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  1. Paging @T4RG4 to this thread.
  2. Gr.3 at Le Mans Gr.1 at Kyoto Yamagiwa I Surely you have these cars already
  3. Ooh, I love the one with the colours!! RACING would have my vote Wait, what? Surely this should be possible? Perhaps @mexos can lend a hand? Would love to carry this logo in the game
  4. Heh, Mike Seymour is another (former) F1 journalist. He raced with us in MNRC on some occasions and I just asked him to join again sometime soon, which he will do
  5. So interestingly, I joined Lobby B last night after being late due to work. Should have won the Mazda Roadster race were it not for a driver error, spun and couldn't catch up in the BMW's and just sucked in the Renaults. Still had great fun! I thought about the whole two lobby situation often when we started to split the lobbies to accommodate everyone. There's no best solution but I think the current situation actually works quite well. On one hand you'd like to get a diversely skilled field in both lobbies, but everyone is bound to enjoy more competition on their leve
  6. Heh, I reviewed it at launch in Dutch. Taken to Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=nl&tl=en&u=https://gamer.nl/artikelen/review/project-cars-3-racet-met-wisselend-succes/
  7. Codemasters never had the WRC license. It was Sony first, then Bigben and still is. Also, DiRT Rally and its sequel are pretty proper sims Far more than the 'simcade' original DiRT line of games descending from Colin McRae Rally. DIRT 5 went all-in on the arcade side of things (close to DiRT Showdown). But yeah, I'm expecting them to release something entirely new, rather sim-focused around the WRC license in 2023. I would estimate a large part of those 9 million came in from the game being free on PlayStation Plus last year Which begs the questi
  8. Codemasters already secured the WRC license from 2023 onwards so that will happen. Though the Dirt Rally moniker may not be used anymore.
  9. Even more rules! Don't mean to get philosophical, but I do reckon there's a certain irony to actually having videogame-style elements to create a more level playing field, such as handicap / catch-up, yet the idea to use a more analogue solution such as ballast still pops up By all means, go for it! I'm deffo interested but have to be careful as every week is a bit too busy here already - not to mention the arrival of our little one come May...
  10. I like your ideas though this might be getting a bit close to F1 levels of regulations a bit fast, maybe? Still, good stuff Actually I think a lot of it can work as long as you just stick to one class per race.
  11. Could you lend a hand to some reference on getting this to work properly? Would love to organise some online GoldenEye 007 deathmatches
  12. Cheers for the concept suggestions and the following enthusiasm all Creativity in our racing setups is a staple of the MNRC after all! I'm well up for a series of any sorts, have been for quite some time. We even ran one already back in 2018, @Batmobile won that even though @mexos frequently crushed us all in his mighty Beetle. As we did back then, running weekly series' races in tandem with the usual open racing as we do every Monday can work quite well to cater to everyone involved. Regarding mixing car classes on track in the same race, I'd have to say I'm not
  13. Well, it's pretty much impossible to compare the two. The rallying in GT Sport is just racing on a dirt track (which I still find enjoyable, mind) and has very little to do with the actual form of motorsports we call rallying. DiRT Rally 2.0 on the other hand, is a proper rally game with stages, service areas and all. Not to mention how it includes a more than decent rallycross mode, too. Please give DR2.0 a try, it's an absolute dream of a game on a wheel. Especially for a mudplugger like yourself
  14. Not at all! Your friends are a great bunch, both for the racing and banter. Please feel welcome to join anytime, so cool to get close to having two full lobbies in MNRC We've very rarely used the Gr.B cars but this was perfect. I was sliding too much in practice but the race was so much fun and close all the way! Never to late to start playing DiRT Rally 2.0 by the way, I had a great online session in the rallycross the other night in there
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