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  1. It was pretty intense. I don't know about Dobber, but I felt like I'd run a marathon by the end of it. Thanks very much for taking us through it, guys. You're excellent teachers. Hope we were reasonable students. And thanks for fixing it so that I got two good guns as rewards, and Dobber got bugger all.
  2. Excellent. So that's: DrVVatson dobber997 berties_paw76 Gorf King (MikeDracula - 'The Man Behind The Magnificence') Van lordscotland I'll be on at 9pm, so I guess just come and join the fireteam then? Ta chaps, much appreciated.
  3. No worries. Yep, that's cool. Whatever you think will get us through it.
  4. *looks up MikeDracula on DestinyStatus* Yikes! You've played a fair bit then?
  5. Sounds like you might want to level up a bit more, Yix. I'll be up for helping you out when you have though, drop me a line. DrVVatson dobber997 berties_paw76 Gorf King Van (pencilled) ? What's your PSN id, Gorf King?
  6. Yes, definitely a normal run through first. Yix, great to have another novice on board. No idea if 24 is too low though. berties paw?
  7. Awesome. Yes, PS4. You've done it before, I take it? DrVVatson dobber997 berties_paw76 ? ? ?
  8. My mate and I have managed to get to level 31 without ever doing a Raid, and we thought we should probably remedy that. So we're looking for anyone to help us out tonight at about 8.30-9pm? Either other novices or experienced players who don't mind us not having a clue what we're doing. My PSN id is DrVVatson (two V's there, damn name stealers), his is dobber997. DrVVatson dobber997 ? ? ? ?
  9. You're totally right, it's full of bizarre design choices. I guess they assumed they wouldn't need a tutorial as they've put information into the loading screen tips, but you've got to play the game many times before you see all those. If it wasn't for the Let's Play videos they did, I wouldn't even know the basics. The hearts system is still baffling to me. Sometimes they're on fire - I guess that's when I've taken a hit from the explosions, but does that mean that heart is totally lost or could I get it back by...cooling off? The shop is by far the most irritating thing. Here's a shop, don't forget to spend your money. Except you can't, as we've locked everything away! And that system also means that every game I've played so far has been a total waste of time. Miss Ion keeps spawning in really big rooms, so she's always dead by the time I get to her. She's the only way (I know of) to get upgrade tokens so, if she dies, there's no point carrying on playing as any money I earn is wasted. And no, I've no idea about the fire axes either.
  10. There's a 20% discount for PS+ members for the first week too, according to the PS blog.
  11. I knew it was familiar, but I've been playing the bass part of that song, so I didn't recognise it straight away.
  12. Five is: Nine is: Six is driving me mad. I know it but I can't quite place it. Great idea for a game, btw.
  13. There a couple of spaces in the team I'm part of. The other members of the team have mostly moved on and I'm looking for people to contribute to challenges. I would start my own team but we're currently something like level 16 and I did most of that! On that note, any other teams that like to do challenges?
  14. Love the new muitiplayer Time Trial mode - all the racing fun with none of the pile ups. There does seem to be some horrible bug in the time keeping though. I kept ending up last for some reason...
  15. Lochenvar

    Rock Band!

    Yeah, I can imagine there's a lot to whack on a cramped stage. I mainly kept the hammer on as it was less work, and it made sure the magnet cleared the sensor by a good margin.
  16. Log into the store website. Then mouse over your name at the top right and select Purchase History. The Expiration Date for any PS+ games you've 'bought' will be the day your PS+ sub runs out.
  17. Lochenvar

    Rock Band!

    I used one of those magnetic sensors you'd get on a door jamb to convert a Pearl pedal. Worked a treat, and it's tough as nails. Edit: Yes, similar to that. Although I kept the hammer on and used that as the mount for the magnet.
  18. Awesome! Are we going to be able to access photo mode in the replays, Rushy?
  19. I'm continually amazed at how well it all holds up, even when you're zoomed right in. Just incredible work by Evolution. Also, I must take some more pics of that car. It's bonkers.
  20. A few more pics: Actually, that one illustrates something I'd love to see introduced: translucency on the corner flags, so you can see their colour when the sun is behind them. I love the Mono.
  21. It does seem like a hell of a coincidence if it's not Boomerang.
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