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  1. I think old sugarlumps needs some new themes for his games, ive got an idea for an episode Hipsters. old shitbeard comes out for his pre task speech "Hipsters, i dont get them, but there's bloody loads of them *insert really obvious laboured bad joke about flanel shirts and some of them needing a wash that's not really on point but everyone laughs with a sycophantic grin*, anyway they seem to have loads of money to spend on old tat that they deem retro. Well i've got warehouses full of the stuff and your'e going to flog it to them". Cue the next hour of footage of 10 sociopaths running around Hoxton trying to sell some em@iler phones, shit stereos and ancient sky boxes
  2. I used to love this show, but as i find myself saying nearly every year, gone are the actual elite business people and instead we have the good for reality tv sociopaths I have found a new way of enjoying it, as i now refer to it and think of it as Taskmaster for Twats.
  3. working from home, the mrs said she fancied lamb and dumplings so i nipped out at 11 and got the ingredients half a leg of lamb on a bed of fresh veg in a red wine sauce, dumplings going in later after its been in there for a solid 7 hours on low Update: just before serving, i put the sauce in a pan to reduce it on the hob, and just let the dumplings sit in that after i had crisped them in the oven. Never really eaten dumplings in my 41 years, but i think i may now be addicted to those stodgy little lumps of sauce soaking goodness!
  4. I got to cook Beef Wellington for the third time ever this weekend for guests today. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2538/beef-wellington I've cooked this recipe twice before, but this time was able to give it more prep time and our guests really enjoyed it. On Saturday night I did the initial cook of the fillet at a time between what was recommended for rare and medium rare. What i have learned from past experience was to rest the joint on a raised grill when it goes for the first chill, this allows some of the blood to drain away, and while it was chilling I prepared the mushroom duxelle, which meant cracking open a crisp cold pinot grigio to share with the mrs while i cooked. This was the first time i left the wellington chilling in the fridge overnight as opposed to the bare minimum 30 minutes stated in the recipe, it was definitely an improvement as it was far less bloody when cutting. I am by no means a great cook, i would rate myself as a tiny smidge above average, but this dish is a delight to cook, its very cathartic to go to the butchers and have a chat about what your'e after and what your doing with it as they then make sure you get a lovely even sized bit of beef fillet. Also when prepping it a night before it means that all i needed to do on the day was take it out of the fridge a couple of hours before cooking, then pop it in the oven for 25 minutes and rest for 10. Our guests are not big people with large appetites, but i was glad they certainly did the most damage to it having double portions (and i dont scrimp when the recipe says cut in thick slices). a 1.2 kilo lump of fillet was almost polished off on the spot. I served it with carrots, asparagus and goose fat and duck fat roasted spuds, instead of doing them all in one large roasting tin, i used two medium ones to space the spuds out and give them more room which meant they had more room to crispen up, and as i had two trays i thought i could do a comparison, the goose fat gave a more crunchy spud, but i like the flavour of the duck fat ones a bit more.
  5. Spiderman 3. A movie that promises so much, the Venom suit, the Sandman and the Hobgoblin. I was so ready for that, the epic fights, Spiderman falling victim to his dark impulses, then a fight against the venom suit, then there is his one time friend now enemy and a shape changing giant. Will spidey need to succumb to the power of the symbiote, will he take revenge against the man who killed his beloved uncle, will there be redemption for Harry Osborn? There was so much potential, and what we got was a relationship drama with his bloody mrs.
  6. Pacific Rim Uprising was a massive disapointment. The first movie was not perfect, but it was 99% of everything my inner 8 year old wanted. The second one just felt like a cynical move from someone at a company going "ooh, unexpected good results from that robot movie, ok how do we monetise this, kids like robots, lets get a sequel, a cheap cartoon and some toy lines going, lose the boring adults and their tension and get some sassy kid pilots in there and maybe throw in a fart or B.O. joke as well, kids love that shit.". The surface was there, more giant robots fighting bigger nastier monsters, but the depth and spirit were absent. I imagine the corporate person who pushed this through to be a mix of Linda Ferguson from Orange is the new black and that guy from the Tom Hanks movie Big who thought his transforming building toy was epic and just didn't get it.
  7. With the news of a kid from Essex Coming in second at the Fortnite world cup and sharing 1.8 million in prize money with his teammate it for me thinking. The article in the news said his mother used to clash with him over his gaming hobby, but you can surmise that when your 15 year old kid brings home 900k from a free to to new York for a hobby that kind of changes things. I wonder how many players failed to qualify for the world cup because of irate parents storming in and telling them to get off of that toy, and screaming at them to just pause it?
  8. I remember Laputa being on tv as a really young kid, it completely captured my imagination and ever since i have been a sucker for a story with ancient lost advanced societies. I also remember when ITV was split between Carlton and Meridian services, we were on carlton and i looked at the tv listings and those lucky bastards on meridian got to see it again while we had some crap black and white generic cowboy movie being shown mid afternoon on a Saturday.
