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  1. I had different piles of books to use as weights on the tape deck to load different games on the C64. Fun times.
  2. Only if they are quite advanced. (I'm no expert on childhood development though.)
  3. I've received the email from Amazon too! Excitement +1.
  4. I wouldn’t say that the Series X blows the One X out of the water. To me it’s a nice upgrade.
  5. So is there a setting somewhere to enable the IR connection to my Virgin Tivo box?
  6. I did this, it brings the tv on, but doesn't seem to talk to the virgin tivo box. Am I doing it wrong?
  7. With my xbox one x and my previous xbox one I really loved how just switching the xbox on also turned the tv and my virgin tivo box on, and just turning it off turned everything off. The xbox series x has lost the IR transmitter so I guess there's no way of doing this?
  8. PS2 launch, queuing in Game at midnight, then walking through town late at night carrying a bag full of games and wondering if that was a wise thing to be doing.
  9. I loved the 3DS ones! I didn't realise anyone else played them!
  10. I have finished this on the 360, several times over, then the remastered on the xbone, several times over, and now I'm playing it on the Switch. Still love it.
  11. That joke should win an award.
  12. I have to agree with this! My old games connect me to the past and I like to maintain that connection. Is it sad that a lot of my happy memories are centred on videogames? So, even with my modern 4k HDR tv I still have ALL my consoles connected up. Being able to fire up a PS1 game in a few seconds somehow keeps the memories more alive and more real. Playing Timesplitters with my newborn daughter asleep on my lap. Ico (and many other games) with my wife. Quake II on the PS1 with my sister and her boyfriend. Endless Tekken with a room full of student friends. A Christmas playing F
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