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  1. There is, we have a PSN chat group (37 and counting) to organise racing. What's your PSN username? Will happily add you
  2. Great effort all! I can't make the online racing tonight, but I know several people in our group are up for it. Can anyone else take over hosting duties?
  3. Online racing again tonight! I'll be around 8:30PM UK time Let's make it a great night of GT Sport action again with the forumites and friends. Bring your Mazda Roadster Touring Cars and Gr. 3's!
  4. Many thanks to the group of people who came out to play on Monday night It was great to enjoy GT again after struggling for weeks. Racing the RE Amemiya RX-7 around Laguna Seca was just what the doctor ordered!
  5. Right, how about some online racing again tonight? It's all very up and down still here, but I really want to try to get back into this to start off the new year! Who's up for racing at 8:30 PM UK tonight?
  6. Sounds like the time trialing is keeping the flow going nicely here, very happy to see that I'm still having ups and downs mentally. Won't be racing tonight as such - by all means host a lobby though! With enough progress I hope to be back next Monday night for some racing, to kick-start 2020 well.
  7. MW_Jimmy is right on the money now. I'm replaying Travis Strikes Again now and liking it even better than at launch It's such an emotional, autobiograpy of a game. Suda51's return to form after a decade of more 'superficial' (yet still wacky) titles which were clearly meant to please Western gamers better, such as Lollipop Chainsaw. This despite his 'auteur' way of game making (e.g. killer7 and No More Heroes) resulting in far more meaningful experiences. Interestingly, Travis Strikes Again was panned for its shallow gameplay (including by myself), though that's actually a staple of Suda's better games - such as TheSilverCase and Flower, Sun and Rain. It's both a shame yet understandable how TSA got so horribly underrated. Fortunately, it did well enough to let Suda work on No More Heroes 3. And that's by far my most anticipated next game, if only after the way the amazing trailer ties in with so many stuff from TSA
  8. Hey, hope everyone here is well! With Xmas coming up and all, wishing all the best of course I've still been struggling quite a lot over the past few weeks, battling a burn-out and mental issues. Having great friends close, getting therapy now and the supportive messages here in the thread are all great help though! So it's been quite rough. Feeling somewhat better tonight, but in no position to race yet. Maybe next week - and otherwise in 2020 for sure when it's hopefully settles down some more here. And of course, by all means let someone else host a room tonight!
  9. That looks really fun. I recall an older Forza Horizon or GTA Online having a similar mode, but not with 72 people online. Will have to try this tonight I think
  10. Actually, could you take over hosting tonight @mexos? Or any other forumite preparing to race tonight. I just came home feeling a bit unwell so I'm having to cancel on my part of the racing after all. Really sorry guys, I just can't do it already this time
  11. Hi all, I'm feeling slighty better today and would love to do some racing with the group. Will be hosting tonight from 8:30 PM UK time again! I'm expecting to be able to do something like to 2 good races, so let's make 'm count
  12. Yeah, GT Sport is much more focused on online racing. In fact that's the main reason I like to play it much more than any of the previous GT games. Seems that the frankly brave decision of Yamauchi to go with this route didn't go down that well with the player base, given the 'cut-down' campaign they added a few months after launch. (I never really bothered with that anyway, too. ) Also Kudos Prime figures seem to suggest rather few people have bothered with the online part anyway, despite this actually being the lion's share of GT Sport. Still, personally I don't need a 'GT7' as such at all, but I can imagine the majority of player demand (like yours) would say otherwise...
  13. GT6 is still great, but you should definitely give GT Sport a proper shot
  14. This I remember finding this a bit odd when I played the 32X and arcade versions through emulators, but was just the way the music worked in the original game. I actually like it, puts the emphasis on your driving and passing cars (of which the SFX are still so lovely) and just hearing some cool music at intervals.
  15. I reviewed this (in Dutch, but can be Google Translated) and found it pretty decent actually. It takes a lot of known Need for Speed elements and combines it into an enjoyable open world arcade racer. The story isn't too cringeworthy, fortunately. Some bugs, which I hope have been patched out by now (haven't played this that much after launch day).
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