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  1. Is there a way to see a full list of shows and movies on the service? I hate the way (and Amazon Prime and Netflix are the same) that they stick things in to pointlessly broad or vague categories. Also, using the app on my Fire Stick at least, the search option disappears when you select one of the individual channels.
  2. Yeah, I’d say so. Some really great episodes in there, even if the overarching conspiracy stuff becomes ludicrously convoluted.
  3. Fringe is on Amazon Prime if you have a Starzplay subscription.
  4. I was hoping to watch season 3 of Mayans MC, but can’t see the show on there at all, despite it being mentioned in lots or articles prior to launch. Season 4 of Snowfall better show up tomorrow or disappointment will ensue...
  5. The Bachman Books had not only The Running Man, but also The Long Walk - another excellent dystopian tale set around a live or die contest. I was always disappointed by the Arnie version of The Running Man having read the novella first.
  6. Keeping the tenuous James Bond links going, the monorail in that video is at the Amberley Museum which is where they filmed the entrance to Max Zorin's mine in A View to a Kill.
  7. Nah den dee. Tha's had it! Translation Now then you. You've had it.
  8. There are various randomizer websites such as this one: https://uk.newonnetflix.info/random#results Not as convenient as just doing it from your TV or the Netflix app, but can be useful for turning up stuff, and you can filter based on genre / age range / user rating etc.
  9. Just finished the final season on Disney+. I’ve found some seasons to be a little lacking, possibly due to the larger number of episodes stretching things out, but this one was spot on. No filler and the whole thing was really enjoyable. It’s never been a show at the top of my list of favourites but I’ve always enjoyed watching it and I’m sorry to see it go. I wonder if any of the characters will ever end up in the MCU?
  10. I'm doing a run though now - one a week. Only 2 weeks in and I've already managed to accidentally miss out The Incredible Hulk. Probably because it's not on Disney+ and I forgot about it due to it having Ed Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo as the lead.
  11. ISTR a joke whereby anything that was being ranked, whether it be Beatles songs, James Bond Movies, or potato crisp flavours, would have as it's lowest entry: Thor - The Dark World.
  12. I remember thinking Iron Man 2 was disappointing when I saw it at the cinema - in comparison to the first at least. I've enjoyed it more on subsequent viewings.
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