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  1. I watched the third part over the weekend. I love Godzilla and I love Anime, but i feel let down by this. spoilers ahoy
  2. Took a quick peek over lunchtime. Clarkson's post smoking pot belly makes him look pregnant, and in one shot Hammond looks like age is slowly turning him into Steve Buscemi
  3. I enjoyed this, my only dislike was Black Manta fight where he looked like a 90's power rangers baddy.
  4. The child pilots also ruined this for me, it reminds me of the Robocop cartoon. A brilliant gritty movie that was popular with people under the age of its intended audience, so they cashed in and made a kids cartoon with none of the aspects that made it great prevailing. They tried to turn this into a kid friendly comedy, almost like they had a focus group of 9 year olds decide how they should change it.
  5. I'm going through Neal Asher's Agent Cormac series, i read a load of his other stuff seemingly out of order. I really enjoyed the Transformation series and wish I had not read that as my first introduction, but I really did enjoy the giant enemy crabs who see rotting human flesh as a delicacy!
  6. I have no preference, but most of my book purchases tend to be ebooks as i read them on my phone on the train in and out of london.
  7. sir podger


    I had the pleasure of going to the Ginstitute in Portobelllo Road for an afternoon. My Girlfriend had bought two experience vouchers for my birthday and we finally got to use them It was extremely interesting and funny, where you learned the history of this delicious drink while also consuming a few, then go and learn about all the botanicals that go into gin and eventually make your own unique flavour of gin. You leave the place with a bottle of their own gin and the one you made which they can recreate for you at any time. A fantastic way to spend 3.5 hours, but i would recommend a good breakfast before going.
  8. I think no matter what happens, Claude is going to end up adopting Kayode. I've never seen so much love coming from the man who we all used to see as the biggest bad in the whole process.
  9. I really like Rory, his youthful enthusiasm and silliness were genuine and enjoyable and backed up by a superb knowledge of the subject matter.
  10. Apologies for the image full of text upload, but I saw this and it explained so much about Star Trek, explaining that to Vulcans, all human scientists are like Doc Brown
  11. I would like one change after they get fired, instead of going on "you're fired" straight away, they have to earn it via a proper old fashioned Claude takedown interview. An hour of him absolutely tearing strips of the people and annihilating any hope of them launching a reality TV career. I'll still watch the show, but it's a bit of a joke these days
  12. I had hopes of this being another Futurama, but so far it just seems a bit generic, it's missing something. it took Futurama a little while to expand on things like the professors penchant for doomsday weapons, the tragic life of John Zoidberg or Fry's feelings, but there were hints early on. Maybe i'm expecting too much straight away, I guess it's difficult with binge series' as you have to make a whole season and people consume the lot in a couple of days as opposed to weekly feedback and room to expand or change direction mid way though a season.
  13. This kind of lacked any spark for me. Not awful, but not great. It was a decent background to a lot of late night amazon shopping.
  14. I liked Tim Langdell's cover art the best.
  15. I started and finished Feersum Endjinn on holiday, I've only got two books of his left now I kind of wish i could forget them all and read them for the first time again.
  16. by the looks of that picture it seems that they forgot to commission Stargate and actually signed on for a season of Wormhole X-Treme
  17. I think the German chap tried to explain that with the phrase "from what we know about quantum entanglement...." Chris O'Dowd's character did feel like Roy in space, I'm glad this was a netflix movie, i would have felt a bit miffed if i paid the money to see this in a cinema, but as part of my monthly netflix fee i don't feel to aggrieved about it. I just wanted more of the monster from the original movie, i love a good (or terrible) kaiju movie
  18. As soon as they fired Michaela I was done with this season. You have a woman who has built several businesses that turnover millions against someone with zero vision who believed a bow on top of her generic cup of sweets made it unique, and a guy who was fired for violating the terms of his employment and going behind their backs to line his own pockets and also lied about his companies accreditations. I can see why he fired her, as it would have made the final a choice between an obvious squash victory, or a farcical underdog win, so for TV's sake they chose two lesser candidates who were equal to each other. It just makes the whole process seem ridiculous.
  19. Luc Besson scifi is a bit weird, one scene will look like tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours have gone into its creation, and the next scene will look like it has the budget and effort of an infant school nativity. It felt very much like an alternative fifth element script that got its own movie in the end. I really like some of the stuff he does, the market scene and concept were great, and I like the way people interact seeming weird but that's because its set in the future and the common frames of social and behavioural references will have shifted. but it always seems to me for every bit of great scifi he produces, there is always something that doesn't sit right (like the military uniforms looking absurd) that drags it back. I had the movie on as background noise, there were a few scenes that made me rewind, but its not something i feel compelled to watch again
  20. Every time I see this thread title the words "Move it football head!" pop into my brain.
  21. This show is less of the ultimate job interview, it's now more like a team building exercise in Pembroke gone horribly wrong.
  22. That was the only entertaining part of a rather boring episode. I'm not too sure about the fog of war. I think that would be better if there were a few more arena hazards or pits, but its more of a pause button than a panic button. Although i did get to see one of my favourite events, the school children vs the team of engineers with massive amounts of funding. I hope they are saving the more destructive bots for later in the series as this all seems a bit like a village fete compared to battlebots.
  23. It's the first Star Trek to start off on a story arc, so the character development is a bit different from other Trek. It feels a bit weird without a bedding in period I'm quite liking it, the only thing that is off-putting is that the Klingon language doesn't sound savage enough, especially when they sound all emo when talking about t'kuvma
  24. Supercars and Supercars II were absolutely brilliant. Supercars racing was only half of the fun though, trying to negotiate the price down for upgraded cars by asking the the right questions to the salesman was a good bit of silly fun, and watching the news reporters read the results with your name in first was always cool. Supercars II upped the graphics and really concentrated on the combat. selecting the right weapons playing against a mate was critical. I remember getting absolutely schooled by a mate who picked landmines on the really curvy courses, a tactic 12 year old me hadn't thought of. I also remember staring in awe as I was beating him on a straight and he launched a set of rockets, I thought that was it, I was going to be blown up and he would take first, but for the first and only time I can ever recall, the level 1 armour actually withstood a hit.
  25. I finally finished Inversions last week. I have owned that book for so many years and made so many attempts i thought i would never finish it. It was the second Banks book i ever bought after The Algebraist, and I was always cold towards it due to the lack of spaceships and technology. In the end the subtlety of his writing won me over. I've only got three of his books left to read, Feersum Endjin, Against a dark background and The Hydrogen Sonata. I'm a little bit gutted about this.
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