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  1. Only if they are quite advanced. (I'm no expert on childhood development though.)
  2. I've received the email from Amazon too! Excitement +1.
  3. I wouldn’t say that the Series X blows the One X out of the water. To me it’s a nice upgrade.
  4. So is there a setting somewhere to enable the IR connection to my Virgin Tivo box?
  5. I did this, it brings the tv on, but doesn't seem to talk to the virgin tivo box. Am I doing it wrong?
  6. With my xbox one x and my previous xbox one I really loved how just switching the xbox on also turned the tv and my virgin tivo box on, and just turning it off turned everything off. The xbox series x has lost the IR transmitter so I guess there's no way of doing this?
  7. PS2 launch, queuing in Game at midnight, then walking through town late at night carrying a bag full of games and wondering if that was a wise thing to be doing.
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