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  1. You can pick similar (classic) cars in the class so we'll accommodate all players Cheers Pete, hope to race you again soon.
  2. Absolutely, it's a great film about an often untold story - as it focuses more on unsung hero test driver Ken Miles working with Carroll Shelby and Ford than anything else. The racing in it is decent. Some details feel odd or out of place, but as a whole it really works. If you loved Rush, you'll probably like this too.
  3. Forum racing again tonight! Be there at 8:30 PM UK time for online action. I'm still not in the best of places but really want to try to race again - if only one or two races. (Finally able to see a therapist tomorrow so that should help to gain some perspective.) And having seen Le Mans '66 (a.k.a. Ford v Ferrari) last weekend I'd love to kick things off with some N300 and N400 to allow Shelby Mustangs and Ford GT40's
  4. I'll try to share some screenshots of my default rllmuk GT Sport online hosting setup this week so others can copy it.
  5. Thanks all for racing last night, and apologies for having to leave after one race. I just managed to finish that one when the headache literally became too much. Fortunately someone else could take over hosting to carry on with the rest. I'm hoping to get a clearer picture of the situation - as well as a medical diagnosis - next week. Will try to keep you updated and stay involved whenever I can, as I would be absolutely gutted if our nice online racing community were to fall apart because of this
  6. I'm still from my usual self, but up for some online forum racing tonight Maybe just a couple of 'm, but would hate to let my current situation bog down on the action altogether. So, 8:30 PM tonight, be there! Time to hit up Spa-Francorchamps (so make sure you DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE in advance).
  7. Hate to say it but unable to race tonight - I need some more time to get things sorted somehow. Am hopeful of being back next week though. If anyone else could host a session tonight again for all others, much appreciated!
  8. Ooh that looks amazing! Great update. Hope to be able to play this with forumites soon
  9. Still enjoying this as well Would like to add and be added by forumites to keep scores! Friend code: 9060 4532 6212
  10. Hi all, I'm in an extremely tough spot with work at the moment and have to be offline for a while. If someone could take over hosting for the online racing tonight that would be great for everyone else. I may not be around for a couple of weeks but will try to keep you posted.
  11. Should be able to! Although there is a nationwide internet disruption going on now so hoping it will be fixed in time... Oh, that would be very cool indeed! Fantastic initiative Steve! Will make sure to join in on this
  12. Please do join us on the grid with this one, good sir
  13. Cheers to that! What was you Live gamertag then? Blur surely marks the most memorable period in online gaming for me. Ever. It was the Summer of 2010, a memorable one for multiple reasons for me, but mostly because we played Blur most nights from like 9PM to 3AM. With the steely @Karzee, fast @Varnsen, quick @Goldbricker, fun @FuntimeDave and @Dave White, rock solid @SnoopZakaDaVe, evil @Hoodedclaw, f(r)iend @smithstock, reluctant arcade racer @Meerman, even @Boozy The Clown was in on it and let's not forget the ever lovely annoyance that was @gobsheen. And many, many others (sorry to whom I've not mentioned here) - which actually led to have 18 forumites and some friends in a lobby at the same time! The racing, the shooting, the battering, the drifting (which sadly broke the online competition a little bit as the elite players exploited drift-boosting) - not to mention the name calling, the swearing and the general banter. Bloody amazing soundtrack too. (As this reminded me of it I just favourited over half of the tracks on Spotify. The Forza Motorsport days were great too and we now have a similar thing going strong with GT Sport now. Though as fantastic as that is in its own right, it will never match the sheer explosive competitive fun that Blur gave us all. The dedicated thread is still a massive testament to that. And the online revivals which actually went on until 2013. RIP Blur. You were so incredibly loved over here. (This REALLY makes me want to set up another revival night. Again.)
  14. Pff, you know you love the Mazda Roadster Touring Car Yeah, I tend to struggle with understeer a lot too around Interlagos, especially in that bastard turn 4 after the back straight which so often hands me time penalties This time went a lot better though: I set the brake balance on 2 to the rear (as I often do, liking a loose rear) but also untightened the anti-roll bars a bit (down to 3 or 4 each I think) - initially just tightening the rear just produced more oversteer but didn't take away the understeer. The balance was a lot better as a result and I enjoyed the race a lot, even fighting for the win until the end despite this whole race being on my least favourite track!
  15. I'm afraid not. Think there used to be a mid-race save feature in GT4 I think but not in GT Sport. That said, you could still pause the game and even put the PS4 in sleep mode (but not play other games).
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