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  1. That’s so strange. This is what my mate got: I thought it was odd, as I’d done the conversion in May and I didn’t remember anything as unclear as this. He did it the same way I did though: 3x one year Gold subs. These options make it look like his GPU is still active and the option is just to extend it, but his was definitely expired or he wouldn’t have been able to add the Gold subs at full duration. The whole of the xbox site is a bit of a disaster area.
  2. How did you get there? Via the Manage Subscription page, like the guide suggests?
  3. @Harsin Possibly a bit of clarification for step 5 of the guide: I just helped a friend through the upgrade and, on the page where you actually upgrade to GPU, MS have worded it very poorly. (This is for someone who's renewing an expired GPU - it might be different for someone doing it for the first time) There are two options on the page: "Manage Subscription" and "Extend Subscription £10.99/month". In order to convert the previously-added 3 years of Gold to GPU, it's the second option you need, "Extend Subscription". Not very clear at all, but we crossed our fingers and it worked.
  4. Ah, you’re one of them. You know what boils my piss? Gamers, who when told, by a 20-year veteran developer, about the technical reasons behind something, fall back on ‘lazy devs’. Feel free to tell me what you do, so I can call you fucking lazy.
  5. I'd still put money on it being a technical reason. I work in Narrative and there's almost zero chance that gameplay would be held up just so a character could say some dialogue. Even in a game as narrative-heavy as GoG, it's still about the lowest priority part of development. It's far, far more common that dialogue is used to paper over cracks.
  6. More often than not, those kinds of sections are there for technical reasons, like covering up level loads, and the dialogue is just there to keep you occupied while that's happening. See also: squeezing through tight spaces, and sliding\dropping down sections that you can't backtrack through.
  7. In the first season of the Drone Racing League, they had a course inside the building, and it's a level in the DRL game. It really is a massive place. That one's a bit 'potato-cam', but it's 360 degrees, so you can drag it around and get a good (if low-res) look at the place.
  8. I've not tried it yet, but this one came out recently: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1428100/Instruments_of_Destruction/
  9. Silt is released today, on most platforms. (I did a tiny bit of work on it, little enough that I'm really looking foward to playing it)
  10. Thank you. Mine expires today (where did that three years go?), so it's good to have confirmation it still works.
  11. BTW, I'm open to offers on all of this lot, especially if you'd like more than one thing, as I can combine postage. All the prices were total guesswork anyway.
  12. I think I can coax the pigeon to fly that far.
  13. Having a bit of a clearout. All prices inc. postage to UK mainland. (Open to offers, especially if ordering more than one thing) The 7th Continent - £70 - Kickstarter Survivor pledge level - 963 cards, 4 curses. Plastic character figures. Base cards all sleeved (about 150, with some spare sleeves). And one more curse that was print and play. Burgle Bros 2 - £30 - includes 'Casing the Joint' variant. All in this picture - £20 each Hunted: Mining Colony 415 The Networks: Executives and The Networks: More Executives (as a set) - unpunched and cards still sealed Roll through the Ages: The Iron Age Memoir '44 - Minor damage to the rule book, where some pages were stuck together. Nothing that obscures the words though. Memoir '44: Pacific Theater - Unboxed but otherwise as new Memoir '44: Eastern Front - Unboxed but otherwise as new All in this picture - £15 each Stronghold Mask of Anubis - box has minor damage inside, but everything else is in great condition. Needs a smartphone and free app: Android/iOS Doodle Dungeon Chronicles of Crime - Needs a smartphone and free app: Android/iOS STEM: Epic Heroes - all cards sleeved Black Sonata Memoir '44: Terrain Pack - Unboxed but otherwise as new. 1 shield is only printed on one side. Metro TIME Stories - a little worn but all complete and perfectly playable All in this picture - £10 each TIME Stories: Lumen Fidei Pandante Hive Getaway Driver Memoir '44: Winter\Desert board and Blitz Rules Infernal Contraption and Infernal Contraption 2: Sabotage! (as a set)- The box for 2 is a little squashed, but everything else is in great condition. Everything in these next three pics is for charity. Either donate to Haribo or your favourite cause. 7th Continent 2nd edition cards - suggested donation of £30 - these are still sealed and were issued as a replacement for the initial set (above). I think it was just something to do with the colour of the backs not quite matching the expansions. It's all the cards that would be in the base game, so if you substitute some tokens for characters and dice, you can play the whole game. Unfair first edition cards - suggested donation of £15 - this is the same situation, but these are the cards that were replaced. If you don't plan on playing with expansions though, they're perfectly fine. Includes the board too, so you'd just need some cash tokens. Abalone - donate what you like Spielbox promos for 7 Wonders (Stevie Wonder and Mannekin Pis), A La Carte and Castles of Burgundy - donate what you like. Gloom and two expansions Various old CCGs and some (opened) boosters. boxes a bit tatty, but only including in case someone goes "I've been looking for that for years!" Again, donate what you like.
  14. Did anyone here pre-order one of these and now wish that they'd got a Steam Deck? I did the opposite - pre-ordered the Steam Deck, as it didn't need up-front payment - but now I'm wishing I'd got a Playdate. No slight on the Steam Deck: it looks great, I just can't see any situation where I'd get much use out of it. My Steam Deck order is Q2, so it's probably coming up soon. If you fancy doing a part-exchange for an early Playdate pre-order, DM me. (It's the 256GB one, forgot to mention that)
  15. I'd say Carcassonne is a really good one to start with. I'd play without using the farmers rule though, as that requires a lot more planning and is less immediately obvious to the beginner.
  16. I'm a freelancer in game development and had to turn down two jobs last week, as they were both crypto and NFT ridden monstrosities. The second one got as far as a meeting with the company founders (both ex-Ubisoft machine-learning programmers, which should have clued me in), before the truth came out. Their pitch was hilarious - a fighting game where personifications of bitcoin and dogecoin would battle to create a new utopia. When I said I refused to work on anything that involved crypto and NFTs, one of them nodded, like he'd heard it a few times recently, while the other tried to convince me that it was actually a good thing and that I could bring another perspective to it. That they wanted to treat Satoshi Nakamoto as a messianic figure made me think they really weren't that big on seeing the downside of crypto.
  17. I’ve been visiting some of the spots from this site: https://flightspots.co There’s a fortified town in Northern Italy, which was pretty, and had some lovely countryside around it. Also, Naples, Venice etc. There’s a mountain range in Pakistan that’s very impressive - all crinkly and compressed - as well as the Eye of the Sahara, in Mauritania. Lots of others too, that I’ve not visited yet. It can be a little hard to find them, as the map on the site doesn’t match with the one in-game. There are co-ordinates, but I’ve not tried putting those in yet - not that easy to do on a pad. I imagine it’s all a lot easier on the PC version.
  18. I don't know if it's a bug, or just unclear in its labelling, but the external camera seems to work if you set it to the opposite of what you would think you want it to be. So, I like inverted controls - I set the internal camera to 'push up to look down, pull back to look up'. If I set the external camera to the opposite, 'push up to look up, pull back to look down', that works how I'd expect it to.
  19. Another upcoming one is Silt (full disclosure, I did a little bit of work on it. Very little - most of my time was spent enjoying the world )
  20. There are two copies on sale in the UK, on BoardGameGeek. There's a new copy that's French, but the game is language independent, you'd just need to download the rules. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geekmarket/browse?objecttype=thing&objectid=204027&pageid=1&currency=GBP
  21. Epic were recently advertising roles, working on that side of Fortnite, so I guess they're not done with it yet.
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