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  1. Yeah, it was a bit uneven really and you can tell the budget had pretty much been eliminated. I do feel for the producers in that regard, apparently for any extra appearances (so any non Legends actor appearing in the Legends episode) they get a episode fee which is greater than their usual episode fee. It must eat up the budget quickly and explains why in these crossovers people appear and disappear randomly and characters you think would turn up end up being AWOL. As people have mentioned, the fight scenes really did border on horrendous and clearly showed that there really was not the budget available to do them properly. Episode 5 was a strange conclusion, almost an epilogue but was enhanced by the presence of some of the Legend actors and humour. Would be nice for the Legends to take the lead in a crossover at some point.
  2. Oh dear. I thought it got progressively worse during the first three episodes to the point I'm having to hype myself up about the ending. Not good that it apparently didn't recover much in the way of quality.
  3. True, but released way behind the US at the start of the next season of Discovery. They have never been day and date.
  4. I think the problem was, the crossover got worse with each of the episodes.
  5. In Norwich, near one of the residential streets there is a small Blockbusters store which closed, well, when all the stores closed. And it has just stood there empty and you have to wonder who owns it? Surely even a minimal rent would be better than having an empty space all these years. I don't understand it, presumably insurance will still need to be paid on it, perhaps business rates?
  6. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, like the look of that but £40!
  7. Breaking Bad would be a possibility. You're right though, most shows both go on too long and, probably as a result, do not go out on top.
  8. Perhaps, although it does mean an obvious replacement for Hamilton is gone if he hangs up his boots or heads to Ferrari for a final hurrah.
  9. We don't think an entire reboot is likely then? Go back to Episode 4 and recast the entire thing?
  10. Pretty much. Buy physical early. If you don't like sell. If you do like retain until cheap digital availible and then sell physical.
  11. I love Rekt. Very addictive. But yes, lots of hard crashes with me as well.
  12. Mainly based on your previous predictions in this thread. On a general level it seems strange for Disney to be a promoting an all you can eat Disney service and then start to remove Disney content from it. Wasn't the purchase of Fox partly due to the copious catalogue titles which could be used to bolster Disney+?
  13. Are you saying the films will not be availible in HD if you subscribe to Disney+?
  14. Right, so things like archive catologue titles will potentially only be availible on Disney+. I can see that happening. What's harder to see is why said titles would exit Disney+ though. If the idea is to generate profit through sustained subscriptions to that platform then removing content would be a questionable strategy. Of course, given things like Die Hard have already sold millions of DVDs and are widely availible in a piratable digital format it is hard to see any attempt by Disney to 'bury' these titles being successful.
  15. Are you saying that catologue titles will at some point only be availible through Disney+ or that they will at some point be removed from Disney+?
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