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  1. Yeah, how do these transporters work? When Saru taps his at the end and just beams away, where does it take him?
  2. I watched the first 10 minutes on the tube into work. I had more time to continue but gave up when Burnham once again wanted to immediately disobey orders and didn't seem to understand why she couldn't. I always thought the series would end with Burnham getting a command, thus coming in fall circle from where the pilot started from. Perhaps, it actually will end with Burnham once again getting court martialled, equally providing a different kind of full circle from the pilot. She certainly doesn't seem able or happy to be serving in an organisation where respecting the chain of co
  3. Yeah, but wasn't Barclay's first episode all about that he is a bit shit and he needs to improve or go. Basically the whole crew were commenting on it and giving him nicknames behind his back because he was pretty shit. If you want to argue that Tilly is the same as Barclay then fair enough, the difference being is that the reaction to her is that the crew fucking loves her unlike the TNG crew who were like 'who is this prick' and 'why is he so shit'. If the Discovery crew had said that about Tilly then at least the elephant in the room would have been acknowledged.
  4. I tend to agree, games wise, it is an underwhelming launch. But if the hardware is ready to be released and is going to cost £450 whether they release it now or in April then why not release it now? People are still able to enjoy the better hardware (quick resume, better backwards compatibility) now and the games will come. I see no reason to keep the boxes on a warehouse shelf for another six months rather than letting people buy and use them now. Plus hardware is always a long game. You don't spend £450 on hardware just for November 2020, you spend it s
  5. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Expanding the points to the top 10 has helped as there is more to play for down the field. Frankly, I'd be up for expanding it even further but definitely better than the days of points for 1-6.
  6. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Yep, and no real loss to the team apart from a potential 2nd place. Went from a guaranteed 3rd and 4th to a 3rd and 4th with a chance of a 2nd if his move had come off. It didn't but the team were no worse off as a result.
  7. I've got a £10 code for an Xbox controller from Amazon which I'm not going to use so here it is: U2HP-3YPWMG-JD7GB6 May as well mentioned when used and I'll edit the post to avoid anyone wasting time.
  8. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    I may have missed it but have we done Lance Lol Yet?
  9. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Let's just hope they don't lose their nerve and start under the safety car.
  10. Did they? I mean, yeah, Sisko was one of the lead characters and important to the narrative but there's plenty of episodes where he barely appears and othrt cast members take the lead. Plus you can have an important character without needing to show them all the time. The Visitor is one of the best episodes ever and he's definitely the focus of it but appears for like 5 minutes in the whole episode. This episode they could have kept both Saru and Burnham back and gave command to one of the other characters which would have been interesting but no, Burnham once again h
  11. Agreed. I don't like the Gulag aspect though. Mostly because I'm terrible at it but also because it just makes a kill seem less worthwhile when you know there is a 50% chance they will be back. Indeed, I'd be tempted to take out entirely the respawning measure (including reviving team mates with cash). Basically I'd really like something which is not so terribly serious as PubG but not quite as casual as Warzone. I still find the original PUBG maps such as Erangel and Miramar to be much more interesting locations for a battle royale setting than Warzone which is basically just meg
  12. It does seem to limit what an actor is meant to be capable of doing - i.e acting. I mean, Hemsworth makes a good fist of playing a Norse Powered God but perhaps, nay, hopefully in the future we can actually get a Norse Powered God to play a Norse Powered God in the next Marvel film, rather than just making Hemsworth go the the gym a few times.
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