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  1. Yes, let's do Le Mans! Not sure which car class though. Would love to do one with classic race cars but those are just too bloody expensive. Let's so Gr. 1's, free of choice (So LMP1's, Gr. C's and Vision GT's.) BoP will still be on of course.
  2. Wait what? How does the game not even mention this? Will try it on Hard and Expert so see whether that clicks a bit better then
  3. Ooh, I live in Amersfoort (just off the A1) so in case you may be cruising close by sometime - I'd love to see your Hachi in the metal Here's @fretnoise's replay to add by the way: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gtsport/user/replay/2137770/5845699817626403840 I knew that's an Nissan (180SX actually, if I'm correct) but just liked this gif. Figured someone would snapshot the first corner as we went so felt like pulling off the little easter egg
  4. That is true love right there! Same here in a way last night, as my girlfriend felt like having a go at F1 2020 following the last couple of GP's She was all over the place at first but insisted on completing nearly a race distance of laps, just to get the fastest possible clean lap in... There is the prediction on your fuel mix adjuster, which does work well enough for me. This is why in endurance races I mainly have the fuel mix selected, only briefly switching to brake balance or the radar when the situation requires it.
  5. Ooh, loving that Whereabouts do you live in NL anyway? Also, you'll love my car and livery of choice tonight.
  6. NO! We need you back in the races ASAP. On the WHEEL. It will be an interesting one. Little birdies have told me Sony PlayStation is very keen to have GT7 as a launch title, given the Xbox Series X/S is so weak on launch software AND Forza will not be there for some time.
  7. First off, it very much seems like nearly all PS4 games will be backwards compatible on PS5. The question remains whether that also means generation cross-play but I think that's highly likely. So I'm rather confident we can continue our GT Sport MNRC with people on both PS4 and PS5 come November Secondly, we'll have to see when GT7 arrives. There's a good chance there's a push for it to be a launch title going on, but there's an equally good chance Yamauchi will not meet that deadline. We'll have to see what that means for online gameplay but as long as most people are
  8. Gr. 4 class (pick your favourite car) endurance race around Laguna Seca And we'll do a 'special' support series race on the same track in the Mazda Roadster Touring Car to warm things up.
  9. We've done Brands quite often recently I reckon. Some other suggestions: - Laguna Seca - Sardegna - Road Track - A - Goodwood - Blue Moon Bay Speedway - Infield A
  10. Well interestingly, Gran Turismo 5 actually did feature head tracking. Never really tried it myself I think.
  11. Sounds like we should do another Gr. 4 class endurance race next Monday then Having a good look at the features you actually need while racing should work too. I've got everything I need mapped to the buttons on my wheel (same number of buttons as a pad). For instance, I just have the combo 'flash / high beam' mapped (to L2) which works two features. Changing brake/TC/fuel is mapped to the d-pad. That said, I have the handbrake mapped to the actual handbrake so that does save me one button! You're doing a great job, looking a
  12. I'd recommend mapping it to a button near either of your thumbs. I've got it set to R2.
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