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  1. I ended up buying a new copy of Bloodbowl from ebay. Friend in work plays it so i have someone to learn with. In time ill teach the kids.
  2. Hello again guys. I come once again looking for advice. Are there any games i could get that that i can play on my own?
  3. Hi guys. I have two 7 year old boys that i would like to intorduce to either Warhammer or 40k. Whats the best starting point for them, or is 7 too young? I also want to play with them and learn together.
  4. I am perfectly fine with us finishing 7th. I hated the Prem after Laudrup left. Its way more fun in the Championship with a young team. The EPL isnt worth the long term financial hardship and footballing mercenaries that come with it.
  5. Montero has three good games a season, normally in the first two months. Then when the it gets cold his form goes to shit and he becomes perma injured.
  6. I used to watch one streamer who had a ship AI that he could talk to. That was pretty cool.
  7. Thanks Cov, a lovely gesture.
  8. I shall certainly report back. Doesn't seem that hard to shift them if you wanted to sell it, lots of people on the Discord group looking to purchase one.
  9. Just had a look and most users on the Discord are happy with the Ghost. It sounds like you have a faulty one. Worth sending it back and getting the replacement.
  10. Ah balls. I am awaiting delivery of mine. Guess i will just return it.
  11. Really enjoying this, highest break of 123 so far. Its a lovely relaxing game to play at the end of an evening.
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