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  1. Yeah, I'd agree with that. The ending could have been handled more interestingly. I just found a lot of people were like ' the film could have been good but on a deep introspection, I've concluded that Pratt's character was a bit evil and rapey'. Which, really isn't reading between the lines and it is not an unfortunate oversight with the film that he is a bit evil and rapey, it literally is the plot of the film. Now you can argue that the conclusion to the premise was a bit botched and mishandled but that subject matter is largely the main storey driver, much more so than the ship's problems. But I did like the actual premise, what would a person do if they were destined to spend their entire life alone but they could change all that but it involves inflicting their same situation on another person. As you say, people probably object to the conclusion to that moral question being a bit of a cop out which I can certainly understand and agree with in many ways.
  2. Sounds like my attempts to convince the other half to try anal....
  3. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Would be nice to see a few N64 games get on the service. I mean, I know it might be unlikely when they can still flog the Mario 64 rom for £50 but even a few games that Nintendo have long given up on (Pilotwings 64, F-Zero X etc.) would be nice to have on the service.
  4. Did a quick search but can't find an existing specific topic for Gaming Podcasts. I think it was a recommendation here but I have been really enjoying the Back Page Podcast. Matthew Castle (of Ngamer) and Samuel Roberts (X360, PC Gamer) chat about a lot of stuff including the good old days of proper gaming magazines, behind the scenes stories and also chat about past and current games. It is a legitimately good podcast and I am really enjoying it and catching up on past episodes. https://twitter.com/BackPagePod?s=20 I like the way it doesn't really have a singular focus. One week they will be talking about the Resident Evil Village, the next might be the best Magazine Covers they worked on, week after is their favourite games from 2007. It just a nice change of pace each week but from two guys who really know their games and were in the thick of gaming magazines back in the good old days where there were loads published each month. What other podcasts are people listening to and do you tend to have a specific interest such as retro, new games, industry stories etc. Do people have a preference? I can cope with an episode a week, maybe around an hour (ish) long and a specific focus. I'm not a big fan of pod casts that spend the first 10 minutes discussing what the hosts had for breakfast that day - get into the action as quickly as possible I say. Plus for some reason American podcasts tend to grate on me a bit - they are often far too cheery, happy and 'bros' rather than the slightly more cynical piss taking approach British podcasts tend to adopt.
  5. We really are going to be in the position in a few months time when the console will have been out for a full year and still not be able to be able to be freely purchased. I tend to be an MS/Nintendo gamer but actually quite fancy a PS5 this time around for some of the really excellent looking exclusives but I'm just going to wait until I can order it with no bother. Not that it really affects Sony, when you are literally selling as many as you can manufacture there is not much else you can do but I imagine they wish they could produce more. I'll be picking up all the games I fancy for £20 a pop by the time I snag a console.
  6. I really liked Passengers too. People seemed to be down on it since Pratt made some really shitty choices but, I mean, that was the plot really. Its not like they accidentally included some questionable choices, it was what the story was about.
  7. Dunno. Spending 21 races pooling round the back in a Williams when you know there is a simply change they could apply to make you faster. It would be very tempting to let slip a few hints to the team. I'm not even sure spending time in a simulator is going to do the job anyway. All the drivers who have switched teams could have spent every waking moment from 1st Jan 2021 in their respective simulators but, if they have done, it certainly hasn't provided any benefit to race and quali pace in real life. In comparison, Russell was able to jump in the Merc and effectively beat Bottas. You can put it down to a number of things, I just put it down to the fact that he is a much better driver than Bottas.
  8. Maybe. I'd be slightly surprised if Mercedes gave much information to a person who is currently in another team. It would be like inviting Ocon for a factory tour and a go on the 2021 Mercedes simulator.
  9. Yeah, we should do this again. I calculated the overall results last time and it was a PITA. Anyone know of some online system that can do the hard work of calculating the ranking.
