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  1. From the demo I played of Painkiller (Venice level) I was pretty disappointed - the visuals weren't a patch on Far Cry's and the gameplay seemed to consist of no more than shooting an endless series of annoying monsters hiding in windows and on roofs. Should I persevere further, or is that level indicative of the whole game? It just felt a bit "meh" in the same way that Will Rock, which I got with my video card, did. Finished Far Cry today and, barring a couple of frustrating sections (mainly those containing those gorilla trigen bastards), enjoyed the whole thing immensely. Single player wise I thought it far better than Halo. Halo really disappointed me with it's cut-and-paste repeated sections of scenery which even the best levels suffered from. By and large, Far Cry's level design is superb. It took me ages of faffing about with RPG's and rockets trying to beat Krieger until I discovered that half a clip of ammo in his nads and he goes down like a ton of bricks Fishy
  2. The observatory... Actually, the observatory in Majora's Mask does it for me too - it's the music. Fishy
  3. I made a door-wedge. Fishy
  4. Maybe next he can build his own PC using this carefully constructed guide. Fishy
  5. That Accident Lawyers 4U or whatever it is where the man tries to install the burglar alarm using the wrong type of ladder and then falls when it slides out from under him. It's like a cross between an old public information film and Laurel & Hardy. I shouldn't laugh really should I? Fishy
  6. When I saw The Hulk, some stupid excuses for mothers took a group of children in to see the film, the oldest of whom must've been three years at the most. They then proceeded to natter and ask questions all through the film - one youngster got pretty frightened when the mutant dogs attacked Hulk. Why? Why take such young kids into a film like The Hulk. I know it's not a horror film or something, but it's not exactly Piglet's Big Adventure either. I was tempted to complain to the staff, but knew that the second I left the auditorium that I'd miss some key plot scene or action sequence. In the end I complained when the film ended and they gave me a voucher to see another film free of price. In all fairness the manager said that if I'd complained during the film then the offending parties would've been asked to leave, but it beggars belief that the box office staff didn't raise concerns with the children's parents when they went to purchase tickets in the first place. Fishy
  7. Yeah, it was ace. Especially the way you'd see the little guy appear as a tiny dot in the distance and then get closer and closer until - WHAM! - Boulder on the head. Fishy
  8. FishyFish

    Far Cry

    The "Dam" level. Christ! That took some doing. Loads of attempts until I figured out a winning strategy. Not sure where the dam was though?... Fishy
  9. But from my personal perspective it wasn't though. When I first heard about it it sounded interesting. By the time it was released the entire thing bored the arse off me because I'd had it shoved down my throat every month for the last three years. As a result I didn't come anywhere near to buying a copy. Overexposure killed the game for me. Fishy
  10. Like many high profile games, I think they overexposed themselves with Galleon. The same went for Republic and Black & White - there were screenshots / previews practically every month over a period of years. By the time they were released I was bored to the back teeth with it all and the games inspired no excitement whatsoever. As a result of this they went unbought by me. Games previews need to be done right to have the desired effect - kinda like a striptease. They need to intrigue and excite without showing all they have to offer and not be seen so often as for the novelty to wear off. If Valve had officially announced Half-Life 2 five years ago and then proceeded to dish out a handful of screenshots / details of game features every month since then I'm pretty certain that I'd be feeling a bit "meh" about that too. What we got instead was an "OMFG!!! Look at THAT!" first exposure at last year's E3 followed by a gradual build up of information up to the game's expected release. As a result I'm pretty damned excited about it. Fishy
  11. FishyFish

    Far Cry

    The vehicle handling's not too bad IMO. Ot was even better when I figured out that pressing X allowed me to fire rockets from the Humvees / patrol boats... I did get a wierd glitch at the end of the catacombs level - I took down one of the rocket-launcher equiped trigens at point blank range but instead of falling down it just stood there, walking on the spot. Then I noticed a bunch of other trigens and mercenaries all doing the same in the next room. It was very strange - I could walk right up to them with no ill effects and when I shot at them they just carried on regardless (except with a spattering of gunshot wound textures added!). Still loving it at the mo - now up to the Swamp level. Fishy
  12. Hmmm, not sure. Despite a lot of people thinking that Friends is a pile of shit (not me mind, I actually like Friends - although Chnnel 4 and E4 had driven it into the ground with their constant, endless repeats) it's actually a high-quality show in terms of production values etc. I'm thinking more along the lines of Sin Cities or Cheaters (or pretty much anything else on Bravo, Men & Motors, The Reality Channel etc.). Fishy
  13. For me it's Worlds Scariest Police Chases. I can't get enough of 'em. "I'm Sherrif John Bunnell" What's your dirty little secret then? Fishy
  14. Oooh look - it's directed by the same guy who did The Hidden. A trully excellent piece of sci-fi horror if ever there was. Fishy
  15. How about the freight ship that manages to sail freely into the centre of Manhattan before coming to a convenient stop outside the library. Was the captain still onboard steering the damn thing? Fishy
  16. Michael Crichton wrote two novels in the series - Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Both differ from the films significantly in areas. He's credited as a writer for part 3 (and the upcoming part 4) but I think it might just be a creator's credit rather than having much input into the story. Could be wrong though. Fishy
  17. Yes. A "rastafarian" lion called Rory.
  18. "Do you believe in rock-and-roll?" Oh yes, I have memories of this too. I seem to remember Adam and Joe taking the piss out of it a some point too. Fishy
  19. It seemed badly cut too. There were a couple of scenes where characters were clearly punched in the face but we never actually saw the punch. Also, the T-Rex vs Spinosaurus fight seemed to end really suddenly with the T-Rex dead on the floor. I can't remember it seeming so badly cut in the cinema. So was it my fading memory, or some "Doctor Scissors" tv version to blame? Fishy
  20. Goodfellas - "Funny, how?" - absolutely chilling performance from Joe Pesci. Fishy
  21. The defibrillator sequence in John Carpenter's The Thing. Johnny Rico killing the flamethrower bug by riding on it's back bronco style and planting the grenade in Starship Troopers. Paris car chase in Ronin. Fishy
  22. Those little bits of movies that stand out as being technically brilliant, incredibly suspensful, edge of your seat exciting, gut-bustingly funny etc. Lets see how many we can name. I'll start the ball rolling with... When Cameron Poe (Nicholas Cage) drops the prisoner's body from the convict transport plane in Con Air and we watch the corpse fall several thousand feet (accompanied by dreamy muzak) until it lands on the bonnet of a car being driven by a couple of bickering old folks (one of whom is General Hammond from Stargate SG1). Standout! Fishy
  23. The one where the smug bastard hides in a freight container to pretend he's sneaking into the country from Antigua in order to get a free holiday. Why does the ad not show him being cuffed with cable ties and then frogmarched to the closest immigration detention centre upon discovery. Not enough hard realism in ad's these days... Fishy
  24. Indeed, but the death of those trapeze artists was blackly amusing. Fishy
  25. I never found the movement or aiming / shooting to be a problem in GTA III / VC to be honest. Could be better, sure, but I never cursed the controls at any point. Likewise failing and re-starting missions. There were always so many ways to approach the objectives that it was a fresh experience most of the time. In fact one of my gripes was that I COULDN'T go back and replay some of the more entertaining missions after the the fact. Fishy
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