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  1. I was just reminding those Mancs that keep telling me they aren't getting decisions this season that they are. Also I actually quite enjoyed it for once, I hate Chelsea more than I hate United; therefore not bitter at all.
  2. Just in case you missed the United goal, Herrera handballs it and then Rashford scores an offside goal.
  3. You you can only pick Kante, really.
  4. Yeah and the fact he supports United... More divers than the Great Barrier Reef.
  5. Fucking cunts couldn't even score one goal for me to win £70. I hate Arsenal. Wenger out.
  6. I just remembered everyone banging on about you two being able to score from kick off quite a lot; They must have meant concede.
  7. I can't believe no one once mentioned tobert deleting our club before I did, and us having to grind up to division one; Just to be spolied by Steely and Smithstock, the shittest pair of Fifa players I've ever seen play up top together.
  8. So so you think that's two points dropped because of the ref? I don't know cause I didn't watch it.
  9. Anyone see the Leicester match? What a peach from Vardy! Skip to 30 seconds
  10. I can literally see the salt spewing out of Mourinho's mouth! Why is he such a prick in every post match interview?
  11. If you are referring to United not getting extremely lucky this season then you are crazy! so many offside goals.
  12. Cheers mum. I haven't called anyone a cunt 'yet' so just relax. One day you'll be a big club, buddy.
  13. Mate... honestly... if you think I'm not grown up because I disagree with your opinion on Man Utd then maybe you should consider going into hibernation!
  14. Man Utd fans ladies and gentlemen!
  15. As a matter of fact I did... Don't you dare even complain about Herrera getting sent off... if that's what you are referring to then you really are a biased deluded fan who really doesn't know about football. This was my favourite part of the match.
  16. Have you even watched those Mancs play? Are you serious or still deluded?
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