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  1. While I enjoy the show, I just keep waiting for how they're going to cram in some excuse for her to be in a room with a microphone for her to hijack every episode.
  2. I got given Pandemic Legacy at the weekend, looking forward to starting it although we've a new baby due next month so might have to wait til she's a few months old. The SUSD review has enticed me
  3. Sorry, none of them really floating my boat
  4. Half way through The Extra Man by Jonathan Ames and I'm really enjoying it. It's about a young man with a penchant for cross-dressing moving into a tiny apartment in New York to live with a much older, eccentric guy who spends his time as an 'extra man' (as women outlive men, they often need an extra man to make up the numbers) at high society events. The relationship between the two is wonderful and their conversations really zing. Henry, the older man, is like a late-middle aged Ignatius J. Reilly and you can never really tell where the book is heading next. As long as the second half is as good as the first, this will be one of my favourite reads this year.
  5. I've heard of Netrunner but not sure it'd be my thing. Let me red up on the others.
  6. Anyone interested in a brand new, sealed copy of Sheriff of Nottingham? £21 posted. Would consider swaps too!
  7. A shite in a rusty bucket is better than Beyond the Black Rainbow
  8. saw Possum last week with a Q and A from Holness at the end. It was a really effective psychological horror! Sean Harris is brilliant as the lead and as things go gradually more and more wrong, his performance amps up and adds to the deep unease the film creates. Interesting to hear from Holness that the biggest influences were the silent German expressionist horrors of the 1920s, A Warning for the Curious, the 70s and 80s British Public Service advertisments and
  9. I finished Malice by Keigo Higashino last week. It's not so much a Whodunnit or even Howdunnit but more a Whydunnit about the murder of an author. You know who's committed the murder by page 100 and the rest of the book is spent trying to untangle their motive with plenty of twists and turns along the way. I absolutely flew through it. Would recommend to Silent Runner and anybody else into their crime fiction
  10. Is Paul Theroux good? If so, what's recommended by him?
  11. Pure Cinema Podcast - Covers everything from the classics, through to forgotten gems and then a ton of good genre stuff. Each show has a theme that the hosts base a top 5 around Streampunk - Dan and Ben from Mondo Movie's new(er) show where they look at movies available for streaming. Again, heavily weighted on cult and genre films 80s All Over - Scott Weinberg and Drew McWeeney look at every film released in US cinema in the 80s, each show covers a different month.
  12. 01 - Thee Oh Sees - Orc 02 - Jane Weaver - Modern Kosmology 03 - Six Organs of Admittance - Burning the Threshold 04 - Liars - TFCF 05 - Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference 06 - METZ - Strange Peace 07 - Circle - Terminal
  13. Cheers guys, got a birthday coming up so have said to my wife about them. Hopefully I'll get one or two!
  14. Can anyone recommend me some books please? I really like Vonnegut, P.K. Dick, Childhood's End, Wool, 1984 and I hated Left Hand of Darkness. I thought I'd like Neuromancer but I found it a bit hard to care about any of the characters and some of the jargon was a bit impenetrable. I'm not sure what I like in as much as I know what I don't like. I really don't like the Fantasy genre so aspects that some sci-fi shares like made up languages and 'epic' battles, I suppose I'm more interested in a 'human' form of Sci-Fi, stories about the future of humanity more than the great race of Klev-dar 9 and their 10000 year war against the Smipliks of the Moon of Turon.
  15. Five Tribes My friend brought this over the other night for everyone's first play. The first mistake was waiting until 11pm and several beers down already, two of our group couldn't grasp it, but once a few rounds went past I had the fundamentals clear in my head and began to enjoy it. But by this stage, my friend's wife was so totally bamboozled by the concept she had basically given up and they ended up having a bit of a fight at the table. Would like to play it again but I think my mate's just wasted £30 odd quid. I really liked the power balance of the different meeple colours. It seems like there are a lot of difference approaches you can take to win the game and I quite liked that it wasn't blatantly obvious who was winning during play.
  16. Just finished Surely You Must Be Joking, Mr Feynman? I'd heard nothing but good things about this but fuck me, was it irritating. A more accurate title would be Surely Your Head Isn't That Far Up Your Arse, Mr Feynman? The guy is a brilliant physicist and has won a nobel prize, that's all well and good, but he's an insufferable prick who seems hell bent on showing experts in an number of other fields how superior he is. Almost every story ends with him patting himself on the back for getting one over on some unlucky sod.
  17. So far I've done 18 books but five of them were abandoned, although I up my challenge target by 1 every time I do this. Neuromancer Lint Mrs Dalloway For Whom The Bell Tolls Me Talk Pretty One Day Couldn't get through those ones. My highlights have been To Kill A Mocking Bird, Birdbox, The Handmaid's Tale, The Sea and Man's Search for Meaning. My current book, Story of A Secret State, is destined to be an easy 5 stars if it continues in the same vein as it has been.
  18. I watched Shoah a few weeks ago and Karski's story was really impactful. Didn't realise he'd written any books and just managed to get it for a penny plus shipping on amazon! Looking forward to reading it
  19. If Hexx doesn't take vanilla Pandemic or Iberia, I'd be interested in those
  20. I haven't been particularly active here for a few years but a couple of tracks came up on my random playlist the other day that I absolutely love now that I would have never heard of if it wasn't for RLLMUK, so I thought it'd be interesting to see a list of tracks people owe their discovery of to the music forum. What ya got? I think this might have been linked by someone like Acidbearboy or DonRosco years ago Gotta be a Zok one Got this one in a mix CD exchange, I've still got the CD somewhere at home, will have to look it out to give the proper person the proper props
  21. Anyone read Lint by Steve Aylett? Stewart Lee prattles on about it and how funny it is but I'm really struggling with it. It's very smug and self satisfied and a lot of the supposed absurd humour comes across like just a load of words strung together but every time I feel like throwing it in the nearest bin, he comes out with two or three pages that really work. I can't decide whether it's smarter than I am or just a shit book.
  22. Read The Sea by John Banville over the past two weeks. It was exactly what I needed after getting mired in a few 'classics' that I just found hard going and took my enthusiasm away. This one is about a guy in his 50s who has just lost his wife to cancer and has decided to go back to the small sea-side town he used to go to as a kid for holidays and where he met his first love. Over the course of the book, he looks back on his memories of his wife and his first girlfriend. Both very easy to read and a deep exploration of memories, loss and growing older, I flew through it, a proper breath of fresh air. Just started into Pastoralia by George Saunders, finished the first story and it hasn't particularly grabbed me yet.
  23. I'm 140 odd pages through Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls and am starting to slow down with it. My main problem is that not a lot has happened so far. Robert Jordan has turned up, looked at the bridge, met Maria and is currently on his way to meet some other general guy. Does the pace pick up ever? I'm guessing they won't get to the bridge until the last 100 pages or so. I loved The Old Man and the Sea, my favourite book I read last year, but this one is full of really clunky speech, all the "thees" and "thys" and people obscenitying in other peoples' milk. Can anyone give me reasons to keep going? I struggled with The Handmaid's Tale for the first 200 pages too but I kept going and really enjoyed it in the end.
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