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  1. Well, the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo did actually race, in 2015. (I was there.) Complete shitshow, but some laps were actually driven. Not sure how it really works in GT Sport. I imagine it sort of works as it should have according to the designers' computers? By all means have a YouTube search for it.
  2. Some more footage from last Monday night, starting off with the amazing Mini battle @mexos, @Junker and I had: Glorious moving images of the 80s F1 field at Goodwood
  3. Actually, I'm inclined to keep the lap count, fuel consumption and tyre wear undisclosed until Monday night. (As in, I haven't really decided on those yet, either.) Little wrong with people practicing the track of course, in said Gr. 1 cars. But just to prevent anyone from running entire stint/race simulations on beforehand Also, BoP will be switched on. Regarding tuning: we could allow it for this race, after which we could ban it for the other races this Monday night. Thoughts? (And wow, this all really is close to taking over actual motorsports!)
  4. Ah, the growing pains of an online racing community. A lot of this sounds similar to considerations in the Forza days. Let's do our best to find compromises that suit everyone as much as possible, hoping all (and more joining in) will keep enjoying the racing nights we have going! Really like the constructive suggestions here already. So for now let's go with the idea of having one (or a few) race(s) with a set track, car class and the possibility to tune (not upgrade!). That way people with a bit more time on their hands can practice and refine their setups - also by sharing tips among ourselves. Following that, we'll also do some open racing with improvised car (classes) and track votes - as we're used to for most of the time, actually Starting with next week, we'll do an endurance race in Gr. 1's on Le Mans with tyres, fuel, BoP on and tuning allowed. After that, we'll move to the open racing bit. Also, Noble has just made us Twitter famous(ish):
  5. Cheers to all for the racing last night! Excellent battles all around at glorious Goodwood - will share some replays later As for leveling the playing field: I remember how car tuning (not upgrading, but the changing of aero, suspension, gears as allowed within BoP) split the community a bit in the online Forza days, and I'd hate to see that happening to our GT Sport thing. So let's consider to ban tuning for next week and see if that bring an (even more) level playing field. In a way I have similar thoughts about announcing cars and tracks in advance. Some people have (plenty of) time to practice, others don't (myself included). It could be more fair to decide on the cars and track. And still, we always take 8-15 minutes of practice right before a race for everyone to get adjusted to a track so at least everyone knows their way.
  6. Well, Noble and I made some minor cameos in Drive to Survive if that's what you mean If not, you may be referring to colleague Chris Medland, who also signed up to race online with us. (Though I'm not sure he'll be joining in tonight for the Goodwood stuff already.)
  7. Sorry Junker, the Mazda 'settlement' was only brought to the attention late last night so we made that call to level the playing field. (Please don't launch further angry press releases and possible sport-damaging statements ) You can pick any livery you want for the Mini. Just make sure your F1500 is appropriately coloured to 80s F1 - visit @mexos profile in-game if you need a proper livery!
  8. Excellent, looking forward to it! You don't need a bluetooth headset for party chat, anything with an aux plug will suffice. Including the standard PS4 earpiece or (wired) mobile headsets, even.
  9. To make up for that nonsense: feel free to join our virtual Goodwood Members' Meeting online races tonight
  10. WORD OF NOTE: the Mazda RX-500 will be banned for tonight's classic N300 race. Even with BoP it's just too fast compared to the other cars, as noted by several players in our group. Still plenty of other cars to choose from, though
  11. I can's send scitzafitz a friend request so please ask him to add me on PSN, Joe_McSpeed.
  12. I'll send them friend requests, so I can add them to the PSN chat group 'rllmuk GT Sport' - which I've also just added you too. On Monday nights it's easiest to configure things there, especially when we're going to run 2 lobbies
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