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  1. No, it's definitely not Cross buy, as I've got it on the Vita and couldn't download the PS4 version for free before. Well spotted.
  2. I've nabbed that code. Thanks very much! I was interested in it, but it didn't look like it would win the vote.
  3. Oh, was everyone else doing this week's challenge in Hardcore mode then? That explains why I suddenly put in such a storming time. Whoops, sorry about that.
  4. It really is a bargain even if only for Chaos Reborn and Big Pharma, which I've been wanting for a while. I've got some spare codes for the other games in the bundle - see the For Free thread in Bargains if anyone wants one.
  5. The page I went to said that the beta was on tomorrow night, between 7pm and 10pm. Not the longest Beta I've ever seen.
  6. It seems that the Patton game was a PSP version that was added to Plus by mistake. They've just replaced it with History: Legends of War, which is a Vita game.
  7. Do you have to hold down a button to access the gadget menu? If so, you could use the mode toggle feature to switch the pad into joystick mode while that button is held down.
  8. Those of you that bought the Bikes expansion - has everyone in multiplayer moved over to that? The cars multiplayer has been a wasteland since Bikes came out.
  9. Copper league: ph0rce 108 Dr Watson 91
  10. Yes, that would have been a very different result if someone hadn't stolen my 30 point city. Not mentioning any names...
  11. Sorry, Garwoofoo; I accidentally closed the game before I could reply to you and I think the app automatically deletes the game as soon as you do that. Thanks for noting down the scores. Great game: I couldn't stand up to the onslaught of farmers at the end.
  12. I'm up for a bit of Carcassonne, if you need someone to fill out a three. I've been thinking I should get back into playing it. Gamecentre ID is: Dr Watson
  13. What's your PSN ID? I'll send you an invite. And I'll point out now...I didn't make the club paintjob. I really must ask for leadership to be transferred - the current leader hasn't played at all this year. I would make a new club, but I put about 90% of the XP into this one.
  14. Is there a list anywhere of what not to do before Tuesday?
  15. I've got a couple of spaces available in my club, if you, or anyone else, fancy joining an existing one? We've got most of the club cars unlocked, I think.
  16. Sweet, I'll do that then. I like playing in short bursts and a digital version will be much better for that. Thanks, Rushy.
  17. I've currently got the disc version and the season pass, but I'd like to switch to the digital one, to save on disc swapping. If I just download the PS+ version, then buy the £11.99 upgrade, will everything transfer over so I can do away with the disc?
  18. Why they didn't notice it as being a problem during development is another question...
  19. I totally agree about the text size. I never normally have an issue - wasn't bothered by the small text in The Witcher, or example - but I actually had to sit forward to read some of the card text in this. Good news is that I had a look on their forum this morning and they said they're going to do something about it. Text aside, I really enjoyed the quick go I had on this last night. The pretty look is hiding what seems to be a pretty in-depth game. And count me as another vote for Hand of Fate, Takizawa. It's different to Armello, but well worth a look. I think it might be part funded by the same Aussie organisation, going by the logos at the start of the game.
  20. They say they're still planning on doing a PS4 version, but I'm not sure how it'll all work out. I think I'll wait until there are more details.
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