here I hardly ever watched anything he was on unless other people were on it too - but the last thing I actually enjoyed that GB did was Going Rogue. I've been
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