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  1. Uxorious

    Nintendo Switch

    I loved the 3DS ones! I didn't realise anyone else played them!
  2. I have finished this on the 360, several times over, then the remastered on the xbone, several times over, and now I'm playing it on the Switch. Still love it.
  3. Uxorious

    Nintendo Switch

    That joke should win an award.
  4. I have to agree with this! My old games connect me to the past and I like to maintain that connection. Is it sad that a lot of my happy memories are centred on videogames? So, even with my modern 4k HDR tv I still have ALL my consoles connected up. Being able to fire up a PS1 game in a few seconds somehow keeps the memories more alive and more real. Playing Timesplitters with my newborn daughter asleep on my lap. Ico (and many other games) with my wife. Quake II on the PS1 with my sister and her boyfriend. Endless Tekken with a room full of student friends. A Christmas playing Final Fantasy VII. My mum watching me play Tombraider. And now my two daughters and hours upon hours of Mario Kart. Is that just me? (Before you worry too much, I don't just play video games, and I do have other pleasant memories!)
  5. The Public Works option for the [Dream Suite] is triggered by meeting the following three requirements: 1) Seven days have passed since amassing 100 mayoral points. 2) At least one Public Work has been completed. 3) You've connected to the Internet at least once. Find and speak to [Isabelle] while napping to make the option appear
  6. I've had that sitting on the shelf for years now!
  7. And there’s no option to back it up to the sd card, then you are right, you can’t back it up.
  8. I just copied the SD card to my laptop, I then moved the copy over to a 64 Gb card and that new card has worked fine. All I did was unscrew the back of my New 3DS XL, removed the SD card. There's also a transfer via wifi which you can find in the 3ds settings, but that was unbearably slow.
  9. I just backed up my Animal Crossing New Leaf.
  10. It's actually quite straightforward to back up the SD card in the New 3DS XL, done that and upgraded it to 64 Gb. I now have my Animal Crossing backed up! Phewwwww....
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