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  1. I really enjoyed Hand of Fate. It's a little rough around the edges but it's unlike anything else I've played. It's like having a DM take you through a game of D&D. I paid full price for it and don't regret it at all. It's totally worth it for half off. I just wish they'd release the PC DLC on PS4.
  2. Is there a spare space in any of the active clubs? After a Bloodbourne and Witcher induced hiatus, I want to get back into this and it would nice to be in an active club for the challenges. No-one in my club has played this for months.
  3. It lets you spin the car on its long axis, so you can flip it the right way up while still facing in the same direction.
  4. Lochenvar

    Her Story

    There's been a problem with the Humble Store. He's waiting to hear back from them.
  5. I've just totted up all the DLC on the store and it came to £50.15. Where did you get £17.41 from? Anyway, to answer your question, there's another month worth of content coming, IIRC. They were supposed to stop in June but added another month to compensate for giving the first month's DLC away for free.
  6. That would explain why I couldn't find it in a Quotes search on imdb. Thanks, I'll hunt it out and have a listen.
  7. todos, I just wanted to say thank you for all your mixes. When I'm writing, I cue them all up and let them play all day, and they're perfect for that. One question - in one of the early mixes, there's a long monologue by a woman talking about a couple she knew. What's that from? I swear I know her voice, but I can't place it.
  8. I've seen about six or seven NTLive shows, and the only problem I remember was someone's mic dying, so they sounded a bit crappy for a few minutes until it was replaced. I don't recall ever having a transmission problem like you had. I suspect it was just a problem with that cinema and you got unlucky. Do give it another go, as it's really great when it works.
  9. Is that big enough? I can output a specific resolution if you like? Might as well do it properly.
  10. This really is a pretty game. Dark, but pretty. (HG location)
  11. I have this nasty compulsion to try and take out every enemy I see. I'll have to put my running shoes on. Then I'll hit the FW. Thanks.
  12. I'll have to give the WoH a go - I'd heard there was a good item after that. The trouble is those big buggers on the way. I haven't found a good technique to consistently take them out.
  13. I've just killed VA and I'm not sure where to go now. I've been to HCL, although I've not killed the WoH yet. I had a quick look at FW, but it looked a bit daunting. Is the FW where I should head next? Or should I try and give the WoH a kicking? I'm about level 40 at the moment.
  14. The bit where it says something like 'if you need help, all you have to do is ring the bell'? Balls, I had no idea that there were NPCs to summon. I tried to summon a co-op partner but I was standing over by the nightmare fog. Stood there for ages, no-one came so I had to go and take out BSB by myself. Nearly woke up the wife with my victory roar. :-)
  15. Thanks for the game, guys. We had a damn good stab at it. And I feel like I know what I'm doing with the witches in the final area now. Awesome job on staying alive and clearing out those hundreds of Knights, LiMuBai! Dobber thinks that SecondSon guy might have been his fault - a random he played with a while back. Sorry about that, he's been deleted. I told him not to play with randoms...
  16. Dobber and I will probably be around. He's done Hard already and I don't mind giving it a try, but we're both up for Normal as well. Just drop us an invite if you've got spaces.
  17. Great Raid tonight, guys. Well done to the two first timers, thanks to FiniteLight for taking on the tutor role, and thanks to bertie's paw for his excellent, Zorro-like, sword wielding.
  18. Dobber's done it a few times too, so we should be good.
  19. I've only done this one once. They're very different from Strikes, Vault of Glass has lots of puzzley elements to it. Crota has a few, along with lots of running around in the dark, shrieking. Although that may just have been me
  20. Yep, Normal. I'll add you. Excellent. See you all about 10pm.
  21. I'm DrVVatson (with two V's) and it's dobber997. He's not on Rllmuk. So, with your +1, that leaves us with one space, I think? Any takers?
  22. I'm up for another normal run tonight, if there's space? Dobber's around as well. He's done it a few times now, so it'll only be me dragging the side down. I've just unlocked self-res on my Warlock though, so there's that.
  23. If you're on 30Mb or higher, they don't traffic manage downloads any more: http://my.virginmedia.com/traffic-management/traffic-management-policy-30Mb-or-higher.html So fill yer boots.
  24. Thanks very much to you and the guys for guiding us through it. Glad you thought we did okay - I felt a bit more like a headless chicken on Crota than I did on VoG. You're a great teacher, and made every section really clear before we went in. Only major mistake was down to me forgetting the golden rule: don't stand on the middle plate if the other two aren't covered!
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