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  1. PSP emulation (assuming that is what you are talking about) is ASS
  2. Ship! Oh, well that is different altogether! (But, if they are selling out all over the place and haven't actually sold 4 million , then 4 million Wiis could not have been shipped...)
  3. dojo99

    Drum 'n' Bass

    Ooh thanks peeps. I'm sure I've heard of Andy C too, or maybe that is my mate from across the road...
  4. It seems that the Wii has already sold 3 million worldwide, according to VG Charts. Its an unofficial site (so, in all honesty, you might as well stop reading now ), but if it is true, Nintendo has done semi-well on its promise of selling 4 million before the end of the year.
  5. I'd just take that back and get what I asked for. Although, Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins is a fair bit different (presentation wise) from the Classics. Maybe you'd consider getting Reloaded and UG&G, together?
  6. I suppose I need to press on with this game. Haven't played it since before Christmas, what with all of the Christmas festivities and stuff. Only on the 3rd temple...still...after having it 3 weeks.
  7. dojo99

    Drum 'n' Bass

    Went into the sales at HMV today and found a great 3CD set for £4.99 I'm not usually into this type of stuff but can anyone recommend any good artists? All of the people on the CDs have names like "Sik Lipper Underdog CC" and crazy stuff like that. I'm assuming they're in the minority?
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