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  1. Fook! I never did get it to work on Series X using my existing profile (long story short, something about corrupted Cloud save data) so have been basically leaving my existing Xbox One X plugged into to play it. I may have to make the difficult decision to nuke all my data and, hopefully, that will solve the problem (although it didn't with Wreckfest, I think I'm just cursed with the Series X!).
  2. Looking forward to this, enjoyed the first two magazines. Hopefully the model can move to an annual type subscription rather than the individual kick-starters each time. Really enjoyed the interviews with the former editors of the Nintendo magazines in the first two issue - a really interested look at producing Nintendo written content back in the day. Hopefully you can track down someone from N64/NGC Magazine for a chat soon.
  3. Nope. Once a contestant starts, their set of 15 questions is set. That's how they are designed, in pods of 15 so there is a mix of topics.
  4. McCoy

    Apple TV +

    Credits are a weird one. You don't know who these people are and there's no way to contact them to say you really enjoyed thier work. Yet, it seems very important to them that their work is acknowledged. Sure it might be nice to know who directed it or who starred in it but who wants/needs to know the wardrobe assistant name. When you hire a lawyer to do your conveyancing you don't also get an email at the end of the process mentioning that Roger the receptionist did some photocopying and Carol from IT helped her migrate to Office 365.
  5. It is a bit of a weird hill to die on. I enjoy watching Millionaire and, presumably, like most people I try to pretend to be playing the same game as the contestants go through the questions. Invariably, like with most of the contestants a lot of the questions will be straightforward and easy but then out of nowhere one will come which will just completely stump you. And unlike most Quiz shows, you're not just going to take a 60/40 educated guess and hope for the best. You make think that Dory is a blue character in Finding Nemo but it is still a bit of a step to gambl
  6. It definitely felt like it had a budget the other Arrowverse series can currently dream of. We will see if it can be maintained post the pilot. I also enjoyed it and curious to see where it goes. It will be a delicate balancing act to end up to veering too much in one story direction or another. Reminds me slightly of Arrow's pilot, lots going on (both hero wise and personal life wise) and a serious tone. 5 years later and we have a sidekick called Wild Dog....
  7. Not that I'm aware of. Hopefully we'll have some news soon.
  8. Yep. I didn't know the Streep answer. I can tell you the number of movies in the MCU and the order on which they are released but I'm not up on my Steep knowledge. Its just the way things go. The Millionaire questions aren't difficult but you broadly either know them or you don't. And a lot of the times you have a gut feeling which is probably right but it is still a lot of money to risk. I can be watching it and can't believe that someone doesn't know one answer but then a question comes up about Henry 8th and they sail through and I have no idea. I'd be
  9. Only place I can see Fringe available for steaming is through Starzplay.
  10. Fringe? Edit: Actually no chance of Fringe showing up, it's a Warner Bros show.
  11. Probably just existing agreements. I note, for instance, Die Hard is currently availible for Sky Movie subscribers.
  12. I mean, the fact that they both have a subscription model certainly implies to me that they both place some importance on this revenue stream going forwards.
  13. I thought the actual box often made a loss. Its the games which make the money. And why a regular subscription income is the wholly grail for most companies these days.
  14. I've only skimmed the last few pages but I can definitely see Gamepass being offered to other consoles. Not sure Nintendo or Sony would accept but I'm sure MS would be delighted to be on both Switch and PS5. Let's face facts, the money in the long term is based on us all paying a monthly subscription to play games. Selling a box every 5 years is not where the profit is - the profit is eventually getting us all to pay MS £10 a month direct.
  15. Yeah, the whole thread got slightly side tracked from my original pondering. At a certain stage it feels wrong for wanting to wallow in yesterday's memories but equally some games were great games at the time and there's no reason not to want a bit of spit and polish and a current gen release. Obviously not every game deserves a remaster but there are some classic games which really should never be left to rot in oblivion.
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