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  1. 1 hour ago, Majora said:

    Perhaps because I didn't really pay any attention during the intro but it really seemed to be reaching for something emotional and it had no impact on me at all.


    No, I was paying attention to it and I still didn't understand the ending at all. I'd be interested to know if it made more sense in French and was just poorly translated.

  2. It was one of the boss fights, about 3/4 of way through, that killed it for me too. Watched a video of the ending and I’m glad I didn’t bother.

    Such a great game, when you’re out in space, flitting about between enemies. Why they decided to ruin that with boss fights, horrible sections in cramped tunnels and boss fights in cramped tunnels, I don’t know. 

  3. I can never see that much, from behind the screen, but my wife says they always react really well. Generally they’re stunned into silence for a bit. 😁

    I do remember one really tiny girl, a couple of years ago, must have only been about three or four. She was with a group and while the others were getting sweets, she wouldn’t take her eyes off the puppet and I could see her trying to process that this talking thing was right in front of her. 

    That’s why we went with a muppet-type puppet, as most of the kids were very young, so we didn’t want to scare them. 

    Generally it’s the parents who give the best reaction as they’re very grateful that we’ve put so much effort into it. 

    It is a lot of work though, which is why it would be great to find someone to help with the 3D graphics side of it. 

  4. Over the last few years, my wife and I have been creating an increasingly elaborate puppet show thing for the kids who come around at Halloween. Last year I ended up teaching myself enough Blender that I could do a projection-mapped background:



    I was hoping to do something new for this year, but I haven't used Blender at all since, so I'd basically have to learn it all from scratch again.


    Does anyone fancy collaborating on something?

  5. Cheers @Garwoofoo, that's really great info. I have seen some lenses on ebay that have magnetic mounts, for easy removal, and I did wonder about getting those. But, I'm like you and have pretty terrible eyesight, so I think it would be better to make sure I'm getting really good lenses. I doubt I'll be passing it around much and, if I did, I'd just have to do without them for the night. I'm used to stumbling around in real life anyway. :)

  6. Is vroptician.com still the best place to get prescription lenses from? If you need prism correction, was it worth getting or not getting that?

  7. Played this co-op with a friend last night and was teaching him the tips that I've mostly got from in here. I realised there's one that I've learned that I don't think has been mentioned here:


    If you're needing to clear a large area (fence, floor etc.) stand at the edge of it, or lay down low, set the spray angle so it's perpendicular to the surface and spray 'along' it. If that makes sense? The water doesn't fall off in power very quickly, so you can use a small spray and clear a lot of area in a very short time.

  8. 2 hours ago, Garwoofoo said:

    I did feel like I'd got a touch of motion sickness from this last night, which is unusual. In my defence: (a) I'd played it for hours, (b) it's quite intense without any of the level breaks or variety you'd get in a typical first-person viewpoint game; and (c) you spend your whole time panning your viewpoint up and down.

    Do you know there’s an aim mode? Press up on the d-pad and the camera will stay still while you can wiggle the water stream independently. I find it a bit less precise, but it does mean the camera’s not lurching around all the time. 

  9. I was thinking that the easiest way to do it would be to just not have the truck there during shooting and add a CGI truck in afterwards but I think you’re right. Looking at it, there’s a definite moment when the camera gets picked up from the ground. If the truck wasn’t there, they’d either shoot with a crane or steadicam, so it wouldn’t need picking up. 

    Might have needed a paint-out on the rig, but that’s pretty simple to do now. 

  10. That’s so strange. This is what my mate got:



    I thought it was odd, as I’d done the conversion in May and I didn’t remember anything as unclear as this. He did it the same way I did though: 3x one year Gold subs. 


    These options make it look like his GPU is still active and the option is just to extend it, but his was definitely expired or he wouldn’t have been able to add the Gold subs at full duration. 


    The whole of the xbox site is a bit of a disaster area. 

  11. @Harsin

    Possibly a bit of clarification for step 5 of the guide: I just helped a friend through the upgrade and, on the page where you actually upgrade to GPU, MS have worded it very poorly.


    (This is for someone who's renewing an expired GPU - it might be different for someone doing it for the first time)


    There are two options on the page: "Manage Subscription" and "Extend Subscription £10.99/month". In order to convert the previously-added 3 years of Gold to GPU, it's the second option you need, "Extend Subscription". Not very clear at all, but we crossed our fingers and it worked. :)

  12. 47 minutes ago, Strafe said:

    couldn’t be bothered

    Ah, you’re one of them.


    You know what boils my piss? Gamers, who when told, by a 20-year veteran developer, about the technical reasons behind something, fall back on ‘lazy devs’. Feel free to tell me what you do, so I can call you fucking lazy.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Strafe said:

    I’d forgotten about that aspect. I’d been thinking about Gears of War and a particularly red mist-inducing part of Guardians of the Galaxy where you have to find another character and the level has been loaded, it just doesn’t let you run around and makes you walk. I started hating the game at that point.


    I'd still put money on it being a technical reason. I work in Narrative and there's almost zero chance that gameplay would be held up just so a character could say some dialogue. Even in a game as narrative-heavy as GoG, it's still about the lowest priority part of development. It's far, far more common that dialogue is used to paper over cracks.

  14. 1 hour ago, Strafe said:

    Games where it makes you walk slowly at set points to fill out some dialogue exposition because they decided they couldn’t be bothered to do a cutscene or make the map a bit bigger so you could still run around as normal.


    More often than not, those kinds of sections are there for technical reasons, like covering up level loads, and the dialogue is just there to keep you occupied while that's happening.


    See also: squeezing through tight spaces, and sliding\dropping down sections that you can't backtrack through.

  15. In the first season of the Drone Racing League, they had a course inside the building, and it's a level in the DRL game. It really is a massive place.

    That one's a bit 'potato-cam', but it's 360 degrees, so you can drag it around and get a good (if low-res) look at the place.

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