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  1. Fixed that for you. Also, I like to be the exception here.
  2. I'm actually willing to bet good money the bottom right one could be another nice cup touring car like the Mazda Yeah, that was a bit weird. Further developments:
  3. It's a JDM-flavoured batch for sure GTPlanet has worked we'll be getting the Honda S2000 and Mitsubishi GTO / 3000GT, while the rest is probably another Subaru Impreza WRX and an S13 Nissan Silvia - the middle one is still unknown.
  4. There's only one way to achieve this: loads and loads of experience (Which can be acquired with practice, and/or keep joining our online races of course!) I remember being completely unable to string a good lap together consistently back in GT3 and 4, which slightly improved in the Forza 2 / 3 / 4 days (as I moved away from arcade racers a bit, too). Only after getting a wheel and playing a lot of Project CARS and now GT Sport can I do several laps getting it somewhat right! (And then I'll still fail when we do a 20+ minutes race )
  5. Much better than any Burnout could ever be actually.
  6. What, too little or too much? I've always found the G29 awfully weak and rattly in terms of force feedback. Never change please.
  7. I have started to wear racing gloves recently (bought a pair of Sparcos on sale for 35 quid or so), though the Alcantara rim is actually really nice on your bare hands. Would actually recommend wearing gloves in the stock rim as that felt a bit to rough on the skin too me. T150 is an excellent choice too, may well be better than the G29 even though that's benchmarked towards the T300.
  8. Right folks, I'll be missing out on tomorrow night's action due to Gamescom. To keep our momentum going and everyone else enjoying the Monday night racing, could I ask@PeteBrant or @mexos to take over hosting duties again? Also keep an eye out for this in the near future - I'll be away for pretty much all of September (Monza + Singapore + week off) so expect me to miss 4 weeks in a row around that time. Will still be racing on 2nd September mind!
  9. I much prefer the T300 RS over the G29 - force feedback alone is so much better on the Thrustmaster unit. Also in terms of feeling and general refinement (though I'm using an Alcantara 599XX rim).
  10. I played the Xbox 360 version last night. My Live Gold has expired so couldn't test out online races - though I'd doubt there's anyone else playing. Autolog times and scores were still there though! (And I even spent 5 quid on getting the Porsche DLC which I never bought back in the day.)
  11. Typically I finished this game the other day, great fun Remember it was quite a broken mess when it first arrived on PS4 (as a PS Plus game). Had some laughs playing it locally with friends, but as the difficulty ramps up a fair bit it's hard to actually get somewhere with friends dicking about.
  12. Love how @mexos is double downing on Hill driving Schumi's Benetton at Goodwood this year:
  13. You can play the PSVR version with the DualShock4 too and I much prefer it. Using Moves is more immersive, but too much fumbling for me.
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