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  1. Yeah. You can't reverse Steward decisions after the race, whether they are right or wrong. It would be like a referee giving a team a penalty but then two weeks later disallowing the penalty and the resulting goal. Maybe they should not but teams react and modify their strategies due to referring decisions made in play. You cannot go back and debate the decisions after the conclusion of the event without making a mockery of the whole thing. I think the Vettel decision was 50/50 but it was announced in play and both teams had the chance to react to it. It was only a 5 second penalty for goodness sake, the lightest of all possible sanctions. Yes, it reflected the results in a big way but the penalty itself was very minor.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/48673973 I'm honestly not sure I understand the British Public. Why complain to Ofcom about what reality contestants are doing and saying to each other. People being mean to each other is bad but why do people feel that such behaviour should not be broadcast in the first place? If people don't like the concept of the show complain to ITV or ITV's shareholders, I'm not sure what people expect Ofcom to do.
  3. Nick the Diddy Kong Racing idea that you can choose a car, hovercraft or plane per track (or may be just on specific tracks, I think Diddy limited you to some specific vehicles depending on the track) and there are different routes and options depending on which method is chosen. Can't believe no one ever nicked that idea from Diddy. Also nick some of Diddy's battle modes, the egg one was great.
  4. It's pretty bad and mostly dull and poorly acted. Left absolutely no lasting impression on me really. I thought the music in the film didn't help, very flat, but at the end this track court my ear which I genuinely think is a fantastic bit of film music. There was a lot of wasted potential here. I was ready for a really good middle section looking at whether the X Men putting thier lives at risk is something that should be done anyway, something that should be done because the pr makes mutants lives better or something that isn't worth doing. We don't really get into the meat of the argument in the movie. Characters seem pre-ordained to take the positions that they do but the actual argument is mostly skipped over. Civil War created the conflict between team members in a much better way.
  5. McCoy

    Nintendo Switch

    https://www.t3.com/amp/news/nintendo-switch-to-get-netflix-style-game-streaming-service-to-tackle-google-stadia Nintendo has asked Microsoft to help bring a new all-you-can-eat game streaming service to its hugely-popular Nintendo Switch console, according to Astris Advisory Japan analyst David Gibson.
  6. Fairly blatant/cringey BBC News puff piece for the new series... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48549960
  7. Yeah, maybe a points loss. Like a 1 point loss for the smallest offence and upwards from there. Wouldn't really modify the on track action much. Add the point to the car deemed to be affected by the incident, assuming the offending car finishes in the points. In this case, Vettel would have lost a point and Hamilton gained a point although Hamilton would still be motivated to for the win as well. Maybe the penalty only applies in the end if the 'victim' car finishes behind the offending car.
  8. It's not a good look all this whining and appealing. It was a small incident which could have probably gone either way. Yes, the consequence of that penalty was big but the actual incident and the actual 5 second penalty were both small. If you start the ball rolling with appealing any tiny decision made it would be chaos. Plus, is it even fair to appeal in race decisions after the race. The fact is that as a result of that penalty it probably changed the strategy of Hamilton and Mercedes. Bit unfair to revoke it but then they would end up not being able to change the strategy they employed as a result of it.
  9. McCoy

    Pitt cue

    The new location wasn't great. Too big and impersonal. Still surprised its closing though.
  10. Poor Ferrari. If Vettel didn't fold like a wet paper towel at any hint of pressure they might actually be able to celebrate a proper win, not a make believe one.
  11. I need to give 4 another try. I loved 2 and 3 but 4 just completely overwhelmed me with things to do. I've always found the Horizon games a bit deep for a, at heart, arcade racing fan and there are just so many events that pop up on screen but they all feel quite samey. I'd much rather a lot less events but each one feeling a bit more epic in scope. I've always hated that the guidelines are turned on by default. I know I can turn them off but I wonder if I should, since the designers must want you to use them. But why play a racing game which literally tells you where to break for the corners.
  12. Vettel lucked out with the penalty to a certain extent. With a mistake like that you would usually expect Hamilton to have passed him and won the race that way. Without the incident Hamilton might well have passed him later in the race. We're dealing with yet another cock up by Vettel by the penalty disguised really. If Vettel had left Hamilton enough space he would have been passed. Vettel blocked Hamilton, complained that he was not in control of his car and was surprised to receive a penalty. People say they want to see racing but if you permit the leading car just to block an overtake or push cars into walls you'll over ever get overtakes with DRS on the straights.
  13. I think you're right. With Xbox Live slowly being subsumed into Gamepass, I'd expect GWG to go that way as well.
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