  10. Agreed. Russel's efforts last year in Bahrain look even more impressive when you see the current issues the drivers who have switched teams this year are having. With limited testing it has taken, I'd say all of them, at least four races to even look close to what you'd expect of them. That speaks volumes that George was able to jump in the car last year and effectively beat Bottas in his first go.
  11. Yep, that's the only realistic scenario that none of the teams come back to the UK. Not sure it is a viable option but seems to be the only plausible option.
  12. Absolutely. So petty. Wildly different strategies. If you're main selling point is that you are a good No.2 why throw all that away with these shenanigans. Which makes me think Bottas already knows he is out the door at the end of the year. Still, I'm surprised Toto took it so well, at least publicly. For the first time in a while Mercedes are in a proper fight and it is going to come down to Hamilton or Verstappen. Then you have Bottas deliberately getting in the way and potentially costing the team a win. I'd have been tempted to have him sit out a race frankly.
  13. Frankly I think the decision has been made to replace Bottas with Russell and that it will be announced around the Summer break, presumably along with the announcement of a contract extension for Hamilton. I think Hamilton will be here for a few more years but Mercedes now need to look at the after Hamilton era and Bottas is never going to feature as team leader in that conversation. Better then to bed in Russell for a few years, let him learn from Hamilton and then if he doesn't work out you can go outside the stable and look at Verstappen or Nando. There's no benefit to pairing someone like Russell with Bottas since you want him to learn from the best not learn how to be Bottas Mark 6. Bottas is an average to good driver but he's never going to be exceptional in the way that Hamilton and Verstappen are. If Hamilton could drive on forever you might keep Bottas around as a no.2 but one day Hamilton will call it a day and you have to hope that Mercedes want the person to take over already in the team when that happens.
  14. I agree. Nintendo could use a few moderately budgeted games to fill the gaps in its release schedule. If you budget a new Pilot Wings or F-Zero right then there is no need to lose money and you can keep your schedule alive with releases. It is not like Nintendo look at their release schedule and puzzle over how they could possibly fit in another release.
  15. Yep, and potentially don't want Disney+ content competing against movies released into Cinemas on Fridays.
  16. Yeah, I can't go back to 1080 for things like Far Cry 5 when 4K is availible.
  17. Good News! They've finally halted production of the show. https://trekmovie.com/2021/04/24/star-trek-discovery-temporarily-pauses-production-due-to-off-set-covid-contact/
  18. Interestingly, I managed to survive to the end by just holing up in a house with a shotgun. I didn't think much of not being able to extract or not since the whole thing was more for show than gameplay but I guess that might have been a nice conclusion to the players who did manage to survive. I played it twice, one surviving to the end, one as a zombie but I didn't feel you needed to 'play' it any more than that. I thought the rebirth island bit was a nice touch, was completely thrown by some of the changes though. Interested to see what happens tonight although frankly would rather a brand new map than another iteration of Verdansk which itself has always looked like it was cobbled together in five minutes by just copying and pasting a load of the same assets into a 8x8 map.
  19. I just think comparing F1 and Football League is comparing apples with oranges. The truth is there are hundreds of football teams which would, if given the option, play in the Super League if they were able to. There are dramatic start up costs which means the number of teams that would race next year in F1 if they were able to is pretty much simply the ten teams you have now. Its a closed shop insofar that there are not many teams which are capable, financially or technically, of entering F1. F1's ongoing fear is the prospect of losing teams and not being able to replace them rather than stopping new entrants from joining.
  20. Not in the sense of the Super League. Whilst F1 doesn't have relegation, new teams can join. There is nothing in the rules preventing a new team from joining if they wish to. Also, in F1 the individual drivers are as important as the teams and in most years a few of the top F2 drivers will end up being promoted to F1. Therefore there is definitely promotion for drivers to F1 and nothing to prevent new teams from joining. Very different to the Super League scenario.
  21. And what ultimately can a Court do. If PSG doesn't turn up, or the Atatürk Olympic Stadium declines to host the final can a Court compel another team or stadium to step in. What if UEFA declines to simply televise the final? There are plenty of ways to hurt the semi finals and final of this year's competition even without banning teams. It is actually a pity we don't have any of the German teams still in play who are more likely to just not bother turning up. Devalue the remaining tournament games by making them a laughing stock and ensuring any eventual winner always has an * next to it.
