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  1. I'm afraid it is... Do elaborate!
  2. I learned how to double-clutch (well, mostly the blip of the throttle as actually double declutching isn't that quicker according to modern data) as well as left-foot braking during a real-life racing course around Circuit Zandvoort 10 years ago. Blipping the throttle is quite fun to do in the sim when I'm also manually shifting gears (using the TH8P H-pattern), in Group C race cars for instance Proper work-out for the feet! And when using three pedals in the sim for this, I use left-foot braking sometimes to shift the weight balance, most notably in DiRT Rally 2.0.
  3. More like SIMUCUBE wheel and HEUSINKVELD pedals.
  4. The physics in WRC 9 are definitely solid, but yeah, playing on a wheel I just prefer the handling in DiRT Rally 2.0.
  5. Interesting. Co-sign for the best stages, I quite enjoyed the route designs in WRC 9 It's just a shame these games lack the vibrant and lively presentation, as well as great physics, that make DiRT Rally (2.0) so enjoyable, IMO. Most curious to see what Codemasters will do with this license after this one!
  6. Well join us again tonight then Nice one. Will you be racing with us to, starting tonight at 8PM UK time?
  7. Heh, I'll dismiss my previous comment. It's not a shit game, but it's still hardly more than mediocre in my opinion. I suppose/hope a few updates have sorted the bugs. But the lack of a clear direction (neither semi-sim such as GT Sport and PCARS 1&2 nor arcade such as Ridge Racer) still makes is less appealing to me. Perhaps my taste has just shifted. In various regards PCARS 3 is rather similar to PGR4, a game I absolutely loved - 12 years ago. Yet all in all PCARS 3 still lacks a charm like PGR has. It just all feels a bit bland and empty, despite a very nice content load lo
  8. Accepted and added to the chat group!
  9. Welcome skondo! What's your PSN I can add you to our PSN chat group to stay updated on our races and banter. My PSN = Joe_McSpeed
  10. Paging @T4RG4 to this thread.
  11. Gr.3 at Le Mans Gr.1 at Kyoto Yamagiwa I Surely you have these cars already
  12. Ooh, I love the one with the colours!! RACING would have my vote Wait, what? Surely this should be possible? Perhaps @mexos can lend a hand? Would love to carry this logo in the game
  13. Heh, Mike Seymour is another (former) F1 journalist. He raced with us in MNRC on some occasions and I just asked him to join again sometime soon, which he will do
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