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  1. It's downloading on PS4 now. 9.7Gb
  2. Let go of the boost any time you're in the air, then hit it again just as you land. That gives you a massive boost, and I think you can do it even if your boost bar is empty.
  3. It's got more to it, but I don't think the gameplay's changed at all. The full game has more tutorial stuff in it though, which helps a lot. I still think they don't do enough to drill in the single most important tip: hit boost as you land
  4. Had a good session last night, after getting it in the PSN sale. When it clicks, it's just brilliant. Was playing the mode where you have to build up boost and three of us picked the car that resupplies you when you drive next to team-mates. We were bombing along at top speed, huddled in a group, resupplying each other, while one of the big trucks gave us shields. Finished the match with about double the points of the other team. I can only play it for about 90 minutes though, before my eyeballs dry out from not blinking.
  5. Yeah, I'm game. I've not played it since the last set of challenges, so I'm sure it'll be...interesting. *crashes into wall*
  6. Wow, this takes me back. Dark evenings in about 94-95, huddled around my mate's darkened dining table, passing a candle around as 'the edge' (or something like that), and him getting right into character by wearing a frilly shirt. Such a great game. But really does need four players, so I'm unlikely to be able to play it now. Mind you, I've still got all my old cards, so it's not like I couldn't have played it without it being reprinted. Nothing quite like throwing a 'well aimed car' at people.
  7. Thank you! I was trying to work out who he reminded me of.
  8. @gospvg The PS4 download notification said it was just under 10Gb.
  9. I found I had a replacement membrane part for the trigger as well. I'd ordered a full pack of replacement membranes about a year ago, to fix the d-pad, I think. I tried replacing the trigger membrane and it worked fine when I just poked it with my finger, but not at all when I used the trigger. I've no idea why it didn't work, as it looked exactly the same size and shape to me.
  10. @JimmytheMook If you've never opened a pad up before, be aware that there's a little spring on each of the triggers, which just loves to ping across the room, never to be seen again. I managed to fix my trigger by putting a couple of layers of duct tape over the blade on the back of it, which presses on a membrane pad. That extra thickness seems to have sorted it. Before, I couldn't even do the first driving test (the straight, full throttle run), as my time was 14.2 seconds. Now it's under 12s.
  11. Were you using a pad and the triggers? I couldn't keep pace with any other cars either. Tried switching the throttle to the face buttons and, even though I could barely drive it like that, I knocked 21 seconds off my lap time. It feels like the triggers aren't giving the full range of throttle for some reason.
  12. @smac Have you made sure to close any running application on the PS4? I found that, even in standby, leaving a game running really chokes the download speed.
  13. I forgot you can actually build posh ramps. I just fashioned mine out of terrain, so it looks like a tumour.
  14. I built a lumpy ramp. I needed a platform of some kind, as I'd built a save point and signal booster outside the front door and couldn't just jetpack up to those.
  15. My base is still in the air, so it might only stop the problem from happening in future.
  16. Sorry, you sounded like you'd done it. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and see what happens.
  17. When you move bases, I know that you can access your old stuff from the bin next to the blueprints vendor, but do you get literally everything back? Stations, staff, storage bins and their contents? Or is it just the structural stuff? I've got a hankering to move, partly as my base is 50 feet in the air now, and partly as the 'idyllic' planet that I built one turned out to have freezing storms every two minutes.
  18. @Danster You should usually draw from the top of the Infection deck. Then, when the discard pile is shuffled and put back on the top after an Epidemic, you'll be drawing cities that have already been infected. That's the core part of the infection mechanic, that cities continue to get worse and worse over time. The only time you should draw from the bottom of the deck is during the Infect part of an Epidemic. That ensures that you're infecting a city that's not been hit before. That city will then be shuffled into the discards and put back on the top of the deck. As it
  19. @Pob I described it a bit in this post: I think the classic controls are still the same, but I sold the game on once I'd completed it, so I can't check.
  20. That rebuy! I thought my 300k was bad.
  21. You can leave it and, two weeks after it finishes, it'll disappear from your list and you get credited with the amount. To save you having to schlep all the way back if you've already left. That's what I read anyway. I tried it and it disappeared from the contracts list, but I didn't check if I actually got the money.
  22. @catinthehat Have a look at ObsidianAnt on Youtube. He's done a series of tutorials just for new PS4 players over the last couple of weeks, and I've learned most of what I needed just from him. He also has the world's most soothing voice.
  23. Thanks @Karzee and @revlob, those will probably suit me better in the short term than the AspEx, I think I just got giddy from the amount of cash in my wallet.
  24. How much did buying\outfitting it cost? After a windfall from the first set of community goals, I bought an Asp Explorer and now can't afford to outfit it, so I might have to downsize for a bit.
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