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  1. He's the series' Jar Jar. Annoying "comedy" character that undercuts any good that's in the rest of the show. For me, at least. If you like him, you'll no doubt enjoy the show more than I did.
  2. It's been mentioned a few times, but Bloodstained is excellent. It starts off like a standard Metroidvania, then adds a bunch of systems and mechanics that are annoying and you'll never use (cooking, for example) and then before you know it you're desperately looking for strawberries because you've got a new recipe, and you're loving every second of it. And then it gets progressively more joyously stupid and over the top until you feel like you must be cheating somehow.
  3. If this was to me, then I'm way ahead of you I only started watching The Orville because Lower Decks was finished and I was sad, and people recommended it as something I'd like. And they were right. If this wasn't to me, then I totally agree. Everyone who likes Trek should watch Lower Decks.
  4. Scribblor

    NFL 2021!

    There's been at least one head scratching decision by the coaches each game so far. If the Cowboys hadn't given up so many penalties though, I think they'd have walked it. Was a really good tense game to watch though.
  5. Scribblor

    NFL 2021!

    These Cowboys penalties are maddening. Feels like more in the first twenty minutes of this game than in all the past 5 games combined (though I assume that's not actually true).
  6. I'm about halfway through season 1 of The Orville now, and it's really good. Thanks for the recommendation guys!
  7. It's inspired me to re-read the books, which I haven't read in about 25 years. Turns out all the stuff I don't really remember is because it's not in the books! Or at least, not in the first half of Foundation, which has already moved past events in the series. But also, I'm really enjoying the series as its own thing. I did take three attempts to get through the first episode as I kept falling asleep, but I'm fully on board now and was disappointed when the last episode finished.
  8. I've just started watching The Orville, so I've still got proper Trek to fill the hole left by Lower Decks and won't need this. I'll still hate watch, obviously, but the fact that Seth McFarlane is making better Star Trek than the official shows (Lower Decks notwithstanding) is bizarre.
  9. I could just emulate every Amiga game ever made. Spending £120 for something I then have to fuck about wirh in order to make it work in a manner it's not intended to would be a waste of money. But as I was typing that, I realised that -to me- this would be a waste of money anyway. If I want Amiga games, I can emulate them for free. This is really just paying for the form factor, and I'm not so in love with the shape of the Amiga that I'd spend that sort of money on a case that's a small version of one. So, this was a bit of a pointless post, I guess. One of those "I'm out" posts that always annoy me when I read them. I don't want to shit on this: who am I to tell people how they should spend their money? I hope anyone who buys one really loves it. And if someone bought it for me, I'm sure I'd get a lot of pleasure out of it. But I won't buy one for myself, certainly not with that rubbish selection of games.
  10. Finished it now. I was obviously wrong about the ending but mostly right about Riley's dream. It still wasn't for me. The only bit I thought was good about the last few episodes was Other than that I thought it was a more pretentious version of 30 Days of Night.
  11. Give me 22 hour long episodes per season, stop making Discovery and Picard, promote this to your flagship Trek show and recalibrate the others so they're more like this. Please.
  12. No Turrican, Sensi, New Zealand Story, Last Ninja or Brutal Sports Football? No Agony or Walker? No BloodNet? Why even bother?
  13. FMVinny is great. I've enjoyed Alex and Vinny playing through Life is Strange. Brad playing old games has been good (Metroid and now Shadowkeep). Vinny and Brad are doing some sort of competition in Hitman that seems fun.
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