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  1. Body Harvest. Close the thread.
  2. Can't believe we're finally going to see the proper Switch Pro Pro.
  3. Glad I'm away this weekend so don't have to watch five hours pre race coverage followed by two laps.
  4. Is Sochi a good overtaking venue? I thought it was a bit of a tough venue to overtake. A three place grid drop is bad but still provides some opportunities for overtaking at the start or through pitstops. Starting right at the back though....
  5. And then ensure that season is not made available on any streaming service so no future generations can watch it.
  6. I thought similar but, in fairness, what games outside of Nintendo games are not going to be free in 12 months either through PS Plus or Gamepass or reduced to such an extent that they are very cheap. If you want Day 1 you pay a premium, the games get cheaper the longer you leave it.
  7. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Hold on, everyone told us this was impossible to do due to #techissues. But still, bloody great news. It sounds stupid but it actually puts me off using the Switch when travelling since I've got to fish for a grotty pair of wired headphones instead of using my nice pair of wireless headphones that I have on me all the time.
  8. Could a mandatory pit stop work in Sprints? Really make it so everyone pushes on the softs. That's the issue with the sprints so far. They are about the length when in the race you've recovered from the exciting start and are waiting for the pit stops to spice things up again. Except, instead of the pit stops the race just suddenly ends. Reverse grid race on Saturday would be good. Not to decide the grid (that should still be qualifying) but for points. Although don't know how the points structure would really work.
  9. Errr... Advance Wars for Switch? Thankfully I've just picked up a PS5, not having had a PS4, so plenty of backlog to be enjoying along with the ever present games/timewasters such as Warzone and Fifa.
  10. I'm honestly not sure how the scalpers make money. Ebay charges is, what, 10% which is £53. So you are looking at a current profit per console of around £30 and you only need one lost in delivery or someone claiming the box arrived with a brick in and you've now made a loss. I guess the money was made when people were willing to pay much more. Back in my youth I wasn't averse to a bit of wheeler dealing to make some extra money but, and this is more a sign of middle age and a better salary, these days it just seems like too much effort for too little guaranteed return.
  11. Difference is that Lewis had been told Max had walked away from the incident whilst Max wandered off literally whilst Lewis was trapped in the car? I did think it was a bit off he didn't seem to check on the status of the guy who's car he had crushed. That being said, Lewis was equally determined to reverse out whilst Max was getting out of the car!
  12. True. I think the difference is that the clue is in the name - they are going to talk about magazines and anecdotes. If there was a podcast called the 'what I had for breakfast this morning' then it would probably be churlish for me to complain they were talking about what they had for breakfast. On a general comment about podcasts, you're absolutely right there is no right or wrong way - lots of alternatives out there. I guess my view is that I listen to specific podcasts for specific reasons. I'm sure the guys who do my Formula 1 podcasts have fascinating lives outside of F1, but it isn't really why I listen to the podcast. Its horses for courses though, I'm equally sure there are lots of people who like the freeform chat segments.
  13. I think Garwoofoo owes them an apology. They'll never be able to escape being known as the Gaming Gammons now But yes, surely the mag anecdotes are half the appeal of the podcast. It is what sets them apart from everyone else (and that they actually have a really interesting and variable podcast format and that they avoid waffling for half an hour about what they had for breakfast that day). Its one of the very few podcasts that I look forward to appearing in my feed every Friday. Would love them to have some N64 Magazine era guests on, I think for a lot of us that was the golden era of magazines.
  14. I'm trying to work that one out too. I'm guessing even the 5 years time jump or the time travel itself. Both of which weren't explicitly in the trailer but the time jump could broadly be worked out and time travel with ant man had long being speculated. Neither of which is an issue, if you go about hunting for trailer breakdowns you'll probably be more aware of stuff than someone who just watches a trailer once.
  15. These were a nice surprise the other day. Perhaps not as hot as they could be but they real nailed a lovely dill flavour.
  16. It's not a bad sonic game, but definitely not worth anything above £20 in my view.
  17. It did seem about a year out of date. With all the Prince Andrew jokes and Chinese stuff.
  18. Spoilers for Season 1-6 below.
  19. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Is the hardback a nice item in itself or just go for the Kindle version?
  20. I'm confused. I thought Red Bull said you weren't allowed to pass at that corner...
  21. Ahh good, alongside the 'I'm going to support Italy because England fans are all racists' crowd, we've also got the 'we're all going to die next week because some fans watched the game in a busy pub' crowd in here. Perhaps we could start a thread to discuss the football and the match. I don't know what we'd call it though, perhaps Euro 2020?
  22. I think Nintendo have updated the wrong machine really given that the primary difference is the bigger screen. I've always felt that the Switch Lite should have had a bigger screen bolted in and less bezel. I find it very noticeable how the same form factor could accommodate a larger screen. Putting a bigger screen in the Switch is fine but by definitely this machine may be used docked a lot so may not actually matter too much. The Switch Lite as a portable would have really gained by the same form factor but bigger screen.
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