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  1. The only droids that have taken me out of it so far were the Boston Dynamics "dogs" they snuck into ep1.
  2. I can see them on my TV if I'm using my Fire Stick. During the episode press up on the remote to access X-ray, and then select bonus content. The built in Amazon app on the TV doesn't have them though oddly.
  3. But both Uncharted and The Last of Us are games that, while very different to Naughty Dog's old output, were hugely successful and rank amongst the best titles of their generation. The same can't really be said for RARE making the Kinnect Sports titles. I'm not anti-Microsoft or anti-RARE at all, but I do genuinely feel that the ball was dropped somewhere when they moved over. Maybe RARE was already past it's heyday - Starfox Adventures on the GameCube wasn't their best effort - but at the time I remember eagerly awaiting what they would come up with on Xbox and it never really seemed to materialise.
  4. That's not really the point I'm making, which was that RARE went from being one of the hottest developers around with Nintendo to being diminished under Microsoft's ownership (for whatever reason). It's nothing to do with nostalgia, or what titles I wanted from them, it's just the way it felt. You suggest that they're more successful making new IPs since leaving Nintendo, but that consists of five new IPs in the last 18 years (Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Kameo, Viva Pinata, Kinnect Sports, and Sea of Thieves), and even then Grabbed by the Ghoulies & Kameo were originally Gamecube titles switched during development, and Kinnect Sports could be said to owe quite a lot to Wii Sports (whether you consider it a sub-par knockoff, I don't know). Everything else has been sequels, re-masters, or re-releases of previous titles. Nuts & Bolts is the standout as, while I don't think it's what a lot of B&K fans wanted, it was a brave direction to take the franchise in and one that worked fantastically well while still keeping the character of the original games intact. Another 3D platformer would probably have been a lot more successful, but I can't fault the quality of the game. I didn't mention any titles at all to be fair, so can't be said to have written any out of history. As I've said above, N&B was a brilliant game. Putting RARE to work on Kinnect Sports titles always seemed like a waste of the brand. It feels akin to Sony buying Naughty Dog and then getting them to produce family oriented Playstation Move games.
  5. I think the main issue with Microsoft's acquisition of RARE wasn't the poor use of the IP (although that's a part of it), it was the fact that, once the Stamper's left with their bags of money, and the other key members of the team went seperate ways, all that was left was a logo and a list of reminders from the glory days. The creative soul of the place was gone. The studio might have well been renamed to MS Dev Studio 26 or something. I'm not sure what Microsoft's objective was, but it felt like a massive missed opportunity.
  6. I hope there’s a scene where an 8-year-old “tech whizz” saves the day by hacking into Mecha Godzilla using Siri.
  7. Half asleep this morning so I made a rookie error. Wordle 216 4/6 At least the solution was apt.
  8. I used my PS4 pretty much exclusively for Battlefield to the detriment of everything else and then had a fallow year where, after deciding BFV was rubbish, I played barely nothing at all. Then, on a whim, I had a go on A Short Hike on PC last spring and the gaming itch returned. I bought my PS5 back last summer mainly in preparation for BF2042, but that's rubbish too, so I now have pretty much the whole of the last gen's finest Playstation games to pick my way through as well as any new stuff. GoW probably has a quite a few more hours on it as it rolled over into 2022.
  9. Steven Strait lost weight for the role to show the stress that Holden is under. https://gizmodo.com/the-expanses-holden-and-naomi-explain-how-love-can-endu-1848182570
  10. Yeah, you’re probably right, although with perhaps a hint of cosmic horror. I've finished it now and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s rare that I watch a full series as quickly as this, so it got something right. I'm not sure that it quite nails the ending as satisfactorily as I wanted, but it doesn’t blow it either and I came away happy with the conclusion. I expect it was made on a limited budget but they make effective use of it, with the story and characters driving engagement.
  11. Minecraft stayed multi-platform when Microsoft paid a huge amount for Mojang. I expect COD will too, but with exclusive content and the like for Xbox customers. While making COD exclusive might pay off in terms of attracting people to Xbox, it also risks a lot of bad feeling. People don't tend to like being extorted into buying a specific piece of kit when they previously had choice. Whether that's enough to counter the balance though, I don't know. There could be other commercial aspect at play too. E.g. I'm not sure what cloud provider Sony uses for PSN, but if it's Azure, then damaging Sony's console business also risks reducing the demand from a big customer of MS cloud services. That's just a theoretical example, but large businesses like this tend to be above the C0nsole WarZ stuff when it comes to making money. Competitors can often be both customers and suppliers.
  12. I'm five episodes in now and it still continues to intrigue. Hope it can resolve it all satisfactorily.
  13. No. It's executive produced by James Wan I think, although how much involvement he's had I'm unsure.
  14. Just saw this in my YouTube feed. Looks like it might be fun.
  15. All I can say is that I’ve watched four episodes since yesterday, and might watch some more this evening. I’ve also not been tempted to fiddle with my phone while watching, which is a positive sign. Obviously it could all go downhill or end disappointingly, but I’m hoping it won’t. There’s more to it than is revealed in the trailer, and there’s a nice sense of mystery to the whole thing rather than it being some sort of found-footage jump fest.
  16. This landed on Netflix on Friday and I decided to give it a go (despite already having a massive pile of shame of other things to watch). I've watched four episodes so far (half of it) and I'm really enjoying it. Anyone else watching?
  17. Did anyone stay to the end of the credits where… I don’t think that happened in any other episode.
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