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  1. If you continue, prepare for some serious disappointment relating to at least one of those characters.
  2. McCoy

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    I'm amazed at how slowly PUBG seems to be being developed compared to Fortnite. It's still only on PC and Xbox, the Xbox version is still buggy and way behind the PC version. PUBG gives the impression of being just a tiny developer, which may be true, but you would have thought they would have staffed up by now. First mover advantage is only going to get you so far. I've said it before that PUBG in my view has so much unused potential but at the moment it seems that they are struggling to just get the basics right without even trying to tap into the possibilities.
  3. McCoy

    Cineworld Unlimited Ticket

    Slightly this, I'd wager school holidays are as much of a factor. Pixar have never been big on worldwide releases, preferring to instead drop family films into each Country's holiday periods. Any Man delay is defo World Cup related though.
  4. McCoy

    Cineworld Unlimited Ticket

    I sometimes actually stay clear of the secret screening. The girlfriend doesn't have a unlimited card and does enjoy the occasional movie so it seems a shame to see something which would have turned out to have been something she would have enjoyed as well. Incredibles 2, a month early, is a bit of a get though so those who went saw a high profile release for once.
  5. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    It's probably been answered, but just to check, there is no easy or semi affordable way to get a separate switch dock, power cable and hdmi cable (well the last one doesn't really matter). Heading away for a weekend with friends and thought it would be nice to take the switch with Mario Kart but I would prefer not to have to dismantle the current dock set up and just buy a separate set up to take with me. It looks like there aren't many third party solutions since some of them, allegedly, kill the console apparently and Nintendo being Nintendo sell the replacement dock for a very fair price of £80 but also neither Nintendo or any other retailer have any stock of them available. Is there another solution I should be looking at or are the only realistic options spending £80 on a separate dock pack (when they come back into stock) or committing the remaining portion of my life to untangling the wires behind my TV. In fairness, disconnecting my current dock is not the end of the world, I just thought there may be a obvious cost effective solution for people who want to take the switch travelling and connect it to a TV but not to have to dismantle the home dock every time they want to do it.
  6. With all the rage of reboots and revivals, I always thought Discovery was a brave choice (from a corporate point of view). I always thought there must have been some executive somewhere looking at the popularity of all the series and just thinking they should just get the Next Gen crew and friends back together for one more go around. Make it an 8 episode limited event thing and see how it does.
  7. McCoy

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Indeed. From a coward's perspective, an England win against Panama and a Belgium win against Tunisia would ensure both teams go through regardless of the result of the finale game. Tunisia beating Belgium and presumably beating Panama leaves them on six points. England beating Panama six points which means we would be at risk of being knocked out if defeated by Belgium. A Belgium Tunisia draw would be fine though (on the assumption we can win against Tunisia...).
  8. Fair dues, I must admit I just skimmed the Nintendo conference thread.
  9. No big announcements of games available for download now or new backwards compatible titles such as Switch Virtual Console. Microsoft, could have announced a much requested backwards compatible title at the conference, Nintendo could have made some reference to Virtual Console. It would just be nice if they could announce something that is available right now. I thought Game Pass might get a bigger push. It got a couple of additions but not massive game changing third party game.
  10. This is why you should never post whilst slightly drunk! Fair play to all, and specifically Geekette, I do see I was making an issue out of something which isn't really an issue and can now better see the valid points you were making. I do think it is strange, on the principle that acting itself should not lend itself to an innate advantage to men or women (unlike sports for instance), of splitting acting awards into gendered categories but can see that the problem it is solving is more important than my purely acedemic principle, particularly whilst we're still in an era of under representation of women on screen.
  11. Right, so people lucky enough to be in a position of privilege and, quite possibly, in a position to effect change, shouldn't try to provide solutions to other people's problems? Because reasons. I don't assume I have any type of better insight, hence why I asked the question about why the male/female segregation exists to begin with. I was genuinely curious. This would be a very boring 'discussion' forum if we all stuck to your prescribed limits of what we're allowed to talk about and express views on. I think we should be allowed to have informal exchanges of views without worrying about if we're about to break one of your unspoken rules. So far you seem to be in a minority of one in thinking the Oscars should introduce a category for black actors. Since I've never heard a black actor state that they think awards should be segregated by race I think you might be guilty of what you're accusing other people of: trying to give solutions to other people's problems. As for you claiming I'm misrepresenting your view, you made a point of saying you would be OK for an award for best black actor. I was simply pointing out the possible conclusion of a thought process that argued the merits of segregating people into specific categories. The same arguments for having an award for black actors could be made more many minorities. Where do you draw the line?
  12. Geekette's Oscars 2019: Best Male Actor Best Female Actor Best Black Actor Best Gay Actor Best Bisexual Actor Best Transsexual Actor Yeah, not sure I consider that progress to be fair. Just have one award category and have designated quotas for specific groups if you want to ensure it is representative. I'm not sure it's progress to create more barriers between people. In sport you can make the argument its necessary, not for acting though.
  13. Yes, but that reasoning really doesn't make any sense. You wouldn't be OK if black actors had their own category, even if it meant that more performances were highlighted. If you want more performances to be highlighted then it makes more sense to split the acting into categories like drama and comedy which is a much more sensible split if you want to have additional splits.
  14. The Emmy's say that they do not police it and that male and female actresses can, in theory, be nominated for any of the gendered categories. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-39513543 Which makes having the segregated categories even stranger if they are not enforced in any way. If we're worried about representation then you could just have quotas as part of each category, minimum of 50% of the nominations must be female for example. So, for instance, if you have 10 nomination spots and at first count 8 of those nominated were men then you just apply the quota and exclude the the lowest voted for men. In that scenario, the top 5 men go through, the remaining 2 women go through of the initial top ten list and then the next three most highly ranked women then also go to the list. When you think about it, it really doesn't make sense for gendered acting awards. You don't have best male director and best female director for instance, even though this is a category even more than best female actor that you could argue needs more representation. You would never expect a writing award to be divided into men or women. How do things like the Oscars draw up their short lists anyway? I know the academy voters pick the winner out of the nominations but who chooses the nominations in the first place? Edit: I answered my own question - http://collider.com/how-are-oscar-nominees-chosen/#images. Quite interesting.
  15. I do appreciate that point but equally if you go down that route you could argue that good roles for older actors are scarce as well. Should they have their own category? I also thought, but thought it was too on the nose to post in my previous post, that you could make that identical argument for a category for black actors but no one would propose we segregate on colour so why do we so readily accept segregation on grounds of sex?

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