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  1. just watched the new movie. The animation was so off-puttingly bad anything that wasn't the two main characters looked like it was crudely knocked up in mspaint, or a bad youtube fan cartoon. it totally lacked the soul of the first movie, even the cornholio scene failed to raise a laugh, and i absolutely loved these two.
  2. Well I did the challenge and the results were fantastic. I'm claiming beginners luck as at first the temps wouldn't stop hitting 160, then we had a lull down at 119, but at around 5:30am (started at 4) they stabilized at 140ish for the rest of the cook. Took it off the grill at 11:30 and into the cooler wrapped in foil and towels. Served it 3 hours late. Next time, I'll take photos
  3. Ian Krankee, now there was celeb who had his head screwed on. While the rest of 80's tv celebs were conkers deep in cubscouts and thinking nothing would ever happen he thought "hang about, I have urges towards kids, but how about, instead of ruining their lives, I just find myself a wee lady willing to dress up as a schoolboy?" Their act probably got so much tv time because they were notorious swingers and probably had a lot of dirt on a lot of people
  4. That looks Amazing! I'm going for my first brisket cook in a couple of weeks, i'm following this chap's method for a 7 hour cook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbcD273D2CM what did you serve alongside it?
  5. Tommy from the TNT twins in The Boys also played Little Prick in the sorely underrated bbc show White Gold
  6. Neal Asher wrote that episode, I was almost left wondering if that was set in the Polity universe as that crab was pretty much how I imagine the Prador to look.
  7. This season is dead to me the minute the drummer from sex Bob-Omb stops wearing the red cleavage dress
  8. only if its like some kind of "who's the boss" sitcom with comedy shenanigans of hiding bits of 24th century technology from nosey neighbours
  9. i love a bit of battlebots but that show cannot be watched live, there is only 12 minutes of content you want to see and the rest is American hosts showing the world why they are so annoying
  10. i'm a few episodes behind, the inside the coma imagination sequence is pretty much a sign of shark jumping to me.
  11. I really enjoyed it, it felt like there was next to no gap between the seasons, and nobody had inexplicable chunked out between them (think miguel from cobra kai) Really good gritty action, i know there are rumors of a fifth season but i wonder where they will go. i may have to rewatch it all again.
  12. I hate watched the latest episode during lunch
  13. Didn't ST stand for Sam Tramiel? I remember adding a 512Kb upgrade to my STFM, turns out I had the difficult to upgrade one, which required asking for a different cable from the supplier. The tech support was great... "Hi, I ordered this upgrade kit from you, but it turns out I have this model so will need the cable specific for that motherboard" "Can you solder?" "Pardon?" "Can you solder, you only need to connect 7 wires to the following pins on the chip on the mainboard" "I'm 15, my dad is not going to let me take a soldering iron to the family computer" "it's really easy if you can solder" "I'm 15, can I just have the cable that your manual says to ask for if you have the model that I have?" "Sure, you don't want to try soldering?"
  14. i think when he pm'd the drink task and his on point branding sold a shit product it resonated with siralun and that saved him. I think he's trying to play the role of this lot are all morons and beneath me, but needs to join in a bit more, as only Karen gets to play that role.
  15. i think Akeem is actually a 7 year old who found the zoltar machine and wished to be big.
  16. I would love to see the background challenges faced by third parties who have to work with the apprentice candidates "great news team! We're going to be on TV!" "awesome!" "on The Apprentice" "uhhhhh" "right, so we need a poker competition to find out which two employees have the best poker face, remember, you will be face to face with morons who think they're geniuses, if you cringe when they tell you they actually believe the earth is flat and mars bars come from mars you will fuck the show up. Pete, you are out, you're a massive grammar nazi and will give the game away. Also we have I.t. coming in to disable all spelling and grammar checks on the studio systems this week so double check any content made in there."
  17. my thoughts exactly! Mr I know technology, he bought the most popular computer in the UK at the time and butchered it, launched arguably the world's shittest console, claimed in 2005 using all his industry acumen to say the ipod would be forgotten in months after its release, and lets not forget the great bit of tech straight out of a 1950's vision of living in 2000 the emailer phone. I have to admit the lady who was adamant for an eco themed videogame really just didn't get it and it was delightful to watch. insisting her eco message would win through against actual entertaining games because of THE MESSAGE!!!!
  18. very disappointed last night that a turd based product failed to materialise the highlight for me was that lord sugarlumps failed to recognise how important the branding and look of the drink were, and tried to chastise whats his face for doing the design with "why wasnt you at the tasting" when monster energy is proof that you can shift pint sized cans of hulk piss with a brand that attracts the audience it's targeted at. Shame we didn't get to see this seasons obvious wierdo have a proper meltdown/spectacular failure as opposed to being let go for being bland.
  19. I think in the first few weeks unless someone makes an absolutely shocking balls up the firing is more to do with their business plan. Akeem is my current most hated, just those little shots of his bug eyed face agreeing in a toadish manner with everything lord sugar says, closely followed by miss bouji from last week, she seems a bit too proud of her ignorance and if she is unaware of anything then it cant be important.
  20. everything looks good, but the uncle phil role is bloody difficult, James Avery could switch between comic relief, befuddled old man and super serious arse kicking mega dad in an instant and play each of those roles brilliantly. new dude has some big shoes to fill
  21. I don't know why they bother with episode 1 anymore, just fire a bloke in the first five minutes
  22. and once again, tomorrow lord sugarlumps will be trotting out 16 sociopaths (because the Lottie's of this world get more ratings than the Ruth Badgers) to play the same games again. time for a good old fashioned hate watch!
  23. i had to vote for the second best one liner as "I am reliable, I'm a very good listener and i'm extremely funny" from Dark fate wasn't there
  24. So far episode 4 is two programs in one, alongside the now standard discovery mental health awareness discovery message. Tilly and co - doing some proper trek. Burnham and Saru - seemingly trying to do an episode of Scooby Doo Book and Doc doing this weeks mental health awareness course
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