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  1. A cunt move indeed. However just hear my side of the story one more time; So I think it was tobert who deleted the old club which means I had to get a new club as my first season as a manager to DIV 1 in less than 3 weeks, which I did with the help of Dogsout and a FEW others. meanwhile cunt 1 and cunt 2 would turn up every week without coming to any practice sessions, without headsets and not follow anything I told them to do. We would be getting beat week in week out and they still weren't turning up to training and then complaining on the forum. All in all, I got the club back up to divisio
  2. Come on lads, let me play. Don't be like that. That shit was years ago
  3. He's been injured which is why we are so low. Do you remember when he almost scored as many as Aguero in his first season in the prem and was injured for a while? No?
  4. Martial hasn't really done much has he? You should have bought Austin for 15M and you would have won the league with some change left over...
  5. Don't censor me already? P.S. I really love how gay you are that you are trying to tell me Louis Van Gaal isn't ugly.
  6. Is this not the ugliest cunt alive? I wish you'd sack him so I didn't have to look at the prick.
  7. 11th of July. Let me know if you wanna sign up mate. Will post the details in here. Edit: Hello Everyone. The Heart Of Gaming and I will be proudly hosting this FIFA Tournament on the 11th of July at 2:30PM and would love for everyone to come down even if you are not participating in the event. The Tournament will be a 16/32/64 person bracket depending on confirmed signups. Entry to HoG: £10 (Includes whole arcade and watching tournament) Entry and Tournament: £15 (£5 to be place in prize pot) Overnights: £5 (Bring own sleeping gear) Alcohol and gaming is permitted on overnight stays. So if y
  8. Hey guys I'm hosting a FIFA tournament at the Heart of Gaming Arcade in North-West London. It's going to have a prize pot and all sorts (also you'd get to meet me which I know you are all looking forward to) But seriously, come down, have a laugh, play FIFA, possibly win a lot of money too. HoG North Acton.
  9. Fuck a 16GB Patch... Got this at around 1PM today, still waiting to play...
  10. Oops, good point mate. Do you know what. I'm going to just delete that comment and start again... I feel bad. Actually a decent little 15 minutes I listened too. If you ever want me as a guest just let me know... The Meltdown from my side
  11. Oi, be nice. It's my birthday. I am ready to run the gauntlet. Gladiator Ready!
  12. To be fair, I know I was a cunt for doing it, but you have to understand that I was so angry that my cuntiness just took over. After spending so long grinding that club back to Div1 after it was deleted by a cunt who cost you so many goals in previous seasons. I had a team who wouldn't listen, always arguing, constantly losing matches. I just had enough. Lol. I'm game.
  13. Anyone on? Looking for two players. Add ChuChuChris on PSN
  14. Don't get mad because I deleted you off of my friends list, twice. If I am the world's shittest player... AND... I've beaten you... *KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM* Mind Blown.
  15. If i am shit then you must be awful. I don't think you remember the time I dismantled you with QPR when you were using someone like Atletico...
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