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  1. They need to do something about team killing in squads when playing with randoms. It seems to be on the increase. Either turn off friendly fire or simply give a player who has been killed by friendly fire the option to boot the person who killed them. That alone would discourage purposeful team killing instantly. I also would not be against some streamlining of the looting system along the lines of just automatically picking up ammo and extensions which fit your current weapon selections. Ditto with health items. Reducing the time spent staring at and managing inventory screens can only be a good thing in my book. The fun part of the game is once you're slightly kitted out and actually thinking about tactics rather than the slightly monotonous bit at the start of each game where you raid 10 identical houses whilst inventory managing the whole time. The format and idea of the game is great and it is really fun, but I can't quite shake the feeling that one of the big players will waltz in one day and take all the good ideas and smooth out the bad ideas and create the ultimate version. I know Playergrounds are working on a lot at the moment but it almost seems like they are overstretched. The Xbox version is still buggy, although getting better, and some of the ideas above you would think would be looked at or implemented by a team which a bit more resources available.
  2. I gave up about 20 minutes in so have not seen how it ends but I must admit whilst I can see why it can be considered a tasteless subject to muck around on, I am not so against anything that, in some small way, may raise awareness of third world problems. And I also not against using humour to highlight these things as well. So yes, the episode seems a bit crap, it is probably a waste of money and resources (but then again, this argument could be levelled at most things if you are comparing them to third world hunger problems) but I am not hugely offended that the premise of the episode is 'how can we solve third world hunger'. In my view, I'd rather have a subject like that tackled, however ineptly and tastelessly, than to just do something else and never mention the subject. As I say, I've not seen the end of the episode, I assume they fuck up, waste all the food they purchased and don't solve the food situation. In which case, nothing changed but at the very least a few million people are reminded that, yes, there are a lot of people in the world who do not have access to food. I'm not sure a million newspaper articles complaining about this shitty effort would accomplish anything but ensure that we simply talk and hear about these types of problems even less than we do now.
  3. Gaming Magazines

    I think the problem is that in many magazines the journalism and writing is not in itself dramatically better than the free material available online. I'm always happy to pay for good writing but, whether by print or digital, if I am going to pay for something it has to be discernibly better than what you can get for free. Maybe this is why Retro Gamer does quite well, it does not try to compete for first access and can instead take the time to produce good quality articles which you are hard pressed to find online. Having said all that, I also subscribe to Readly which does cover most of the Magazines produced and so I do dip in and out of quite a few magazines per month. This is a service which suits me fairly well since in many magazines there might be an article or feature I do want to read but it alone will not justify the £5 outlay for the magazine. £8 a month to Readly for whatever I want to read seems a decent compromise in this regard (although Readly would do well to get some more weekly current affairs magazines onto the platform, Economist, New Statesman etc.).
  4. Its the age old issue that they wanted to put their own mark on the universe but didn't have the balls just to jump forward in time. No one cared that TNG did not look the same as TOS since it was set in the future. A lot of these issues could have been resolved by a similar time jump and then you have the whole universe to play with. A lot of issues that Discovery has is that it seemingly does not really want to be tied down to canon but equally chose a timeframe where obvious questions arise (if the jumping technology kind of works, why does Voyager never use it or consider it?). Do what Abrams did (new universe), do an out and out reboot or jump forward in time. All solutions to the problem. Trying to play a small sandbox of the existing universe was always going to be constraining for writers (hence why time has to be wasted on explaining why the Mirror Universe is seemingly kept secret, not withstanding that ten years later it is clearly not kept a secret).
  5. Steep (Ubisoft openworld, snow, ski & wingsuit)

    Yes, a game with seemingly a lot of chill out potential killed, for me anyway, by simply unwieldy controls. Give me SSX or Amped controls and it would have been a much better game.
  6. Makes it even stranger you cannot download them for offline viewing.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Isn't the classic, and best version, already available on IOS and Android?
  8. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Definitely could be the start of widespread changes if it is successful (which I think it will be). You really only need to be buying two Microsoft titles a year for it to almost be a no brainer (assuming you can also get some use out of the other back catalogue titles available). I've had a look at the list and there are quite a few older titles I would definitely play if/when I joined. What do we think will happen to the Microsoft published titles such as the Forza series which aren't currently on the list? I assume they will aim to be added to fill in the gaps.
  9. Probably. Thankfully I had nothing good at the time. Just seems silly. If you've been downed by friendly fire the game should give you the option to kick the person who downed you. Of course, if it is just accidentally cross fire you would probably choose not to kick them. Knowing you could get kicked would likely reduce the incentive to friendly fire and loot.
  10. I do find this game isn't helping me sleep. My ideal gaming time is late in the evening before I head to bed and a tense game of PUBG is not conducive to a relaxing winding down for the night. Had my first experience of playing in a random squad yesterday and being deliberately team killed. I don't get why you'd play squad and then kill other team members. Personally I like keep squad buddies around if only because it gives the enemies one more target to aim at apart from me.
  11. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    True. Although that relies on Sony setting up a similar service. If both MS and Sony have subscription services then you just choose the one which is best for you, same as a decision between Netflix, Amazon and Now TV.
  12. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Well, at the time 360 to PS4 was a bit easier since if you went for the Xbox One you'd still not have any of your 360 games. If the next Xbox has all of your Xbox catalogue available on your account from the get go then changing and losing all of that might be harder. It's probably quite similar to changing IOS to android. For many people it's not even about which one they'd prefer, it's that they have built up a large paid for app library on one and changing would mean having to start again. That's enough for some people to stick with their current system.
  13. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Absolutely. It's a bit like me and Spotify. I use Spotify for all my music, haven't purchased any music in years, all my play lists are there so I'm basically completely locked in unless I want to start all over again (which I don't). MS want to achieve the same thing. Get everyone paying £8 a month for games they don't own in the long run and after a while it becomes too difficult to leave the service because you'd literally be left with nothing. Once you get people locked into a particular system it makes really good financial sense for the company providing it since it is a guaranteed income. You don't really need to worry about Halo 6 flopping if it's just one title out of many. Equally you can dramatically reduce costs on things like advertising if your target audience are already active subscribers to the service. I think it is a really good business decision myself. It surely will not be too long before this and Xbox Gold are combined into one monthly subscription service.
  14. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Assuming a person has that much time to devote to games in a normal month... There are always extremes in any subscription service, I guess what Microsoft have tried to calculate is that for the typical subscriber that their yearly contribution to the service will be similar to or exceed the revenue obtained by them through the traditional method of buying single games. There will be some people who get more for their contribution than they would have by buying individual games but equally I am sure there will be people on the otherside who subscribe for a year but might have actually be better off just buying one or two games.

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