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  1. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Resident Evil 4 3. Halo: Combat Evolved 4. Super Mario 64 5. Star Fox 64 6. RollerCoaster Tycoon (video game) 7. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010 video game) 8. Grand Theft Auto V 9. Super Mario World 10. Mario Kart 8 11. Super Mario Odyssey 12. Advance Wars 13. Theme Hospital 14. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 15. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 16. Crackdown (video game) 17. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 18. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 19. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 20. Just Cause 3 Honourable Mentions: The general Far Cry series. Similarly to Call of Duty, game series which are largely iterative can be hard done by lists like these. Far Cry 3 is probably my favourite but 2 had some excellent ideas and 4 and 5 refined the formula further. Hard to really pin point one of the series and say this is the one that deserves to be on the list. It was a toss up between Far Cry 3 and Just Cause 3 for the final entry as both are very much heart choices rather than head choices. Spider-Man (2018 video game) F-Zero X Burnout 2: Point of Impact Goldeneye Just Cause 2 Portal Control General observations Nothing too recent really. Not sure what this says about games today. I've really enjoyed a lot of more recent games but somehow whilst they are on the whole more competent in general they seldom reach the heights of the games on the list. I've tried to avoid pure nostalgia. All the games on the list I would happily play again in their original or where possible latest incarnation. Zelda OOT almost dropped off the list due to that requirement but the 3DS version really is quite wonderful. We've been blessed with modern remasters of a lot of the games on the list which is helpful and perhaps why things like Goldeneye, F-Zero X and Burnout 2 fail to make the grade (more thoughts below on this). Remasters: A good remaster definitely helps keep a good game in contention and the ability to easily replay it on modern formats. Out of the 20 games, 10 have had specific remasters released, we have Advance Wars on the way, and things like Super Mario 64, Nuts and Bolts, Just Cause 3, Crackdown have either all benefited from HD releases or simply that they can perform so much better on consoles like Series X than they managed on release. Games as services. I've put a lot of time into games like Rocket League, Call of Duty Warzone, PUBG, Fifa, Halo Infinite etc. but hard to really put them on the list. I have had amazing times with these games but only due to the multiplayer element which simply wanes over time. PUBG already seems a shadow of its formal self, it is hard to see anyone playing the current incarnation of Warzone or Halo Infinite in ten years and when Warzone in 2022 has completely different maps than when it was launched in 2020 is it still really the same game? PUBG in its hayday would easily make the list for me if I could play it as it was but would I boot it up now? Probably not. A well crafted single player game is largely timeless even if for classics such as Goldeneye a lack of a HD lick of paint and modern controls can still hold back even the finest retro games. Coming back to the age of the games on the list, perhaps this is simply because it takes a few years to really work out if a game is a flash in the plan or something you keep coming back to. I have had months dedicated to a single game and loved every moment but once I'm done I've never loaded up the game again whereas all of the list above I have definitely frequently revisited over the years. I had a month where I loved just mucking about in Just Cause 4 but even then I'd be hard pressed to say it was a great game. A fun game, a fun sandbox perhaps but the actual game itself was very run of the mill. And that's the other thing, broadly most of the games in the list are crafted experiences. For sand box style games it is hard to say itself if the game is itself great or if it has simply given me the tools to make my own fun.
  2. We did have a contestant unexpected leave which probably has consequences in terms of how many people he can fire per week.
  3. Well, I imagine the changes are going to simply be that the Race Director has to obey the Safety Car rules and can't just wing it when they get bored with the on track action.
  4. Absolutely. He'd had a bad season but Abu Dhabi was something else. Out of every conceivable choice he could have made in those final 5 laps he made the absolute worst choice on every occasion. Red Flag? Perhaps it could have been argued that it created a bit of artificial excitement but it would have worked and in keeping with the rules and races like Baku. Safety car to the end - Boring but within the rules. Don't allow any cars to unlap, bring the safety car in as per the rules and allow one final lap - A broadly fair way of finishing the race. Allow everyone car to unlap themselves and try and start the race - At least it is consistent to all cars although we're probably wouldn't have had time for a final lap. Somehow, out of all those options he elected to allow some cars but not other cars to un-lap themselves and then brought the safety in a lap too early because he'd faffed around for too long. I mean, Masi might be disappointed at today's decision but he really has only himself to blame. There were plenty of try and tested scenarios he could have invoked for the last 5 laps, that he thought it was a good idea to try something completely new and untested on the final 5 laps of the season with the entire championship riding on his call is on him. Basically if he wanted an exciting end he should have immediately red flagged the race. When he didn't make that decision he should have just accepted that it was going to be safety car to the end. I wonder if part of the reason it all went so wrong is that he realised he'd bodged his red flag chance and was desperate to somehow not be held up as the village idiot the next morning so he just kept doubling down on bad decisions hoping somehow he'd get away without looking like he fucked it.
