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  1. If you're digitally minded, and for this title why not, I find the Nintendo game vouchers to work out fairly cost effective. I think per voucher for two games it is £84 which brings each digital game down to £42.
  2. I'm sure it has been mentioned, by any recommendations for a cheap, broadly portable, controller that will connect to my android phone to work with this?
  3. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    I'm not convinced it wasn't approved. I think he had it on pre-race and it is not just something he could carry around in his car - someone had to bring it to him. I think Mercedes will be broadly relaxed about it really. As a Company when they want to disassociate they can just say it is Lewis views but when they want to associate they can point to their association with Lewis. From a PR point of view it is a tenable position for a Company to hold.
  4. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Reduced the lead to Bottas, ironically the actual lead remains the same since Bottas just replaces Verstapoen as being 47 points behind.
  5. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    By my calculations, Hamilton maintains the same gap in points to second place, just with it being Bottas now rather than Hamilton. Really shows that everyone will have an off race by time to time but by design or luck, Hamilton's challengers often fail to capitiaise on Hamilton's rare poor results.
  6. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Great race. I'm a Hamilton fan but decent to see some different podoum results! Hamilton's charge through the field really shows why he's in a different class from Bottas.
  7. I read it that the physical release was limited but that it would be permanently availible to purchase on the eShop.
  8. Well, I do try to understand the story which is being told. In this day and age, perhaps this is classed as overthinking the movie. Should just be enjoying the noises and explosions.
  9. The story/idea has the potential to be excellent and interesting. The way it is presented to the viewer is atrocious. It doesn't have to be this way. The Matrix made an interesting concept clear and concise. This makes an interesting concept baffling and confusing.
  10. I've not played either but believe I have purchased Division 2 previously and it is sitting in the pile of shame. This being the case, would you suggest I start with the first game or go straight to the second game?
  11. Yes, definitely needs a second viewer to work it all out. Just not sure it grabbed be enough to convince me to give it a second viewing though. I'm probably too old and too casual for Nolan these days but whilst I'm happy to pay attention to a movie, it's story should be told in a way that I can pretty much grasp it on first viewing. Ironically, I think the dialogue and story probably were there in the edit to explain everything, it is just I couldn't hear half of it over the soundtrack.
  12. Yeah, I think Nolan has enough clout as a Director to watch the test screening, turn to the sound guys and say' what the fuck, I can't hear a word they are saying' and have it changed. The fact that it was released in this state strongly suggests that Nolan, if perhaps not the instigator, certainly approves of the sound mix. However, given Dunkirk, Interstellar and now this I think we can realistically blame the shitty sound mix squarely at Nolan's door. In any climate, I wouldn't recommend seeing this in the Cinema. Wait for it to be on home movie with subtitles and the ability to pause and rewind. I really lost the plot of what was happening during a lot of the last third. Not helped by the fact you can't hear every second sentence.
  13. Given how many re-releases Resident Evil 4 has had we probably should be counting them really!
  14. First thoughts, fuck me the sound mix was bad. On par or even worse than interstellar. I think I'm just going to have to give up on Nolan films. Proper headache territory. Second thoughts, meh.
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