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  1. I guess this is the issue. Ads alone these days do not really pay the bills. I remember reading a book about the Guardian where they hoped that online ads would be the financial way forward. The problem is that advertisers can check how many click throughs they get and it turns out to be very small. It has probably always been the way that ads were exaggerated in their effectiveness except now you can directly assess whether an ad works or not. Ad blocker or not, studies suggest that people actually block out banner and similar ads. As in, they will be there but people simply do not register them.
  2. Yeah, that whole concept felt like filler to me. We shall see....
  3. So I have all the content installed but when I try to play Reach it says I do not have it installed and takes me to a page where it does clearly say I have it installed. Try again and get taking in the same circle. I'm going to have to uninstall the lot and reinstall it right? Playing on Xbox here.
  4. Is the month break going to help or hinder Crisis? I've been enjoying watching the story on my way into work, you fear that by stopping with episode 3 that it might lose the momentum that have carried the previous crossovers. I'm expecting something fairly big to end episode 3 and then 4 and 5 are being shown as a double bill on the same night. Yeah, whilst episode 2 does at the moment seem a bit of filler, it will still be very jarring if Sky show the other 4 episodes and not this one. As a subscriber to Sky it is a pity they are not making any efforts to put the episodes they do own up as legit downloads for UK viewers before they officially air them in January.
  5. Episode 2 was alright, enjoyable but didn't really progress the Crisis storyline very much. Very much a filler episode but with enough enjoyable filler to make it worthwhile.
  6. I broadly agree, although I'd probably put Stewart up there as well. Spiner, Mulgrew, Siddig, Brooks, Picardo, Bakula, Billingsley and Meaney in the next category down.
  7. True but didn't Durance appear as someone on Supergirl? She's in this with Welling. Well, as above, he has already appeared on these shows...
  8. I would put it past them to have Cain make an appearance as his Superman.
  9. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone know off hand if the Switch Lite power supply will work with the Switch dock? Have a Switch and Switch Lite and if the Switch Lite power will work with the Switch it will make it easier when I have to move the Dock to a different TV.
  10. Now I've worked out how to filter the modes, I'm really liking it (solo deathmatch, to me, is one of the dullest modes imaginable). Had a good great of Domination last night but I still think the end scoring system is wrong in these types of objective matches. Scoring for individual kills should be worth much much less than actually assisting in winning the actual objective. I'm always surprised on game types like Domination how many captures I manage compared to everyone else, but that's mainly since that to me is the whole point of the game, not standing in a corner racking up unrelated kills.
  11. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone buying from Amazon, use the App to potentially get £10/20 back in December as a voucher: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/amazon-buy-more-get-more-promo-3345770
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