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  1. Really weird decision from Mercedes. Why not pit Hamilton the lap after Bottas?
  2. You are, of course, correct and the reality is somewhere in the middle of our positions. Perhaps a better way of putting it is that a good reviewer has to keep an open mind even if they are predisposed not to like something. And their review not only has to be well written and entertaining but along with their own opinion is should also contain enough information for someone who is prediposed to be interested in the subject matter to also find the review useful. Along the lines of 'The latest Far Cry game relies too much on past series tropes and the format feels very dated in 2021. That said, if you are a fan of the previous games there is certainly more of the same to enjoy here'. But, you know, better written.
  3. I'm just not sure how helpful it is to have a person reviewing a game show who hates game shows, a person reviewing musicals who hates musicals or a person reviewing a fiction novel who hates fiction novels. Guess what, they are most likely going to hate the thing they have reviewed becuase they don't like the basic concept of the thing they are reviewing. Let's stretch it out further and ask if someone who hates video games is the right person to review a video game? Sure, reviews are meant to be critical but I think for a good review you have to start from the position that the person reviewing it could enjoy it if it is good. That review can then tell us something if they then say it is good or bad because if it was good they would have enjoyed it but they can also recognise when something is bad. If someone hates musicals and tells you that Hamilton is terrible, what exactly has that told you? That Hamilton is a terrible musical or that the person just hates musicals? For most people, if they read a review on a specific thing their starting point is that they might go see the thing if the review is good but might give it a miss if the review is bad. So they could go either way. I tend to not read reviews on the latest hard metal album release because I'm not going to listen to it either way. So a review is not about converting the person who has no originally interest, it is about helping the person who already has an interest make a final decision.
  4. It is hard to decide if this is an issue or not, lots of people do dislike Clarkson so her review might help them decide. Equally, I can't help but feel that having someone review a Clarkson show who just fundamentally thinks he is an overplayed oaf is a bit like someone reviewing Halo who hates First Person Shooters.
  5. Yeah, I'm sure I can find something to use with it but Advance Wars just seemed like the obvious one. Just never occurred to me that the game you were buying also had to be released within the voucher's expiration date.
  6. So I had a Nintendo Online game voucher which expires end of September. Went to use it with Advance Wars but can't because Advance Wars comes out in December and apparently it cannot be used before September for a game which is released after September. Am I stupid for assuming I could redeem it before end September for a pre-order game or is this a case of Nintendo being Nintendo?
  7. Was hoping Advance Wars would be availible immediately!
  8. Of course. I'm just with the sheep episode but the buying bit is clearly designed to explain to the viewer about the practicalities of buying sheep. I mean, I am sure Clarkson was at one point clueless but he would have figured out what it was all going to involve before turning up. But for the sake of editing and very a TV show they have to try to convey that learning process into a single scene. It's the Love Island approach (scripted reality etc.) isn't it. These two people did have that conversation but it was off camera or badly framed, now go to this seat and have the conversation all over again so we can properly film it and pretend you're having it for the first time. Its the evolution of the West Wing's John explains something to Donna that Donna would absolutely already know so that the audience can also know what is going on.
  9. So far I've definitely enjoyed your daily emails but, yes, there is definitely the concern of burnout fatigue. I've got a few daily emails that if you miss a few just just building up in your inbox and then you just get out of the habit of reading them. I don't think there needs to be a set schedule for the emails, if it is an interesting week then 1 a day is good, if it is a slow week then none is fine. The daily emails I tend to give up on are where they come every single day even if they have nothing interesting to say in them. That's when I tend to give up. I would say, so far, I'd probably prefer to receive the emails in the morning so I can read them on the way to work or at my desk with a coffee. I do find morning emails get read more than afternoon/evening emails where I might not be looking at my emails as much.
  10. Yep, you can always buy Gamepass games if you want to so don't think too much can be read into this being available for sale. I could definitely see a tie in with Gamepass.
  11. It is all about if they can convey the scale. If they can get the sense of scale right, it is great. If it just feels like you're stuck in one part of the map fighting the same ten guys then not so much. Also annoying if it is too busy and constantly getting killed from someone just around the corner. That's what killed Call of Duty Ground War for me.
  12. Perhaps, although GBP has been steadily gaining against Dollar/Yen this year so all things being equal this can result in things becoming a few quid cheaper. Would really need to see if the price is also coming down in other territories.
  13. To last week please. I didn't enjoy my sleepless nights due to anticipation over the past few days.
  14. Yeah, for me a bit more power to run games smoothly and perhaps have a go at 4K would be nice but frankly I'd also like a bigger screen on the Switch. There is so much bezel you could keep the more factor the same and just put a bigger screen there which would be nice for playing on the go.
  15. Yeah, but it seems that is New York time (where the presentation is being held) so a bloody inconvenient 2am for us mere mortals on BST. Still, I'm hyped so I've set my alarm. Hope it is worth it!
  16. Never change F1. So far we've had to mentally calculate if Verstappen would actually win if race wasn't restarted, whether it will be standing or safety car restart and how many laps of racing actually remain. Good stuff.
  17. I did it spur of the moment after first safety car when Vettel was on fresher tyres than the leaders. Thought there might be half a chance the leaders tyres would drop off and he'd be through. He didn't really make much progress though.
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