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  1. Gene Hunt had also said earlier that...
  2. The snow on one of the night stages was so thick that I actually found it easier to see with the headlights switched off.
  3. Me too.
  4. I think I sent you one. It's not the clearest system I've used.
  5. Damn, Simmy got my hopes up that there was another Kilchurn Session out. However, I had a look and saw that todos did another mix for A Strangely Isolated Place: http://www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com/blog/2016/6/7/todos-komunizm?rq=todos It's more upbeat than the Kilchurn Sessions, but just as good. Tracklist: 01. Aes Dana & Miktek – ‘The Unexpected Hours’ 02. Shaded Explorer – ‘Inner Treasures’ 03. Rezo Glonti – ‘Pulse Added Two’ 04. EskoStatic – ‘Sjonevad lake’ 05. Tin Man & Donato Dozzy – ‘Test 3’ 06. Kalos – ‘Appearance Of Fr
  6. Thanks, but it's in some odd hinterland of rights, as it included elements of the boring fishing game, while the rest probably belonged to my mate's company, which now doesn't exist. Probably easier to just come up with something unconnected. I have been pondering a game about building houses for a few years, but I wouldn't have a clue about getting it made. Although, with the rise of Kickstarter, I think there are easier pathways to that than there were a decade ago. But now, like the app store, the problem is getting yourself noticed. Any game on Kickstarter that has miniatures i
  7. About ten years ago, one of my mates was at a small company that made novelty items. They were approached by a guy who'd designed a fishing board game and wanted them to manufacture and distribute it. He thought it would be something 'fun and educational' that anglers could use to introduce their family to fishing. So he was aiming for a huge market there. The trouble with the game was that it was so, so dull. I'm sure it was accurate, but it was incredibly slow and was full of rolling dice then looking up the results on a variety of tables. I was working as a videogame
  8. And they've got the same experts back! Mike Loades and Lynette Nusbacher (she was Aryeh back then). Greg Wallace though.
  9. It says 12th December on that link. But thanks for the heads up, I loved this when it was on before.
  10. I've got 3 beta codes available too. I'm not sure if they're PS4 only, they don't say. PM me Edit: All gone
  11. Dr Watson - 87 lewismistreated - 82 carldjcross - 69 A really close game, that could have gone to any of us before final scoring. Great stuff.
  12. Lewismistreated - 97 Dr Watson - 68 An expert-level piece of city stealing by lewismistreated netted him a huge city, and the win. Damn him.
  13. I already did that. He said he got it but the link in it didn't do anything. I'll give it another try though.
  14. Carldjcross - 96 Dr Watson - 116 Great game, that was very close all the way through. We're both on iOS 9 still, so that must be why we've been having game centre issues with @lewismistreated. I don't mind upgrading to ios10, as I was just waiting to see if there were any major issues, but I don't know if Carl wants to.
  15. Nope, not a peep. And there was nothing when I loaded Game Centre up either. Bloody useless thing.
  16. I did send you and Carldjcross a Game Center friends request, did it not get to you?
  17. I'd say that was a certainty, yes. (I went back and tried it, just to see if I could break the top three. Managed to gain about 0.1s)
  18. I'm in. See if I can last more than one game this time.
  19. Apparently a beach buggy in the rain is my ideal race. I've never done so well. Thanks for organising it, U-1.
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