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  1. He was barely shot. Certainly nothing life-threatening. He still managed to give Ben a good ol' beating.
  2. It's not exactly hurting Coke if a load of American nerds take all the Gamerpoints, is it? It's only going to piss off ordinary people. He prefers Pepsi.
  3. I always make the Delia recipe for my mum on Mother's Day. There's usually a fair bit of hollandaise sauce left and it's very rich so you might want to try the "foaming" variety. I've never found English muffins anywhere so I buy the regular flat round muffins you get in supermarkets and just thinly slice the top off rather than splitting in two so there's still a good thickish muffin base. Pancetta is also nice or if you don't like that get some good streaky bacon but remember to cut it down to fit the muffin. I'm pretty shit at poaching eggs but from what I gather you need to get the water simmering well and add a little white wine vinegar to get the whites to stay in shape and not float off everywhere. Fresher eggs would probably be best for this too. Oh and don't trust Delia's poaching timings, the yolks come out rock hard. Do a practice one first. And don't forget to glaze the whole thing under a hot grill for 10 seconds or so when you've assembled it and put the sauce on, just until the sauce sets slightly on the top.
  4. Namco took amazingly large amounts of piss with Ace Combat 6. Extra difficulty mode unlocks for each level that you have to buy separately, reskins of planes that just stick some new camouflage or a really shit anime drawing on an existing model. And there were loads of the fuckers. Thankfully they eventually released a few free co-op missions but those were basically just a few of the existing missions playable in multiplayer, so no great effort or anything.
  5. I've always wondered what's up with Wee Bey's eyes? They look slightly Chinese/Far Eastern.
  6. The bit at the start where they caught a live snapper at a restaurant and it came out filleted but still alive and started flopping around was very disturbing. I dunno why they couldn't have just given it a knock on the head, it's not like it would be any less fresh.
  7. What is this supposed to mean? Is it Halo or that fucking zombie game again?
  8. I'm fucking sick of all these survival horror war games offending Muslims.
  9. The actual combat bits in Generation Kill were well rubbish though, apart from that one drive through an Iraqi town where they were shooting everything. Also, that spiel about "38 soldiers and 1,200 insurgents dead" reminds me of Mogadishu.
  10. Yeah, the latest episode was really good. I feel quite sorry for Hank, his idiot wife obviously isn't going to register his emotional distress. Walt is totally going over to the dark side.
  11. Why don't any of them seem to care about what happened to Daniel seeing as he's probably the one who'd know most what the hell is going on?
  12. I don't understand all this confusion about Ben calling Sayid a killer. He only calls him that after he's killed various people on Ben's orders with little protest, so it's not exactly surprising that Ben calls him a killer. Presumably he called on Sayid rather than any of the others because of his military background.
  13. Alfonso mangoes are the best type of mango. If anyone lives close to a Asian foods shop, they'll soon start importing boxes of mangoes. Ask for Alfonsos, they have a much better flavour than the crappy Pakistani variants. They should be a darkish yellow and are ripe when the skin is wrinkly and you get a slight mango smell from them. We loads of boxes throughout the summer ever year, they're delicious.
  14. I'm a little worried about the mentions of a 4-man fire team. It sounds quite limiting in a similar to GRAW sort of way. I really liked being just one small part of a 10 man squad in OF, often cooperating with other squads, and fighting against similar numbers of enemies. It felt much more realistic and grounded than a lot of tactical shooters today where you're part of a small super special group taking on hundreds of rubbish Mexicans/Arabs/Russians/whatever.
  15. What the hell is Keith Chegwin doing there?
  16. I prefer mine to be a lighter tomato sauce with meat rather than a really heavy meat sauce. There's a Patricia Wells recipe that uses two 28oz tins of tomato for 8oz of meat, although with no red wine. I don't use quite that much but do add a couple of glasses of wine to mine and it comes out pretty good.
  17. "New Jersey? Man, I wish I could go there but I've got too much shit here in the States" "..." "Don't drink the water"
  18. Shirley Manson was naked in this one for a little bit, albeit in shiny metal robot form. I don't know why she needs to be naked and then "form" clothes around herself, surely she could go from abstract liquid form straight to clothed without any intermediary steps?
  19. I guess you just don't feel the need, the need for speed.
  20. Have you ever been told you're Miss New Zealand/ Have you ever had hurt feelings Also the casserole/profiteroles line.
  21. I've been loving the new episodes. "Hurt Feelings" was amazing. It definitely poos all over the songs in Mighty Boosh as well.
  22. I think you've got Locke and Ben mixed up a bit in your post.
  23. Referring back to episode 2, I think the island/survivors will continue jumping around in time until eventually it jumps to a time in sync with Jack et all in the future/present. I think the stuff with Mrs Hawking with the giant pendulum and the deadline of 70 hours is a countdown to the time when the island will jump into sync with the current time and so allow Ben and the rest of the Oceanic 6 to get onto the island and do whatever they're supposed to do.
  24. It was a funny episode but a bit all over the place. It seemed like they threw together a load of ideas to make one episode but it didn't really work as a cohesive whole. It did seem rather OTT, even for a regular episode of The Office and didn't have that short story flow that normal episodes have. I think they were trying to get in as many jokes and pop-culture references as they could to get the non-regular Superbowl audience watching and possibly convert them into regular viewers.
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