  22. I so wish they had included the pricks bit!
  23. Yeah, as I said in my lengthier post it is about pressing the nuclear option and basically making the big Clubs look over the precipice towards mutually assured destruction if they proceed with this plan. We're talking caps on players wages, dismantling of existing TV remuneration deals, Government passing a law preventing Super League games from being televised, stops on working visas being permitted to football players, compulsory purchases of football club grounds, changing fit and proper person test for owning a Club to prevent Clubs from being listed on a stock exchange or owned by a foreign entity. There are so many levers that can be pulled and the message is going to be that some of these levers may not be lawful but you're going to end up spending so much time in Court and that every time you win one argument we'll pull another lever and you have to start again. You throw so much shit in the way of this proposal that at some point the Club's accountant just convinces the owner that this whole enterprise is a money losing fiasco and forces the owner to look back on the period of earning easy money from Premier League and Champions League as the good old days. Manchester United is a big brand. Manchester United not being able to sign foreign players, playing their home matches from their new stadium in Dubai (since Old Trafford was compulsory purchased to house a new local football team) and not being able to use the word 'Manchester' and instead being called Glazers United is a significantly less desirable or valuable brand. And all the while the UK authorities are throwing all this shit at the UK teams, the Spanish and Italian authorities are doing the same. Divide and conquer, you only need to prise a few Clubs away from this endeavour for the whole house of cards to come crashing down. It's not about throwing watertight legal procedures at the problem, it is simply about causing so much hassle that Man City decides it is not worth the hassle, that Real Madrid has second thoughts etc. If the rumours are true that City are currently wobbling, you don't give them time to regroup, you double down on all the shit they are currently dealing with and add another load of shit on them for good measure. The big teams can get away with this only if we let them get away with this.
  24. Maybe. But how many battles do the Clubs really want to take on in one go. Premier League ceases to exist, a whole new set up has to be conjured up, new broadcast contracts signed and none of this will happen overnight. There's also no guarantee that other PL Clubs will want to dance to the big Six tune if they set up a new domestic league. Perhaps there will be two leagues set up, making a messy situation worse and further dilution the value of broadcast rights. These Clubs are relying on no one taking any immediate action. They want everyone to explode with rage and have factored in a few weeks of fury as the cost of doing business. They are relying on Fifa, Uafa and PL blinking and not imposing immediate sanctions. In a few months time they will put further flesh on the bone and gradually wear down resistance once the initial fury has subsided and eventually we'll end up where they want to end up simply through the will to fight ebbing away and growing divisions between bodies such as Fifa, Uefa and PL. If this is really about life and death of the traditional football competition you have to come down hard now, whilst the public are on your side and whilst the politicians are on your side. If you wait for 4 years to expel the Clubs, once they've set up the league they want to no one will give a shit. The Clubs need to be told that if they want to set up their own competition, say in 2022-2023 season that they will have to cope with no football for the next two years, that their players won't be at the Euros or Qatar World Cup and that they will have to be fighting every decision tooth and nail through the Courts, all the while Governments of various Countries will be enacting their own legal measures to make setting up this Super League difficult. The UK may do one thing, Spain another, Italy something else. Perhaps the UK outlaws televising games on a Wednesday, Spain outlaws televising games on a Tuesday. Whatever, it soon starts to become very difficult to get this proposed league going. But only if the various entities take action now. If you let the big Clubs dictate the terms then they'll win eventually. The message needs to be not that we're going to be in a huff with you when you eventually seriously discuss your proposals with us in six months time, the message needs to be that if you are intending to continue with this plan then we're pressing the nuclear button and we don't care if we call end up losing as long as we can be as assured as possible that we'll take you down with us. Money created this plan, the prospect of destroying the money that can be earned by owners football clubs will destroy this plan.
  25. That was yesterday's word, we want today's!
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