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  1. Damn, Simmy got my hopes up that there was another Kilchurn Session out. However, I had a look and saw that todos did another mix for A Strangely Isolated Place: http://www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com/blog/2016/6/7/todos-komunizm?rq=todos It's more upbeat than the Kilchurn Sessions, but just as good. Tracklist: 01. Aes Dana & Miktek – ‘The Unexpected Hours’ 02. Shaded Explorer – ‘Inner Treasures’ 03. Rezo Glonti – ‘Pulse Added Two’ 04. EskoStatic – ‘Sjonevad lake’ 05. Tin Man & Donato Dozzy – ‘Test 3’ 06. Kalos – ‘Appearance Of Freedom’ 07. Max Acid – ‘A Purple Flower On The Moon (Iori’s On The Moon Dub)’ 08. Lars Leonhard – ‘Hang In The Balance’ 09. Kalos – ‘Daily March’ 10. Stereociti – ‘Revision III’ 11. Sophia Loizou – ‘The Voices Of Time’ 12. ASC – ‘Ceres’
  2. Thanks, but it's in some odd hinterland of rights, as it included elements of the boring fishing game, while the rest probably belonged to my mate's company, which now doesn't exist. Probably easier to just come up with something unconnected. I have been pondering a game about building houses for a few years, but I wouldn't have a clue about getting it made. Although, with the rise of Kickstarter, I think there are easier pathways to that than there were a decade ago. But now, like the app store, the problem is getting yourself noticed. Any game on Kickstarter that has miniatures in seems to get massive funding, while those without often struggle to hit their base goals.
  3. About ten years ago, one of my mates was at a small company that made novelty items. They were approached by a guy who'd designed a fishing board game and wanted them to manufacture and distribute it. He thought it would be something 'fun and educational' that anglers could use to introduce their family to fishing. So he was aiming for a huge market there. The trouble with the game was that it was so, so dull. I'm sure it was accurate, but it was incredibly slow and was full of rolling dice then looking up the results on a variety of tables. I was working as a videogame designer at that time, and my mate knew that I played a lot of board games, so they asked me to make a fun version of the game that they could take back to the client. Not one that they would necessarily make, but something that they could incorporate with his to make it more enjoyable. I only had a couple of days, so I kept the map and core 'roll and move' mechanics, but I replaced the complicated fishing mechanics with three custom dice. They corresponded to the three sizes of fish - larger fish were worth more points but were harder to land. The dice had some faces showing 'play', where you're trying to reel them in. If that showed, you'd have to reroll; that gave a feeling of fighting with the fish, especially if you got a few of those in a row and then the symbol for a line break and the fish escaped. There were other mechanics too: you had to get the right colour of bait for the correct 'pitch' (there was a proper fishing term for that, but I can't remember it), there were cards that you could use to steal fish from your opponents, and there was a time limit - if you didn't get back and bank your fish before the end of the day, they wouldn't count. It was all pretty simple stuff, but I was aiming for a family audience and, as I say, I only had a couple of days. I took the prototype up to my mate's company, we had a couple of playtests and it went down pretty well. The first game had a particularly tense bit of dice-rolling that ended with the company's designer falling to the floor, shouting 'this is the greatest game I've ever played!' Naturally, the client didn't like it, saying it was 'like smash and grab fishing', which I thought was a fair assessment, and that's why it was fun. So, they parted ways with my mate's company. Every now and again, I check BoardGameGeek, to see if they ever made the tedious version of the game, but I've never spotted it.
  4. And they've got the same experts back! Mike Loades and Lynette Nusbacher (she was Aryeh back then). Greg Wallace though.
  5. It says 12th December on that link. But thanks for the heads up, I loved this when it was on before.
  6. I've got 3 beta codes available too. I'm not sure if they're PS4 only, they don't say. PM me Edit: All gone
  7. Dr Watson - 87 lewismistreated - 82 carldjcross - 69 A really close game, that could have gone to any of us before final scoring. Great stuff.
  8. Lewismistreated - 97 Dr Watson - 68 An expert-level piece of city stealing by lewismistreated netted him a huge city, and the win. Damn him.
  9. I already did that. He said he got it but the link in it didn't do anything. I'll give it another try though.
  10. Carldjcross - 96 Dr Watson - 116 Great game, that was very close all the way through. We're both on iOS 9 still, so that must be why we've been having game centre issues with @lewismistreated. I don't mind upgrading to ios10, as I was just waiting to see if there were any major issues, but I don't know if Carl wants to.
  11. Nope, not a peep. And there was nothing when I loaded Game Centre up either. Bloody useless thing.
  12. I did send you and Carldjcross a Game Center friends request, did it not get to you?
  13. I'd say that was a certainty, yes. (I went back and tried it, just to see if I could break the top three. Managed to gain about 0.1s)
  14. I'm in. See if I can last more than one game this time.
  15. Apparently a beach buggy in the rain is my ideal race. I've never done so well. Thanks for organising it, U-1.
  16. It's not being renewed for a third season: http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/galavant-cancelled-season-3-abc-1201722299/ While it's a shame, it's hardly a surprise. It's a miracle that it got renewed for a second season, and I think everyone involved suspected they wouldn't get a third, which is why they tied it all up so nicely. Such a great show though, and Vinnie Jones was the big surprise for me.
  17. Lochenvar

    May PS+

    May's games have been announced as: Tropico 5 (PS4) Table Top Racing: World Tour (PS4) Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (PS3) LocoRoco Cocoreccho! (PS3) Switch Galaxy Ultra (PS Vita, PS4) God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP, PS Vita)
  18. They're available here: http://amr.abime.net/issues_5 Although some issues are missing the odd page (actually, there's a couple that are missing most of the pages), and there are no adverts after the first few issues. Which is a shame as they're quite evocative of the time. I did see Keith Stewart reply to someone this morning that he thought they'd recorded the audio, and that he'd put it up if he could. I hope so, as I'd love to have been there. Rev. Stu put some pics up on Twitter and it was good to see them all again, even if they all look a bit greyer.
  19. Could it be this? https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/49jh7s/anyone_else_having_problems_with_rifle_scopes/ Seems like some scopes on some guns are getting unequipped when you swap away from the gun.
  20. Are you just pulling L2 to zoom, or are you also clicking R3 to go to the full scope view? That should give you the full 12x zoom, unless it's a bug.
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