  5. I think you've answered your own question.
  6. I was going to ask how much it costs to leave the PS5 in rest mode. Insofar as the interesting question might be what are we as individuals willing to pay to have the convivence of rest mode features. But if it is not very much I won't feel bad about leaving it on rest mode.
  7. What's the consensus on the motion ability of the joy cons? Are we expecting comparable performance with the wii remote, the wii motion plus or actually better or worse than the Wii options?
  8. Yeah, thankfully he got his important picks in first before the Curse of Castle once again struck.
  9. Good Back Page Pod this week where they try and create their own Gamepass competitors. Typical draft format, 10 categories as usual although the format is perhaps slightly undone by the final category which is the entire library of games on a single console. Which, once you've picked that one is basically going to overpower all your other choices! Actually there were a few big categories such as that one and also an entire gaming franchise (Mario etc.) and a continually updated MMO game. But once you've chosen those ones, the single choice for licenced game doesn't have as much weight attached! Anyway, amazingly Matthew bossed it this week. Definitely had the best service in the end. Spoilers to follow: Hopefully they will get round to a Desert Island style draft - 10 games you'd choose to take with you to a desert island to spend the rest of your days playing. That'd be an interesting listen.
  10. That's exactly what happened. Without the UK Neighbours would have been finished years ago. It's actually not that popular in Australia itself.
  11. Come on. Let's try to be at least slightly realistic with our predictions.
  12. I agree. They are always going to do badly because you can't just create a compelling product and brand from scratch in 24 hours particularly if you are not an expert in the field. But I do wish they would give the contestants a bit more chance of success. Video calls between the two sub groups as often as they need, proper collaboration. Not just split into two teams and reconvene 24 hours later to see what happened. The end result is always going to be a bit crap but I'd like it if they at least gave the contestants a chance to do a good job. I actually think it is more interesting to see both teams do well rather than watching one team design a turd inspired toothbrush or be asked to create a vodka, lime and soda except without the vodka. It would also be better to do away with the nonsense that Majestic are ordering 1000 shit beers to sell to unsuspecting customers and instead just ask the experts to award the teams marks out of 10 for their efforts. I actually much prefer the tasks where teams have to select a product and sell it to the public as that is at least broadly genuine regarding success and failure.
  13. Yeah, it is more a comment on how bizarre that Activision might be worth more than Nintendo.
  14. True. Although the sheer IP and back catalogue you'd be obtaining with Nintendo means you're safeguarding some value at least.
  15. True. Nintendo are market listed so a hostile takeover or even a minority stake leading for a formal offer is a possibility.
  16. It has been mentioned in the past few days as a possibility but you have thought a TNG era anthology show would be a no brainer. A huge cast of characters to choose from and you wouldn't need any actors to commit to multiple seasons. I guess anthology shows are in general more expensive than just building a set, hiring a few actors and then just writing stories for those actors and sets every week.
  17. I may have missed this in the thread but according to Google, Nintendo have a market value of $57.23 Billion. Not sure why anyone would buy Activision for 70bn instead of Nintendo.
  18. Streaming is worse quality than 4K discs but for most people they are happy to make the compromise for convenience. Games will go the same way.
  19. I think this is part of a much longer term plan for MS. They see a period where consoles aren't going to be necessary and it is who has the biggest content in order to get the most subscribers. The games industry is very much where TV was ten years ago and Netflix got a jump on everyone and suddenly it was realised that the eventual winner isn't going to be how many people watch your network at 8pm on a Thursday but who's got the best back library of exclusive content and high quality originals in the pipeline. In 20 years you're not going to be buying hardware to play games, you'll have a screen and an Internet connection and you'll subscribe to a gaming service. It's this future that MS is now planning for.
  20. If a person doesn't enjoy WOTW then they may as well give up now. I watched it the other week and it stands as probably one of the top 5 episodes of the entire series, I think....
  21. Interesting, at least in later seasons I always thought the actor playing Bashir was one of the stronger character actors in the ensemble.
  22. Although looking at the box office numbers, it's hard to really blame thier strategy with this one. Plus I assume keeping it off the rental services prevents a good quality pirate version emerging? With Matrix you could get a Blu Ray quality version about a minute after it was released on HBO Max.
  23. I love DS9 but no idea why people tell you to stick through seasons 1 and 2. Skip to the final 2 episodes of s2 and then do season 3. S4 is the really good stuff but the ratio of good to bad is much higher in three than 1 and 2.
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