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  1. Best midfielder in the world and best player in the world and still lose to Villa at home. Something needs to be done!?
  2. Well, Fernandes was completely outclassed by Thiago today.
  3. My nan could tuck as many penalties as him and she's only got one leg.
  4. Then Fernandes scores the penalty and he becomes the best midfielder in the world
  5. Well actually you said something about vague leadership skills. I personally think he is more influential than Fernandes and KDB.
  6. I disagree I don't think that you can look at goals and assists and see the full story. I think Henderson is a great example of that. How influential is he to an already amazing Liverpool squad? How's league 1?
  7. They are both great Attacking midfielders but what about the defensive midfielders? Do they not get a shout purely because they don't get a lot of goals?
  8. Really bringing up the past there, aren't ya?
  9. Great reply, got him again. That's ten years in a row, now! *BrunoFernandesTipsHatMemeThenDivesGetsGivenPenaltyScoresEveryUnitedFanThinksHesBestMidfielderInTheWorld*
  10. Hmm. Okay, maybe we need a definition of 'Best Midfielder'.
  11. Cheers! Great help. I couldn't care less. I've asked do you think he is the best midfielder in the premier league. Apparently I am stupid when all I said was: You probably think Bruno Fernandes is the best midfielder in the premier league. You went on a really triggered rant, trying to prove his worth when actually I really don't care. Did I ask how good he was? No. I asked if you could show me some stats to prove he was the best midfielder in the premier league... You haven't done that. I really didn't want to see some stats from a wikipage about how many goals and assists he has in the last 44 games or whatever the fuck. Half his goals are penalties that other people have won/shouldn't have even been given... Is he the best Midfielder in the Prem? No. I support QPR and have for about 8/9 years now, thanks for asking. Maybe you should try and work on your lack of reading comprehension and actually see what I've put down. I really didn't ask you to get his Chorizo in your mouth and spew love out of your bum about him, but carry on if it makes you happy, mate. P.S. don't get a boner because you have 8 little internet hearts on your post. Ive been triggering him for almost ten years now
  12. AHAHAHAHA! Show me the stats where Bruno Fernandes is the best midfielder in the league! Please? Mate. Answer this for me. Would you rather have Son or Mané?
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