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  1. Think the team threw away a win for Hamilton here. Got to play the team game but reckon Hamilton would have won if he'd stuck to a one stop.
  2. I'm not so sure it would be such a simple decision - remember box office is a long way from profit. For most of the world you might only get around 50% of the ticket revenue, reudcing to 25% for China grosses. Then you have production and any backend deals to consider before the final numbers. Estimates put Homecoming at $200m profit - https://deadline.com/2018/03/spider-man-homecoming-box-office-profit-2017-1202350621/ - which seems realistic. Venom was probably similar (it grossed less but had a lower production budget) and I imagine Far From Home will be a bit above those profit numbers. Chuck in Spiderverse and you might, probably not quite, but might get to around $800m profit from those 4 films. And remember, it has been a good period for Spiderman films, if you head back to the ASM period the total profit over that period will be much lower. But let's say that the current success does continue, we're effectively saying Sony can project around $800m profit every 2-3 years if they keep up the current release schedule (again, health warning, between Spiderman 3 and Homecoming - 10 years - they only released 2 films, both of which were not that profitable. So at the current success and schedule it will take Sony around 15 years to earn the $5bn that Disney might be offering. If Spiderman films get more popular then it will take less time, but if we revert back to ASM levels of releases and profits it will take much longer. And, of course, if they take $5bn now that's not to say that that the revenue they might have generated from future SM films will be gone - you would assume Sony will schedule in other films to fill their release schedule which would likely generate some profits for the Studio. The rumour is probably BS but it would not be a clear cut no from Sony imo. Indeed, if it was a true offer I'd rather suspect it would be accepted by Sony looking at the above numbers. Frankly, I'd be more surprised at Disney offering such a number than Sony accepting such a number.
  3. Completely agree. These days games should be able to connect to our profile. If they see we've played Gears 4 then it should present an alternative gateway to Gears 5.
  4. I agree. I always wonder if it is great or terrible for writers to be on a show like TNG. Well, probably not terrible, maybe scary, but whilst you can tell a story about anything you essentially have to start with a blank page. Writing for a show like CSI, well half the script probably already exists as a template that you just adapt each week. Coming to the end of a 26 episode season on TNG and having to find a new idea to tell a story about is probably a combination of fun and terrifying.
  5. I do understand the notion of buying something because you want to support further titles in the series on genre. Whilst it is unlikely I will buy something I never think I'll want to play, what i will try and do is to buy a game at launch at full price if I want to support the game and developers. I've got stacks of games to play so most of the time I'm happy to wait until I can get the game at a discount or in a sale but for the games I want to support I will try and buy early on and at the regular price.
  6. It is not really a decision. It airs on NBC in the States and they broadcast an episode a week and have premiere rights. Netflix does the international side but has to wait until NBC has aired the episodes. So they either release weekly or hold the whole lot back until the last episode has aired on NBC.
  7. The Street Fighter collection is also down to £18.
  8. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Digital Foundry have a positive review of the Switch Lite: I wonder if it would have been at all positive to allow the Switch Lite to connect to the TV. If it had that functionality it might almost be the must have model of the Switch - still hook up for home play but great on the move as well (obviously, you'd need to buy a second controller to actually use it on the TV). I wonder if it was a technical decision not to allow it to 'Switch' or just to cut costs?
  9. Probably due to existing licensing agreements with Sky and the like. A lot of Disney content already tied up in existing contracts. I suspect we will be sometime next year.
  10. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    There are often deals about, Argos are currently offering £300 for Switch and a game. Some years ago I got one with Zelda for £280 so you just have to keep a look out. I mirror the other comments, the big one is worth it for big screen action. Mario Kart, Zelda all look amazing on the big screen and multiplayer Mario Kart is really good. For me, as your only Switch console, the Lite is not cheap enough to justify not spending a bit extra and getting the Switch which can be played on the TV.
  11. I mean, the app is not great but I don't think it is quite as hard as you're making out - although I've never tried the Apple TV version. On the android app it is pretty clear what's included in Prime and what's not. The ability to buy films and programmes not included might divide opinion - I rather like it. I feel at least if I buy digitally from Amazon the content is not likely to disappear when the company closes down ala Blinkbox etc. Basically when you search anything included has a prime banner in the left corner, everything else can be purchased. But yeah, you can basically buy anything through the app but the stuff included with Prime is free. I can see it can be confusing if you've primarily only used Netflix which is what you can see you can watch. As for content, well horses for courses really. I genuinely feel for TV, back catologue particularly, Amazon is doing a better job than Netflix. As for films, I just had a quick look and it's clearly got some decent films - John Wick 2, Dunkirk, IT are all promoted fairly early on when you click the films tab. It goes in phases for me but at the moment prime content is getting more viewing time than Netflix content (it helps I'm working through something like 8 seasons of the US Office).
  12. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Whilst I won't be buying for the time being, there are pretty much why I would potentially but a Lite. Equally, if it connected to the TV I think it would be a pretty good upgrade of the original - better as a portable but also does the TV out. For me it just looks more comfortable to hold but it is definitely not a required addition/upgrade, although I look forward to trying one in the flesh to see exactly what it is like to hold. I've done a bit of travel recently and I have my switch and satisfye grip which makes it amazingly comfortable to use on the move. Once you've got the grip on and put it in a carry case you do notice it takes up a fair amount of your bag. I guess what I'd really like if a Switch which is a bit smaller, but also a bit comfier to hold. Original Switch plus Grip is great, but pretty chunky at the end of the day.
  13. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    That was my reaction. For a system where one of the selling points is that you might buy this version for use on the go but use the other version on your TV at home the fact that they do not automatically sync saves is a bit of a mystery. Despite that I quite like the look of the Switch Lite but cannot justify buying one. The original switch is still fine when travelling and I may as well use it until it either gives up or there is a cracking deal on the Lite.
  14. With the Switch in full swing is it almost time to get rid of the 3DS? I'd be loathed to do it since it is a great system with some amazing games (OOT remake springs to mind) but equally when I grab my bag for a trip the Switch ends up in it rather than the 3DS. My head says yes, but my heart says no. But I just don't play the damn thing enough...
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