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  1. Ruining missions for a laugh. THE SCENE: UNCHARTED 3: A THIEF'S END ME (IN NATE'S VOICE): "Hey, is this the way you mean Sam?" [Jumps off 1000 foot cliff". SAM: "Nate!!! Nooooo!!!" ME (IN NATE'S VOICE): "I think this is a shortcut fellas..." [Drives Jeep off 1000 foot cliff". SAM AND SULLY: "Nate!!! Nooooo!!!" ME: [Bends double with laughter] ME: [Continues doing similar stuff for shits and giggles throughout the entire game meaning it takes much longer due to all the restarts]. I do the same in lots of games, basically Leroy Jenkinsing them for lols.
  2. I was finding it hard going trying to remain focussed - it fell straight into that "compelling first episode, but then followed by somewhat boring story beats" thing that a lot of genre TV gets hit by - so the cancellation almost feels like good news bizarrely in that I don't need to keep watching in case it's a slow burn that gets better. The decision is made for me.
  3. Oh bugger. Oh well, I'm still in the market should anything valid arise. EDIT: Don’t need a code now, managed to get one.
  4. I'm now looking for a code for a disc version if anyone has one they don't want please. Thanks. EDIT: Don’t need a code now, managed to get one.
  5. I still enjoy it, but it’ll be interesting to see how it fares now that
  6. I had a McPlant this lunchtime and was pleasantly surprised. I was half convinced that someone had put a normal beef patty in it by mistake given how close it was in taste and texture to other McDonalds burgers. It was only later that I realised the cheese slice wasn't standard either - again, a very close analog to the dairy alternative (although I'm not sure how "dairy" processed cheese slices are in the first place...). I'd definitely have one again if eating at McDonald's.
  7. I remember doing the same thing. Similarly in Vice City, you could cheat on the race missions by parking vehicles on the route to block your competitors. It's a shame that persistence of placed objects was lost in the later games.
  8. Despite my memory being shit for important stuff I need to remember, I can still recall that Gary Numan's Cars was on the radio the first time I got in a car in Vice City. Gary Numan's Cars will proabbly be missing from the soundtrack in the new versions but I still have my Vice City CD boxset If I want the nostalgia hit.
  9. Yeah. RLLMUK GTA IV race nights were amongst the most fun gaming experiences I’ve ever had. The time I blew almost everyone’s ice cream van up at the airport from a single grenade drop will stay with me forever.
  10. Saw it this afternoon. It was enjoyable, but not the best Bond I've seen. Daniel Craig has been a good Bond, but the delays between films have let him down, and despite being in great shape for his age for NTTD, he also looks it. There was one scene in the film where he looked particularly aged... It's a real shame they couldn't have kept to a more frequent schedule to allow hime to make more films while still a little younger. Not as bad as a very old-looking Roger Moore karate-chopping peope in A View to a Kill though. The action scenes were great (although with the odd nonsensical circumstances)... Regarding the ending... Funniest moment...
  11. I agree. While I can understand it being toned down so that the full team couldn't see the spots, or being able to spam it in a random direction and light up everyone, I wish they'd left 3D spotting as a squad feature. It would limit it, but allow it to remain useful - you'd expect squad members to be giving each other intel. If you're in a party then voice-comms is is available, but if playing with randoms it can be maddening to see someone flanking your squadmates or something and be unable to warn them.
  12. Midnight Mass - Netflix 9/10 Nothing's perfect, so I dropped a point, but this kept me glued to the screen and I could barely wait to watch the next epidode.
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