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  1. Yep, I'm up for it too. We could always see if anyone wants to swap for anything we might not like? But really, it's just an amusing idea.
  2. That would be great, thanks. Seriously, I've no idea how you managed to do it. Another amazing mix.
  3. I've never played the original, so I can't compare the two. I found this thread on BBG, where people give two different answers as to which is best. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2064328/original-or-dice-version It's a very puzzle-like roll and write, in that the decisions you make have a lot of knock-on effects. There's almost no player interaction though, in case that's important. But there's also no down time, as one person rolls the dice and everyone uses them at the same time. It comes with four different map layouts, so we tend to play at least a couple of games at a time, switching maps between games. I laminated the maps, which is good as, even though they supply a load, we'd have gone through a lot of them by now. Rahdo did a run-through of it, if you'd like to see it played:
  4. Yes, that one's supposed to be good. Looked like it might feel a bit too similar to Kokoro for us though. And they way they've released the variants bugged me.
  5. There's a lot of really good roll and writes out at the moment. We've been playing The Castles of Burgundy, Kokoro (which is card, rather than dice-based) and Octodice; as well as the ipad versions of Qwixx, Ganz Schon Clever and Noch mal. And we've ordered Welcome to... and Steamrollers. We may have a problem.
  6. There's an article at Kotaku as well: https://kotaku.com/two-hours-with-the-amazingly-detailed-red-dead-redempti-1829187487 (assuming it was the video part stopping you, not the work )
  7. Yes, they do seem a bit thin on the ground. I guess they were fairly small print runs. BoardGamePrices says that Spirit Games has Dale of Merchants 2 in stock, but I've not bought anything from Spirit before, so I don't know how reliable they are.
  8. I've preordered Welcome to... as well, along with SteamRollers. We're on a bit of a Roll and Write kick at the moment, and are playing a lot of the dice versions of VivaJava and Castles of Burgundy, as well as Kokoro and Octodice. And there's a Print and Play called Welcome to DinoWorld, which is pretty good as-is, but is going to have an upgraded version going to Kickstarter soon. Yes, it's a nice, light deckbuilder, with some cool ideas and differentiation between the species, that makes each game feel different. Having said that, we don't tend to play it that often, and I'm not really sure why. I think it came out at the point when we'd been playing a lot of Legendary and so were maybe burned out on deck builders? There's certainly nothing I can think of that I didn't like, just maybe nothing really new. So, if it's the only game you've got in that style, you should enjoy it. Are you thinking backing the Kickstarter for the new version?
  9. They've sent me some more codes, so pm me if you need one.
  10. Any format, I think. I'll DM you. (edit - it is definitely any format: PC, Xbox or PS4)
  11. I've got three spare codes too.
  12. Do it if you can afford it and want the experience, but don't assume that it will necessarily translate into sales. I worked on a game that was chosen for the PAX10 (so we didn't even have to pay for a booth), got loads of good attention there and then sold very poorly. I decided not to head over there too, as I couldn't really afford it at the time, and the money I made back from sales wouldn't have covered my costs.
  13. Bought, on PS4. Good luck with it. I fully expect to be as good at this as I was at Paradroid. (never got close to finishing the first ship)
  14. This is half price on PSN at the moment. Played a couple of hours of it last night and it's just as delightful as everyone has said.
  15. They're always released on the first Tuesday of the month.
  16. The thing I found, that was worth 11million, was some kind of plant too. I just sold it. Didn't even think to try and plant it.
  17. You weren't kidding about the ancient artefacts being lucrative. In about 60 hours my total earnings were about 2m units. I just sold a single ancient artefact for 11.6m.
  18. Let go of the boost any time you're in the air, then hit it again just as you land. That gives you a massive boost, and I think you can do it even if your boost bar is empty.
  19. It's got more to it, but I don't think the gameplay's changed at all. The full game has more tutorial stuff in it though, which helps a lot. I still think they don't do enough to drill in the single most important tip: hit boost as you land
  20. Had a good session last night, after getting it in the PSN sale. When it clicks, it's just brilliant. Was playing the mode where you have to build up boost and three of us picked the car that resupplies you when you drive next to team-mates. We were bombing along at top speed, huddled in a group, resupplying each other, while one of the big trucks gave us shields. Finished the match with about double the points of the other team. I can only play it for about 90 minutes though, before my eyeballs dry out from not blinking.
  21. Yeah, I'm game. I've not played it since the last set of challenges, so I'm sure it'll be...interesting. *crashes into wall*
  22. Wow, this takes me back. Dark evenings in about 94-95, huddled around my mate's darkened dining table, passing a candle around as 'the edge' (or something like that), and him getting right into character by wearing a frilly shirt. Such a great game. But really does need four players, so I'm unlikely to be able to play it now. Mind you, I've still got all my old cards, so it's not like I couldn't have played it without it being reprinted. Nothing quite like throwing a 'well aimed car' at people.
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