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  1. Shadow is seriously impressive. I played PUBG for three hours last night and it didnt feel like I was streaming it at all, its witchcraft. I'm definitely going to pay the extra for additional storage space.
  2. sorted it now. The Discord chat was really helpful. Basically, everything you shouldn't have ticked in the launcher.....I had ticked
  3. Subbed to this tonight. It was set up within 5 mins, impressive. Sadly thats where the good part ended. So far I've tried Escape From Tarkov and PUBG. Both are a slideshow and totally unplayable. I am having horrendous input lag and constant stuttering. I have a 47mbs d/l connection when.I test it on the app, which should be fine. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  4. Graveyard Keeper is up on Game Pass. I bought it on PC when it was in alpha, its a great game.
  5. Herbalizer

    No Man's Sky

    Do we know the update file size? I get such slow download speeds on PSN, so im hoping its not massive
  6. If anyone wants to add me for duos or squads then my Epic username is Vivsjack. Im on most nights.
  7. I think if you play on Switch using headphones you have a huge advantage. Other players have no awareness of whats going on around them.
  8. Got my first solo victory tonight. Skill level is definitely lower on Switch, which is great for me.
  9. Herbalizer

    England Football

    Easy to say that England had a favourable route to the Semi final, but don't forget that they lost to Iceland and failed to get out of a group in recent times. They did well as a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Missing a creative midfielder to open play up and possibly need to be more direct in their attacking play at times.
  10. sorted it all out. it was an utter pain in the arse, and I had to create a new email address to link my xbox account to, then unlink it and link it back up with my main account. Still, I'm all good to go for season 5.
  11. Says that both accounts are already linked to an epic account. Ive never signed up to an Epic account, it must just assign you one.
  12. I've currently got Fortnite on Switch and Xbox, when I started playing I didn't bother setting up an Epic account as I wasn't that invested. I cant seem to find an option to create one now, really want to share the battlepass across platforms. Have I missed my opportunity to create an account?
  13. Herbalizer


    Ive got a key from the Humble Monthly for Dark Souls 3 going. PM me for the code. Now gone.
  14. Herbalizer

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Only way we will be playing each other is if you dont go up. We are getting relegated.
  15. Herbalizer


    Got keys for Life is Strange and Tacoma going. PM me both gone

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