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  1. Did anyone here pre-order one of these and now wish that they'd got a Steam Deck? I did the opposite - pre-ordered the Steam Deck, as it didn't need up-front payment - but now I'm wishing I'd got a Playdate. No slight on the Steam Deck: it looks great, I just can't see any situation where I'd get much use out of it. My Steam Deck order is Q2, so it's probably coming up soon. If you fancy doing a part-exchange for an early Playdate pre-order, DM me. (It's the 256GB one, forgot to mention that)
  2. I'd say Carcassonne is a really good one to start with. I'd play without using the farmers rule though, as that requires a lot more planning and is less immediately obvious to the beginner.
  3. I'm a freelancer in game development and had to turn down two jobs last week, as they were both crypto and NFT ridden monstrosities. The second one got as far as a meeting with the company founders (both ex-Ubisoft machine-learning programmers, which should have clued me in), before the truth came out. Their pitch was hilarious - a fighting game where personifications of bitcoin and dogecoin would battle to create a new utopia. When I said I refused to work on anything that involved crypto and NFTs, one of them nodded, like he'd heard it a few times recently, while the other tried to convince me that it was actually a good thing and that I could bring another perspective to it. That they wanted to treat Satoshi Nakamoto as a messianic figure made me think they really weren't that big on seeing the downside of crypto.
  4. I’ve been visiting some of the spots from this site: https://flightspots.co There’s a fortified town in Northern Italy, which was pretty, and had some lovely countryside around it. Also, Naples, Venice etc. There’s a mountain range in Pakistan that’s very impressive - all crinkly and compressed - as well as the Eye of the Sahara, in Mauritania. Lots of others too, that I’ve not visited yet. It can be a little hard to find them, as the map on the site doesn’t match with the one in-game. There are co-ordinates, but I’ve not tried putting those in yet - not that easy to do on a pad. I imagine it’s all a lot easier on the PC version.
  5. I don't know if it's a bug, or just unclear in its labelling, but the external camera seems to work if you set it to the opposite of what you would think you want it to be. So, I like inverted controls - I set the internal camera to 'push up to look down, pull back to look up'. If I set the external camera to the opposite, 'push up to look up, pull back to look down', that works how I'd expect it to.
  6. Another upcoming one is Silt (full disclosure, I did a little bit of work on it. Very little - most of my time was spent enjoying the world )
  7. There are two copies on sale in the UK, on BoardGameGeek. There's a new copy that's French, but the game is language independent, you'd just need to download the rules. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geekmarket/browse?objecttype=thing&objectid=204027&pageid=1&currency=GBP
  8. Epic were recently advertising roles, working on that side of Fortnite, so I guess they're not done with it yet.
  9. Yep, it's happened loads. I've worked on 17 released games and, by my count, 8 9 of those are now unable to be bought in any form. Mostly, they're pre-App Store mobile games (Brew, J2ME etc.) but one was only last year: a server-based multiplayer game that didn't have enough users to justify continuing. Stuff like that is even worse, from an archive point of view, as there's no way at all to access it. If you had the old mobile files, you could technically run those.
  10. Moving Out is great fun, and has the ability to totally customise the difficulty level. Perfect for playing with someone young and\or less experienced with games.
  11. I was really surprised that there wasn't any footage of the build after February last year. All the other builds this series had at least some stuff shot during the gaps between lockdowns, and even had Kevin doing a Zoom call with one couple. Given that the last footage before that was her throwing a massive strop, about Kevin's comments, I reckon she got the hump and wouldn't let them back until it was done and dusted. I really wasn't that keen on the end result, even if I'm not as much of a purist as Kevin. I know there was a lot of rotten stuff that needed replacing, but they went into with ludicrous expections and far too little money. Why even buy a place like that, if you're just going to make it look like a generic new build inside? They started off with him doing all the interior pointing and then just gave up and plastered over everything. With the foundations being as bad as they are, that's going to be a maze of cracks before the end of the year.
  12. No, I bought my copy from them and it was $12 shipping. Not cheap, but not horrendous as they've got a UK fulfilment centre. The worst part was that they just sat on the order for a week, before sending it out; it came quickly after that though.
  13. One copy here: https://firestormcards.co.uk/STM900 Edit: Or, buy it direct from the publisher: https://stonemaier-games.myshopify.com/products/wingspan
  14. @jonnyalpha That sounds good, for Roll Through The Ages. 6kg!? Yikes! Okay, maybe not then.
  15. I'd be interested in Roll through the ages and Hive, if @Rev doesn't go for it. Also Mechs vs Minions, if you change your mind about postage. I'm in Hampshire, so collection's not really an option.
  16. @Cosmic_Guru I'll definitely have On Mars, if I'm next in line for that one?
  17. And, in case you need a third backup for all of those, count me in.
  18. Wait, how did I not know about this site? I use Gameslore all the time! Thank you!
  19. Don't get on the wrong side of The Bullet:
  20. VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game. An over-complicated title for a fairly simple, fun game. Locally anyway: it was a bit more complex than I thought it would be over Zoom, hence the need for a second camera. Before that, we played SteamRollers, which worked very well. Most roll and write games play well remotely. Our friends don't have a printer, so we've laminated some scoring sheets and posted them to them.
  21. Our weekly Zoom gaming session with friends moved to a two-camera setup last night: The phone captured a wide of the main playing area and cards that tracked what each player was doing, while the ipad had a close up view of ability cards and dice rolls. Worked really well! In recent sessions I've already added an LED panel to the basic lamp so, by the end of all this, I'm expecting to be using a full TV Outside Broadcast truck.
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