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  1. Just a few, short, decades to go...
  2. FishyFish

    Star Trek: Picard

    Over the next several centuries, Mike Ashleigh’s Sports Direct becomes becomes the dominant force in uniform manufacture. Plus, just think how much tea (Earl Grey, hot) Picard will get in one of those big mugs.
  3. This is on Sky Movies Premiere from today.
  4. FishyFish

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Someone was doing a model shoot on Curbar Edge in the Peak District, so I grabbed a few shots. I really like this one. It was taken on my Sure Shot Z135 35mm film compact on some Lomography Color Negative 400asa film. FILM - Bride on the edge by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  5. FishyFish

    Battlefield V

    I had a few games on this yesterday and really enjoyed it. It’s tight and focussed.
  6. FishyFish

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    It's a little known fact that it's dangerously high levels of radiation that give vindaloo its heat.
  7. Great cast, but I thought it was too short to do the story justice. It would have been much better told in a similar format to the two series' of American Crime Story I think.
  8. FishyFish

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    From a walk in the Peak District yesterday. I'd been hoping for stormy skies and low-hanging clouds obscuring the hilltops, but all I got was flat grey stratus and pretty much constant rain. I took a few medium format film shots, and had been planning to do some digital landscape stuff too, but only got a handful of, mostly disappointing, photos. I quite like this one though. I think the raindrops make the image. Down by the riverside by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr
  9. FishyFish

    Battlefield V

    Here’s the bit from last night where I screwed up my shots spectacularly, but then managed to "dig my way out of it". Also, when the enemy pick the wrong place to lie down and camp...
  10. FishyFish

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Yeah, it's great. Hard work, mind, but great.
  11. FishyFish

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Which scanner did you go for? If it's an Epson, you can change the cropping to suit your needs.

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