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  1. Holding the Back button temporarily removes the 3d cities and stuff, just leaving the tiles, IIRC. That's meant to be a "strategic view" and it also lets you toggle between the farmers, showing the extent of their farms, which is quite useful when you want to muscle in on someone else's territory. I wish they'd made RB zoom in and LB zoom out, rather than having them both toggle through all the settings. I was very impressed that it remembers the different players' zoom settings if you're all playing one machine; very nice touch that. But my main real issue is that there seems to be a bug th
  2. Lochenvar

    EDF 2017

    Whew, I was worried there for a second. Not being able to invert when running around and shooting would have killed this for me. Dodgy vehicle control I can live with, even though it's an odd omission. Cheers for the info.
  3. Lochenvar

    EDF 2017

    You mean there's no way to invert the controls in this game? "Push up on the stick to look up" only? Even if you've got inverted controls set in your 360 profile?
  4. My HMV order arrived this morning too! Pretty slow, I've had orders from VG+ arrive quicker than that, but as it was cheap as chips and had free delivery, I can't really complain. Now to convince the wife that she really wants to be a rock god.
  5. Excellent news! Bargains all round.
  6. Wahey! My HMV order's changed to "Completely shipped"! Thank you so much for spotting that Rev, you've saved me a mint! Well £18, but that's a lot to me at the moment. Odd that yours has gone to "Special Order", Kelthink. Perhaps HMV have taken more orders than they got units in? Bummer.
  7. With all the talk of game length, has anyone seen any mention of whether this is just for a single play through? The part I played had a branching bit, where you were in some tunnels and it asked you which way you wanted to go, and the two levels seemed to be totally different. I say "seemed" as I only played about 10 minutes after that point, so I don't know how long they were different for. If they had those all through the game, that would bump up the replayability a lot. Hopefully someone will spill a bit more about this in a review later today.
  8. No email here either, and I checked on the HMV site and my order's still in the system. Hope they're not just working through them in chronological order...
  9. Cheers, I didn't know that. I'll have to keep an eye on them for new releases then.
  10. No, maybe "obviously the wrong price" was going a bit far, but it seems like a pretty big discount for HMV. Their games aren't usually that well priced are they? I never really use them for anything other than dirt cheap DVDs. That's what I'm hoping, they'll just take the hit to prevent bad PR. And we all make out like bandits.
  11. Me too, if this comes off it'll be the bargain of the century. I've not tried one of these "obviously the wrong price" situations before, how do they usually turn out? Should I get my hopes up, or are they going to hit me with the aforementioned "sorry we fucked up" mail, just too late for me to order it from anywhere else?
  12. I feel honoured to have taken your cherry.
  13. God knows, but that's what I've seen people asking all over. As I say though, apart from the fact that they're essentially both shooters, I think they play differently enough to make the comparison a bit pointless. Enjoying GoW certainly hasn't diminished my desire to play Halo 3. Ah, it only took two hours for the first "plant" comment. Nice one. No, there've been no games in the last 3 years that I've been able to play before they were released and, hence, thought people might want to hear about.
  14. Yes! After three years of lurking, I've finally got something worth posting about. I got to play GoW last night; single player for about half an hour and multiplayer for an hour or so. Hard to be accurate, as it flew past pretty quickly. I went into it slightly more excited about the game than Cyhwuhx, although I've not been following it like some other games, but I've come away from it wondering how I'm going to wait another month. Halo killer? Hard to say, as it feels very different to play, but it's certainly going to be big. I think the whole "enormous space marines" aspect may put some
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