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  1. I wish i could upvote this more. When the actual scifi is happening it's amazing, but then he goes off on a mundane side story that feels like an entire chapter is devoted uneccessarily to the whittling of small mural in a piece of wood on the floor in the back of a room that you'll never see again. If this book was made into a film it would be like watching Dune and then it cuts away to an episode of columbo or pride and prejudice every now and again.
  2. This film completely and utterly captured my imagination as a child, it aired on ITV one saturday afternoon and i was mesmerised, and then i never had the opportunity to see it again for decades. Can't wait to watch it with my son!
  3. What about the 80's all time classic - Megaforce and from the 70's we have The Big Bus
  4. I just started reading Pandora's Star, certain parts have me hooked, mysterious aliens, dyson envelopment of stars, building a spaceship, but every time he goes off about corporations and political wranglings i find myself scanning text and skipping through. Also i find some of his futuristic naming to be like your parents trying to relate to scifi using horribly outdated phrases, e-butler just doesnt sit well with me, it's like when my dad bought something online for the first time and told my mum he just went cyber shopping.
  5. He's only round the corner from me, my south african mrs had no idea what a Zammo was. Dave Perry reminds me of a certain ex-forumite who cant be mentioned in his attempts to stay relevant. I would dearly love to see them colaborate to use their powers of 80's/90's promotion to create some kind of stillborn abbhoration of a show, the kind of creation that if it were a child would send priests running screaming and doubting god exists while doctors who have seen it vomit uncontrollably. When the marketing power of the man who tried to sex up reversi by adding cats so it could be called pussy flip teams up with the Games Animal it would be a unstoppable rollercoaster!
  6. It's a bit tongue in cheek as everyone i know who refers to it as that has had that godforsaken piece of high school girl romance drivel forced on them by a family member when growing up or a girlfriend. i have also referred to his character as a holiday park predator. for anyone who doesnt like the movie and has been forced to endure it it's a close to the bone attempt to ruin it, the character Baby is a 17 year old about who finished high school and is off to college. and Swayze is supposed to be 24/25, but due to his age at the time of filing it can be intentionally misconstrued as 34 year old man and 17 year old character, and we all know the rule is half your age + 7.
  7. its referred to as the Patrick Swayze pedo movie by a few people i know.
  8. By no means a great movie but what was considered to be a harmless product of it's time, Revenge of the nerds. The standard geeks get one up one jocks genre, except for the bit when they rig a girls house full of cameras and film them showering, or when the lead character dresses like the boyfriend of the girl he is infatuated with and tricks her into having sex.
  9. yeah i know, it was enought to give me an endorfin rush. @Gord that would have been amazing.
  10. finally watched this last night. I liked it. best bit for me was when you knew the final order were fucked because
  11. i felt guilty for the relentless bullying of the small child
  12. interacted with people without sneering? On all of the sales based tasks where Thomas' team lost , i wish there was a breakdown of who sold what, becasue he was definitely edited on the show to be the best at sales and getting deals. God Speed my Viking!
  13. i'm enjoying this, but i just wonder if they are giving away one of the last great mysteries of the star wars universe and will they be doing it cheaply?. i'm going to spoiler the rest just in case from what i've seen so far i'm enjoying a lot.
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