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  1. This started tonight on Sky Atlantic. It stars Jude Law, Emily Watson, Naomi Harris and Paddy Considine and is written by Dennis Kelly. While it’s completely different, it’s giving me a very strong Utopia vibe in its sense of menace and visual style.
  2. This week’s is pretty darned good, the best since the opener IMO.
  3. If it stops clickbait YouTube videos titled "The Boys Season Two Finale Explained" with a big spoliery image, then I'm all for it. Game of Thrones is maybe one of the best examples of how weekly scheduled shows can become event television. Excepting those people who didn't have access to it for some reason, all it's viewers got hit by the big story beats at the same time, or at least within a day or two. Otherwise you'd have been settling down to watch the season three opener, while all around would have been posts and YouTube videos screaming about The Rains of Castamere and "Why the Red Wedding changes everything!!!!" or some other similar crap.
  4. A couple of classic cars I saw recently: Simca 1000 Rallye by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr Where're Starsky & Hutch- by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr Minolta SRT 101b Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 Kodak Tri-X (expired circa 2000-ish)
  5. It is on Amazon Prime in the UK, although on one of the channels that you have to pay extra for. You could probably subscribe for a month and binge it before cancelling though.
  6. Each episode takes ages to film due to the amount of corpsing.
  7. I hope they call it "Daryl & Carol (and we're bringing back Coral)".
  8. I noticed that too. I even rewound it to see if I’d missed something, but all I saw was what looked like someone running past the window.
  9. Harry's lyrical version of the Emmerdale theme and "Tiny man falls into a cup of cocoa" had me guffawing.
  10. I'd heard a few week's back that this was due to be released this month, but according to IMDB it's been moved back to April 2021 now.
  11. This started a few week's back, but I only watched the first episode - on soaps - last night. If you enjoyed TV Burp, then this should be up your street as Harry gives commentary on a variety of shows. The whole thing is pretty funny, but the Queen Vic burning down section, and the closing montage of soap Christmases had me in stitches. Awesome soundtrack choices for both. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000m20y Looking forward to the others now.
  12. You should only need to change shutter speed, which you can probably do with the wheel without affecting the camera position. It depends just how shaky your tripod is though I suppose. Do you use the shutter button to lock focus, or back-button focusing? The latter will mean once your shot is focused it will stay that way. Using a shutter release cable will help too, or the self timer otherwise.
  13. You could use ND grad filters to avoid blowing out the skies while on location. Good quality filters can be expensive though, and the lower cost ones can sometimes introduce unwanted colour casts. It depends on how you set your expectations though. Alternatively, if you’re using a tripod, then you can bracket your exposures so you have separate images where either the sky or ground are correctly exposed and then blend them together later in Photoshop or similar. If either of the above options are unsuitable, then make sure you shoot RAW and then expose for the highlights. You should be able to recover a lot of detail in the shadows when editing the file.
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