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  1. I had a chain mission last night, which was pretty cool - not seen one of those before. I'd been hired to take out a pirate chief, did that, came back to collect my reward and found this new mission with a chain link icon on it. Had a look and the person giving the briefing said that they had given me the wrong name before and they had the proper name this time. The reward seemed to be doubled too. I assume those will happen more often if I stick with the same quest givers and bump my reputation up? Then I tried to join in with some combat zone stuff, to get
  2. But the whole thing is already 'space magic'. Aside from the distances involved, none of it is realistic; Kerbal Space Program is a more accurate simulation of space flight. Admittedly, I've only flown with flight assist on but, in that mode at least, gravity doesn't have any affect on your flight path, you don't have to try and match orbits with a space station when you want to land on it, 'shields' exist, you can scoop gas from a star and instantly turn it into fuel, hyperspace travel exists.... So picking one part of it as 'accurate' and saying that's immutable is silly, when li
  3. Yep, definitely. But this was a 'go there and then we'll tell you where he is' one. Next time I'll just abandon it when I get a location that's so far away. You don't get penalised for abandoning missions, do you?
  4. Compared to the multi-light year jump I've just done a second before, bloody slowly. The reason I can't do that intra-system is lore justifying a game mechanic choice, nothing more. As for doing something else while my ship crawls its way through empty space, why should I have to? I wouldn't put up with any other game telling me to stop playing and go away for half an hour while a number counts down at an arbitrary rate, so why does this get a free pass? 'Realism' is hardly an excuse - they've already made a ton of concessions to movement in space, orbital mechanics, time dilation,
  5. I'd be okay with that lore if they let you drop out on any star. But all too often there are more than one star in a system, the nav beacon is on one and all the space stations are on the other. It just seems odd to me that you can travel light years in a few seconds, but then you have to schlep slowly across a system to get to the actual bit you want. And it's not even an interesting view most of the time, it's just watching a number count down for half an hour. As you say, make it a skill test. Plotting a course, or skilful flying - do well and you get dropped nearer
  6. Zeta Aquilae. A three-star system, with the third star being practically in the next system. I guess it was a good place for a deserter to try and hide. Next time I'll leave them to their new life.
  7. Good grief, no. 2.4m took me the best part of half an hour, although it felt longer. If you're going to build a space port, why wouldn't you plop another Nav Beacon down, closer to you? I can't imagine those de-limbed R2D2s cost that much.
  8. I just did a 2.4 million Ls supercruise, to get from the Nav beacon to a mission target. Won't be doing that again.
  9. A name befitting the noble life of the space pilot: The Greased Badger.
  10. On more of the drone side of ambient, there's Emmalee Crane. Sounds like the world's most relaxed orchestra tuning up. There's three albums but she seems to have dropped off the face of the earth now. Such a shame, as they're probably the albums I've listened to most in the last few years. And, even though they're drone, there is a real difference in mood between them.
  11. Another vote for Chariot. It's got a really nasty difficulty spike towards the end, which stopped us dead, but it's great fun before that.
  12. Good grief, I can't get the hang of that car at all - it just wants to flip around 180 degrees on me all the time. I swear I'd have been quicker if I'd just reversed around the whole course. Then I hit a tree on the night stage, blew my lights out and had to limp back in the dark. Not my best time, that's for sure.
  13. @Syntax I'm pretty sure they were due for a maintenance period around now, so it might be that. I did have a look, to try and find the exact times, but I didn't have any luck. I think it was 12.30BST for a couple of hours.
  14. Woo hoo! I'm currently first on PS4! And the only entry so far No idea how I've actually done. Felt pretty good for most of the stages; not massively quick, but steady. But then had a shocker on the final stage, with three recoveries needed. Crashed into a gatepost, slid off the side of track into trees, and actually managed to beach it over a drop, with the rear wheels spinning in the air like a mini version of the end of The Italian Job.
  15. It was just my wife and I for Tabletop day, but we made the most of it. Wanted to start off with some lesser-played games, so began with Mr Jack, which I'd completely forgotten we had. Then Ticket to Ride Dice and Ninja Dice. Moved onto a bigger game, Unfair, which we'd got from Kickstarter recently. Then Witch of Salem, Roll for the Galaxy, and ended up with Eldritch Horror. A nice mix of old and new, long and short, light and in-depth
  16. I had a shockingly good first stage, something like 0.004s faster than ColinMac. But that put the pressure on, and I kept rolling off snow banks after that. 34:24.749 in the end, which didn't feel too bad, considering.
  17. That was brutal. I don't think I've ever flown off the course as much as I did in the second stage. The car was about two feet shorter by the end of it.
  18. The helicopters got a little easier to fly once I found out that they have two control systems which the game automatically switches between. So the first is when you're hovering. The stick moves the copter forwards, backwards, left and right, and the triggers move it up and down. it switches into the second when you're flying forwards at a certain speed. Then the right trigger maintains speed and the stick acts more like a plane: left and right bank to those sides, up and down pitches the chopper up and down, controlling your height. If I want to take off and fly a lon
  19. I compiled my own list a few weeks ago, based on which apps showed the 'this app may slow down your ipad' error message when opened. According to that, there are a hell of a lot I'm going to lose. I've got a lot of board and card games, and those are particularly bad, as they're normally from small developers. Out of 75, 37 of them are going to stop working. There are a few big names in there too, like Small World and Lords of Waterdeep. Hopefully, this list being easier to access might galvanise some into action, but I suspect I'm going to have a lot of free space on my ipad after
  20. You're welcome. Hope it hasn't traumatised you any further. It must have freaked me out as a kid too. That's why I had the vivid image of it when you described it.
  21. This is the guy I thought of as soon as I read your description. Took me a while to find his name though: Jeff McBride Jeff McBride on the Paul Daniels show (28.30 minutes in)
  22. Yes, he does. I hear the disappointed voice a lot.
  23. Clean run? I hit every tree in Wales. At one point the co-driver said 'the car feels a bit off'. Yeah, no shit, it's a foot shorter than it was. At the final repair point, my radiator was on 0%. It's a miracle I made it to the end.
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