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  1. Crazy Taxi was on my games-of-the-decade list, so it must be right.
  2. "PSP Go!"? PSP FuckOff! more like.
  3. I hereby predict that Chubby Drizzle will be not a patch on Shadow of Memories.
  4. I use an Aeropress. The results are amazing.
  5. That's a great analogy. So I guess ideally what websites determined to review MMOs ought to do is do an initial "notice" that just describes the technical features of the game, and then a sort of "memoir" of what the world is like a few months later. Trouble for them is, all the info that would go into the release-date "notice" is presumably already long available through months of previews, PR etc, so one can see how tempting it is for them to jump the gun by doing a "review" long before it is really possible to do one.
  6. Well, I suppose I ought to grant MMORPGs an exception to my rule as I don't play them at all.
  7. Sure, but that's no excuse for making the first two hours boring and rubbish.
  8. Agreed, but I think two hours is more like it. Any game whose first two hours are boring and rubbish is FAIL no matter how good it allegedly gets later on.
  9. I was totally more excited to be on OLL than any of the Radio 4/Radio 3/NPR etc bullshit I've previously done. My interjections aside, it was an amazing episode.
  10. Shouldn't that be "at the rounded edge"?
  11. Even 12 hours is far more than it takes to watch a film, listen to an album or read an average book. Maybe "proper" criticism is only really possible retrospectively, not at release. (Apart from chez Edge, of course.)
  12. Because it requires more time and indepth analysis. How can anyone offer proper constructive criticism on a game like, say, Fallout 3, in time for when the publisher wants it? And by publisher I mean for both the game and the mag/website. Also, anyone playing through the entirety of whatever the latest 60-hour post-apocalyptic snoozefest is, for the risible fees most games reviews attract, will be working for a fraction of minimum wage.
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