  9. I saw this and enjoyed it over the weekend. a good couple of jump moments and lots of monsters fighting, thats all i wanted and it was delivered.
  10. Unless it ends with the kids being slowly devoured by raptors in the way Dr Grant described in the first JP movie then i'm out. Otherwise it's going to be sassy kids outsmarting dinosaurs and wisecracking while they all survive (as opposed to a more realistic cowering and crapping themselves in a huddled mass) taking place in a situation where combat trained mercenaries and hunters have been torn apart in seconds. I know realism isn't something you should be hoping for in this fantasy world of resurrected dinosaurs, but at least carrying on the danger of the creatures from the films instead of dumbing them down and weakening them, its like Star Trek TNG Borg (1 relentless cube carving up a galaxy class for fun and decimating a fleet) vs Voyager Borg ( tra la la la , oh look there's loads of cubes, set shields to meh... and tell them to call back later). yeah, there was the kid in JP3, his survival by himself was the absolute nadir of plausibility in this world, and i think the premise of a group of kids surviving will be to this series of movies what the animated version of Robocop was to the original Paul Verhoeven masterpiece
  11. I couldn't care less about Empire's review. This kind of movie is never about receiving plaudits from critics, its about the giant angry creature fighting the other giant angry creature. My inner 8 year old who loved pacific rim and the previous Godzilla movie is still desperate to see this.
  12. This could be a brilliant show about a struggling and reluctant vinyard owner who's product is now looked upon in the same light as we look on opiates sold in victorian pharmacys. He's bitter and twisted as someone else is nobbing Doctor Crusher, and the only assistant he has is his comedy sidekick B4, he gets no respect from the few people who do buy his wine "yeah yeah yeah jonny, we'd all be borg if it wasn't for you, bla bla bla, this schtick is old, now hurry up and load the barrels on the shuttle you bald twat" . Every now and again admiral Ncheyev turns up in her gold plated spaceship to piss him off, and he finishes every show by looking into the camera and uttering "merde". obviously three episodes in Michael Burnham will have to turn up
  13. GRRM built such a big world with so much lore and the final few episodes of the show were just focused on finishing the main characters storylines. I want to know what caused the doom of Valyria, are there any more giants or children of the forest? As Ser Davos said, this lord of light bloke seems to have disappeared, and he obviously held some power. Did Drogon bugger off and lay some eggs somewhere? so many questions are left.
  14. from the books, Early on just after the dragons were hatched Dany's lot were travelling through a city and everyone was extra impressed by some magic fire conjurer who's act was normally rubbish, but it was now extra impressive. The people in kings landing who made wildfire noted that the spells involved were now more potent and wizards in the house of the undying said they were more powerful. one of that lot claimed that dragons returning to the world bought more magic back into the place. maybe the night king got a bit more powerful as well....
  15. The actress who played Michael's mum is confirmed for season 3. So whenever Poochy Michael is not on screen we can have a character asking everyone where she is!
  16. Only just saw this last night, I loved it. My brain always goes off on tangents thinking about the background people in the universe, the ones we never see, I Kind of felt sorry for the people whose life was improved by the snap by having idiot bosses or horrible people in their lives removed. Must have sucked for then to have them return
  17. The original series talked about seven cities and we only saw two, to 11 year old me that was not a finish. 24 years later i wasn't really that interested.
  18. I loved that show, but it suffered from the curse of the time of never actually getting an end episode. Other classics like Dungeons and Dragons, the mysterious cities of gold, the pirates of darkwater all suffered the same fate. I think that's why Ulysees 31 will forever hold a place in my heart as that one did actually end.
  19. it's the Wierwood trees, they are magic cctv systems that Bran has spent the last few months watching non stop. he has that same dead eyed stare of a young kid who has just found a giant stash of video porn and has now seen some stuff.
  20. I've got a high tolerance for rubbish sci fi, hell, I watched all of Falling Skies solely because it just didn't get cancelled and that spiralled into to piss poor cop out ending, but Discovery is starting to get to me. Burnham gets too much time, i want to know more about Seru and his new found predator powers, maybe a confrontation with Tyler. The sphere and all its data finally felt like they were doing some proper trek - an encounter with a strange new entity, but they've just turned it into space wikipedia, i'm a sucker for a storyline involving an ancient piece of super advanced tech from a long lost civilisation, or a race long thought to be dead turning up wanting the knowledge of the sphere (i know babylon 5 did exactly this), but no we just get the Burnham show.
  21. i remember listening to their podcast, that was a very big driver behind making Jay and silent bob strike back after Mewes stayed clean for long while and Smith decided to help get his friend some more movie money.
  22. I watched the third part over the weekend. I love Godzilla and I love Anime, but i feel let down by this. spoilers ahoy
  23. Took a quick peek over lunchtime. Clarkson's post smoking pot belly makes him look pregnant, and in one shot Hammond looks like age is slowly turning him into Steve Buscemi
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