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  1. How old is the PSU? The power output does degrade over time but you should be fine on a 3070, that's what I have with a 5600x and a 650W PSU and it hasn't missed a beat. From what I've seen the 3080 is a bit more demanding so you may run into some stability issues there.
  2. Is it any good? The reviews I've seen haven't been overly favourable, I love WW2 games so I was quite looking forward to trying this but now I'm in two minds.
  3. I reckon it's going to be 6 months before there is decent availability. By the time new material gets through the fab etc it takes quite a bit of time to hit the shelves.
  4. Even if you don't have a huge amount of room then most games can be played whilst standing stationary anyway. It takes a bit of the immersion away but still works perfectly well. I've got a 3m + 5m extension for using with link and it works great, so that's also an option if the wireless desktop route doesn't work for you.
  5. Played Vader immortal part 2 tonight and it really brought home the difference between the original quest OLED panels and the quest 2's LCD, it's super dark and looked really washed out and gray which is a bit disappointing. Still, HL Alyx in 90Hz and full res link looks amazing! Got Star wars squadrons in the Origin sale so looking forward to trying that. Was all set to get tales from galaxies edge as well but the mixed reviews have put me off a bit.
  6. Ah, that could be true, the main list didn't show any prices for me so the £590 was an MSI one I think that the page actually loaded when clicked.
  7. Yeah thats the one. I guess it's a premium over the RRP, but only the 3070FE is going for that. The 3rd party ones are all £500+ so it's not a massive difference. Not watched any of the review videos yet so haven't seen the real world comparisons yet, but I've committed to the 3070 now anyway! Will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next year or so in terms of driver updates and optimisations.
  8. Had a speculative look at launch time and Scan appeared to have a few, starting at £590 for the 6800. Didn't seem to be a 'add to basket' though then they were gone again after a few minutes. Happy with my 3070 purchase anyway.
  9. You can up the resolution, I tried this last night and it definitely felt like it made a big difference! Started playing through HL Alyx again and it was crystal clear.
  10. Is anyone playing this with a Quest 2 and link? I really want to get it but seems like there may be some issues with VR?
  11. My zotac 3070 OC arrived today, can't believe I got one just by pure luck of checking ebuyer at the right time. Got it installed and fired up HL Alyx with my Quest 2 and link, using the Dev tool to enable the higher resolution and 1.2x sampling and it looks incredible! Running with everything on ultra and it didn't appear to skip a beat! So happy and will make a play through definitely worthwhile!
  12. I got an RTX 3070 today! Was randomly looking on ebuyer and saw one with 'add to basket' available, its the Zotac OC one, for £540. A bit more than I wanted to pay but it's shipped apparently so should arrive tomorrow! Yay!
  13. I had a pre-order with Ebuyer for the Zotac 3070, but there was no ETA, so when the very one came up I jumped on it and cancelled the ebuyer one. Then very just cancelled my order even though it said it had already been packed. I had also ordered a pre-build but decided to cancel that so I could get on the 5600X bandwagon. Nabbed one of those but now GPU-less! I've bought a 1080Ti from Cheeko on here though so that will arrive tomorrow and tide me over, going to wait until the madness dies down and see what the AMD side has to offer once benchmarks come out. Currently building th
  14. FFFUUUU, why didn't I check this thread 20 mins ago?!? I got a cancelled order notification from Very 30 mins ago for my 3070! So I now have all the bits for the PC apart from the GPU. Sake.
  15. Looking at ebay there are a few listed for about £100 over asking, but it's only a handful. I guess it was a bit more of a risk with the CPU's. I would expect the radeon launch will indeed be a nightmare, since loads that lost out on Nvidia cards will probably try and get them.
  16. I managed to get a 5600X from Scan, which looks ideal for my needs. I cancelled my AWD order as it didn't make sense to be buying into a 3600X when these were so close! So I've got all the bits out for delivery today, apart from the damn 3070 which I had 2 orders for - one from ebuyer which appeared in stock but then they just said 'durr, we don't know when we will actually get this', and I ordered the MSI one from very which said next day delivery, it was showing as packed on Wednesday but had nothing since then. Still saying delivery on 6th but I'm not so sure that will happen now.
  17. It appears very.co.uk have stock of MSI 3070's for next day delivery - https://www.very.co.uk/msi-geforce-rtx-3070-8gb-ventus-2x-oc-ampere-graphics-card/1600542256.prd
  18. Just looked and it's interesting when you look at completed listings that a lot have been taken down, presumably they didn't get one or had their order cancelled after putting the auction up. Shame that. Annoyingly some still get through...
  19. Sure, it's this one here, with the mobo and ram, and SSD changed - https://www.awd-it.co.uk/awd-220t-rgb-ryzen-5-3600-six-core-rtx-3070-8gb-pc-for-gaming.html I've realised that it doesn't actually state its the FE card, so I've emailed them to find out.
  20. If my ebuyer order comes through (assuming no issues with my pre-build order) then I'll put it up here for RRP plus delivery. Although at the moment it just says 'STOCK PROBLEM' so I'm not completely confident.
  21. I got a Zotac on 'pre-order' from ebuyer for £499, shipping expected 5th November? I also had the same thing as everyone else for the FE, but I got through to payment and it appeared to go through, then I got a declined payment from paypal, presumably my card supplier declined it since I'd just spent £500 seconds before. Then I couldn't get back in. GAH! I have no system at all just now and spotted that some pre-builts were coming out with 3070's in, so I've just went 'bugger it' and ordered one. I know it's not the best time given zen 3 is coming in a few weeks but I'
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