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  1. Well done, keep at it! Fancy joining our group for some online racing tonight?
  2. Think @Varnsen may share that view as I noticed him battling it out nicely in the top 5 as well. It really is like you said in the PS Messages chat, then: "I thought at first it was madness but it was brilliant."
  3. There's a variety of event types, none of which are really related to ACTUAL rallying or rallycross (such as in DiRT Rally 2.0). Consider this more to be a successor of sorts to DiRT 2, which streamlined rallying (crazy stages, basic pacenotes), rallycross (even crazier stadium circuits, no joker lap) and adds more crazy event types, like hillclimbs of sorts, in monstrous off-road machines. So yeah, this will be more of a general, arcade-oriented 'racing on loose surface' game. Like DiRT 2, in my opinion (a game which I very much enjoyed by the way).
  4. Welcome indeed! Just sent you a PSN friends request We race every Monday night at 8PM UK, I usually host one lobby and sometimes we expand to a second lobby. For chat on that and general banter we also use a PS Messages group.
  5. Quick pic from last night, as there's loads of good shots to be found in last night's races, especially the one around Dragon Trail I was going to say: it's great to see you up there ofte,n Corranga! Remembering you only joined us last Summer and with hardly any online experience, you're doing an excellent job at driving both competitively and safely That battle around Dragon Trail in the Porsche with you, Mexos and Louis was epic. Cheers, think I'll experiment some more with Default to see if there's a noticeable difference.
  6. Nice! I just sent you a friends request, by all means join our Monday night online racing if you'd like I've had ABS on Weak for ages. Tried switching it off yesterday to see if I could manage that with the new pedals, but that went horribly wrong so went back to Weak. How much of a difference is there between Default and Weak? I'd like to think Weak replicates the idea of race ABS, which is more lenient than road car ABS.
  7. Ah, never mind, I missed the bit about this being 60 fps on upgraded consoles! I'll take that as great news actually
  8. I think the 30 fps thing is because the game was designed to be that way. Bumping it up to 60 fps could potentially ruin the heavily emphasized drifting mechanic. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get 60 fps on this. But seeing as the original hardware could hardly pull of 30 fps consistently (believe me, I played this on 360 again 4 weeks ago) I've be happy to play this on PS4 Pro in 4K with a rock-solid 30 fps
  9. Good chances I'd say, given more and more titles are cross-platform, including EA's own Star Wars Squadrons and Apex Legends. And I'm pretty confident the Autolog leaderboards will work across platforms anyway
  10. Oooh, we're going to get the old band back together with this I see some familiar names from back in 2010 here already, and would like to add @U-1 @Karzee @bradigor @Sie @moosegrinder @Corleth the Fey @Dave White @cohen205 @HeyMykie @Dimahoo @ThaForce @KriessG @multi @wev @FuntimeDave @K @Parappa and many others!
  11. As said: this message can actually be switched off permanently in the settings (I've had it like that for ages now.)
  12. You mean that fuel message on screen? That can actually be switched off in the settings
  13. Nice. I've been on a T300 RS for some years now, it's a really solid wheel with lovely (belt-driven) force feedback, which conveys a surprising amount of nuance. As for the pedals, I've only used the T3PA, which is decent. The braking pedal became a lot better when I installed the conical braking mod last April as it noticeably increased stiffness, especially when you're really pushing the pedal. So I finally managed to sort of properly bolt the new T-LCM pedals to my Playseat frame last night. Love the proper metal pedals which are making me consider to start wearing racing b
  14. So, Gr. 3 endurance race around the Nurburgring 24h circuit tonight, lobby open at 8PM UK time Be there!
  15. I started this last night for a review, too. But it doesn't really click so far. The cars seem to rotate on a pivot, which is something generally hate in any racing game. I can understand that choice given the unique twin stick drifting mechanic here, but I've not felt the true benefit of that. Love the overall presentation though, very much a blend of Ridge Racer and Initial D, if a bit on the shallow side visually when you're actually driving.
  16. As a general rule of thumb (or, well, hands) make sure you can put both wrists on the 45 angle parts 'on top' of the wheel, while having your arms fully extended (yet not overstretched). A professional racing driver once taught me this as the best position, both for road cars and tracks driving. A life hack that has served me well in any driving seat Also, hold the wheel on the side parts with a very relaxed grip - and don't fold your thumbs around the grip, but have them resting on the wheel.
  17. Yes, let's do Le Mans! Not sure which car class though. Would love to do one with classic race cars but those are just too bloody expensive. Let's so Gr. 1's, free of choice (So LMP1's, Gr. C's and Vision GT's.) BoP will still be on of course.
  18. Wait what? How does the game not even mention this? Will try it on Hard and Expert so see whether that clicks a bit better then
  19. Ooh, I live in Amersfoort (just off the A1) so in case you may be cruising close by sometime - I'd love to see your Hachi in the metal Here's @fretnoise's replay to add by the way: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gtsport/user/replay/2137770/5845699817626403840 I knew that's an Nissan (180SX actually, if I'm correct) but just liked this gif. Figured someone would snapshot the first corner as we went so felt like pulling off the little easter egg
  20. That is true love right there! Same here in a way last night, as my girlfriend felt like having a go at F1 2020 following the last couple of GP's She was all over the place at first but insisted on completing nearly a race distance of laps, just to get the fastest possible clean lap in... There is the prediction on your fuel mix adjuster, which does work well enough for me. This is why in endurance races I mainly have the fuel mix selected, only briefly switching to brake balance or the radar when the situation requires it.
  21. Ooh, loving that Whereabouts do you live in NL anyway? Also, you'll love my car and livery of choice tonight.
  22. NO! We need you back in the races ASAP. On the WHEEL. It will be an interesting one. Little birdies have told me Sony PlayStation is very keen to have GT7 as a launch title, given the Xbox Series X/S is so weak on launch software AND Forza will not be there for some time.
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