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  1. Season 3 seems both interminable and yet I somehow can't believe I'm already watching episode 6. This might finally be when the show loses me. Yet another "Burnham's a maverick ignoring inconvenient orders" storyline. Someone should keelhaul her for her constant insubordination. And the writers, too, just constant keelhauling all round until they find another plot. I've always been against the "not real Trek" line, but really. This isn't the Star Trek I know or want any more.
  2. But I never did. Fell asleep during the very next episode and haven't been back since.
  3. I've put half an hour or so into the iOS version, and I can't get the touch controls to click for me yet. Camera was too sensitive until I turned it to the lowest setting, and the dash continually activates when I don't want it to. Plus I haven't got the jump timing down yet: there's a noticeable delay between me tapping the screen and the character jumping which I don't have the timing down for. Currently I'm finding it frustrating rather than absorbing, but I'll push through (or maybe link up a bluetooth controller and try with that) because the trailers I've seen look so good, a
  4. Thought the first four episodes were objectively cack for a comedy horror - neither scary not funny. But I did watch four episodes, and I also know I'm going to watch the rest of them.
  5. Cor, the atmosphere in this thread changed in an instant. Glad you got your Xbox Harry.
  6. It arrived! Now to go to my meeting and leave the box taunting me!
  7. My delivery slot's been inching later and later. From 11:15-14:15 this morning it's gone to 11:30, to 12:30, to 13:00-15:00 now. But it IS on its way! I hope...
  8. Mine's got an estimated arrival time of 11:15-14:15. Left the final delivery station at 08:31.
  9. Mine's in Northampton, about an hour away from me. Now I know it's definitely on its way I won't need to constantly refresh the order page to check it's been dispatched. Instead I'll be refreshing to see how far away it is. And that's a totally different and very acceptable thing for a 40 year old man to do.
  10. Well, that's interesting. I've got no £5/£10/£20 voucher, but the guy did give me an email address for "head office escalation" and then said "I will check your order again" then "Order should be delivered by or before 14th Nov. Sorry however not to have option to help you further". And then, literally seconds later, I refreshed my order page to find that my order has been dispatched and will arrive tomorrow, apparently.
  11. Demanding to escalate even further now. "My colleague has explained the situation. It is a known issue and our team is working on this" is the current reply.
  12. I'm also on the chat to Amazon and having to speak to a manager, as the CS rep I got connected to first was clearly just trying to stonewall me. "I'll forward your request to the fulfilment department" was the first thing, and when I asked what that meant, they said they'd get the department to send it soon. I said 'soon' wasn't a date, and since I'd been assured it'd arrive today when I spoke to them earlier, and my order page also said that until after 8pm, 'soon' wasn't good enough. Then they said the 'product' (they've never referred to it as anything else, even though I've ref
  13. Mine's just changed to "Delayed". No date at all. After being GUARANTEED delivery by 10pm by their customer services earlier today. So, as soon as my kids are in bed it'll be back on the phone to customer services and kicking up a much bigger stink. Delayed by a day or two, not too big a deal. Just the equivalent of an Alan Partridge shrug is a different matter.
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